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Chapter 1058 Elbow Grease Part 2

Friya focused on her nose, trying to ruin the symmetry of her face to look more inconspicuous while Phloria worked on her cheekbones.

Faluel allowed them a short break to catch their breath since all the non-Awakened were dead tired.

They were exchanging opinions on their respective results and sharing the mistakes they had made when a sudden knocking took them all by surprise.

It\'s too late for Protector to come and I wasn\'t expecting visits. Faluel focused on the door, receiving an image of her surprise guest.

Kamila is here.

At those words, Solus turned from stone doll back into her ring form and hid under her desk before Faluel let Lith\'s girlfriend in.

Is there something wrong, miss Yehval Faluel asked.

Actually, yes.

I\'m here to arrest Lith on the charges of not being home for dinner and mistreatment of girlfriend. Kamila had such a serious face and tone that it made the Hydra laugh.

Nice try, but no cigar.

I\'ll let them grab a bite to eat and then put them back to work.

You should know that an Awakened needs but a breath to recover their strength. Faluel shook her head.

Yeah, but Lith and Phloria are the only Awakened.

On top of that, I seem to recall that her body is still highly unstable, so Lith would be the only one working all night long. Kamila replied, cracking her opponent\'s armor who couldn\'t tell her about Solus.

I\'ve worked all day and I really miss my boyfriend.

His body and mind might be fixed by Invigoration, but what about his heart Would you really keep us apart on a whim Please, tell me that you\'re as beautiful inside as you are on the outside.

Between Kamila\'s words and her looking at Faluel with big, puppy eyes, the Hydra was unable to reply.

Faluel knew a great deal about loneliness and isolation.

That plus Lith\'s personality issues tipped the scale in Kamila\'s favor.


Class dismissed.

I expect him here at sunrise. Faluel said.

The class fell to the ground, thanking the gods for their mercy amid pants and groans.

Everyone was drenched in sweat, their body sore from the mana abuse and the strain of shapeshifting for hours.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Kamila hugged the Hydra and gave her a baking tray from the dimensional amulet.

The smell of food that spread throughout the lair was so good that it made everyone\'s mouth water.

It\'s one of my specialties and I should have made enough for everyone. Kamila said while Faluel looked at the delicious lasagna with greed.

There was enough to feed eight people, but for a Hydra it was barely a bite.

Do you want me to move you to Derios Faluel said.

Yes, please.

I\'ve arranged a romantic dinner back home just for the two of us. Kamila embraced Lith and kissed him despite his pungent smell.

Lith is really a lucky man. Nalrond said in envy.

No, I\'m the lucky one.

I hope you enjoy my recipe.

See you soon! Kamila waved at them while the Warping Array covered the distance separating the lair from the capital of the Distar Marquisate in one go.

From there, a couple of Warp Gates and a flight of stairs led the couple to their apartment in Belius.

Why don\'t we move somewhere else This city is so glum. Lith said.

No way.

This is our home, the place where we shared a lot of wonderful moments together.

I\'m not going to move without an excellent reason. Kamila firmly refused.

Besides, it perfect for two, it\'s already furnished with magical appliances, and thanks to the city\'s safety measures, no one can bother us with a surprise visit. She closed her army amulet inside a drawer, hoping it would remain silent.

Now go take a shower, please.

Your smell is ruining the ambiance I worked so hard to set. The house was clean and candlelit.

The table had been set for two with all the mystical Camellias Lith had gifted Kamila arranged in the middle as centerpiece.

The food was already on the table, covered by Lith\'s Doggy Bags.

From his visits to Huryole, Lith had learned how to create enchanted cookware that would keep the food warm even in the presence of a dimensional blocking array.

Kamila had no idea why he had named them like that since they had no dog nor Lith wanted one, but she had learned to not ask too many questions.

I thought you didn\'t mind me exercising.

Care to join me in the shower He said with a come-hither gesture.

I don\'t mind a bit of sweat, not hours of dried sweat covered by more sweat. Kamila said.

As for the shower, I\'d like to, but I can\'t.

I have to give the finishing touches to the table.

Her reply disappointed Lith, but the thought that he had just a few hours before going back to his apprenticeship made him agree with her.

After he was done, Lith found Kamila waiting for him at the table.

She wore a gorgeous black cocktail dress with a keyhole neckline that left her arms and shoulders exposed.

Homemade food, beer from Maekosh, and that dress I thought I was under arrest or something. Lith said while holding her between his arms.

You\'ve been a very bad boyfriend, Archmage Verhen, but your punishment can wait until after dinner. She gave him a long, sweet kiss before pushing him away.

If you dare to waste all my efforts, you\'ll spend the next fortnight on the couch.

How did your first day of apprenticeship go

Lith told her a bit about the history of the Guardians before moving to his shapeshifting lesson.

Bald with a crooked nose Man, I would\'ve loved to be there. She laughed.

Did you take a picture or something

Luckily for me, no.

I can\'t believe it\'s so hard even with Faluel\'s teachings and her help to upgrade Invigoration.

It would have taken me years only to understand the basics on my own. Lith sighed.

Do you think that Friya will really take the oath of a Harbinger That would be really big news. Kamila said.

Why big news It\'s something that involves only her and Faluel.

By the way, this is the best food you\'ve ever made.

What\'s the secret ingredient

Gods, you\'re so naïve.

First, Phloria quit the army for good, then the Crystal Shield got disbanded, and now Quylla took a sabbatical from the White Griffon academy.

The Ernas are drifting away from the Kingdom and following you into the beasts\' fold.

The Royals are worried, the entire Ernas household is royally pissed off and with them more than half the Royal Court.

Deirus is in hot water because even without proof, everyone is blaming him for those events.

Between you, Quylla, and Manohar, the White Griffon is so enraged that if Deirus or any of his associates asks for the academy\'s help, they are likely to die from \'unforeseen medical complications\'.

On top of that, if Friya becomes a Harbinger, it would be the final nail in the coffin of the Kingdom\'s hopes to keep the loyalty of the first Dimensional Mage of your generation.

As for the food, I\'m glad that you like it. Kamila gave him a dazzling smile.

The secret ingredient is elbow grease, tears, sweat, and making sure that all of that doesn\'t end up in the baking tray.

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