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Chapter 1051 Gods and Guardians Part 3

What The class said in unison.

This doesn\'t make sense! Lith said.

I remember talking with a Dryad who said that after evolving, plants gain a stronger connection with the Great Mother.

She was most certainly referring to Mogar.

That\'s just a partial misconception. Faluel shook her head.

Mogar doesn\'t care for single races or continents, only about the balance.

The only individuals she takes an interest in are those she considers possible candidates for the role of Guardian.

Tyris is the Great Mother because she was chosen to embody Mogar\'s nurturing nature and promote the development of all species.

Unlike Leegaain who hoards knowledge or Salaark who uses it for personal gain, Tyris spreads it.

If you studied the history of the different continents, you\'d see that the Griffon Kingdom leads and the others follow.

Sure, they can do better than us, but change always starts here.

You mentioned six Guardians that once were worshipped as gods, but so far you named only three and I fail to see how any of them could have been considered a god by the four races since they interact in such a whimsical way with them. Solus said.

Once again, you speak in hindsight and driven by your human standpoint. Faluel sighed.

Guardians tried to be part of the four races and to guide them at the best of their abilities.

Yet after the four races either distorted or exploited their teachings to subjugate one another, forcing them to intervene and fix their messes, most of the Guardians just gave up.

Once, Leegaain was considered the god of knowledge.

He accepted students and becoming one of his priestesses was considered a great honor.

His students all became exceptional mages while his priestess, who shared his knowledge, were considered oracles capable of answering any question and even of predicting the future.

Salaark too accepted students, who would become either the great magical swordsmen you read about in the legends or the makers of legendary artifacts.

Salaark is considered the god of us Forgemasters.

She crafts and upgrades her equipment in a split second and according to lore, she only needs a glance to replicate any item. Faluel said.

What do you mean, according to lore Lith asked.

Salaark fights alone.

The only people who survive after witnessing her battles are those she is teaching to and all of her students are now dead. Faluel replied.

Tyris, instead, was considered the god of life.

Her students would all become Magi.

Most of them were less skilled or driven than Leegaain\'s students, but they would all focus on making Mogar a better place rather than on themselves.

Fenagar the Leviathan was considered the god of discovery.

He is probably the only creature that has traveled through the entirety of Mogar, even legendary zones like the Fringes of which we\'ll talk another time.

He is similar to Leegaain, yet completely different.

While Leegaain focuses on studying the existent and making sure such knowledge is preserved, Fenagar only cares for the research of the unknown, be it a physical place or a new magical discipline.

His apprentices discovered new branches of magic, but just like their teacher, they lost interest after a while and started to explore new projects, so whatever Leegaain hasn\'t recorded has been lost to time.

Zagran the Garuda was the god of might.

Unlike Salaark who battles to conquer and inspire others, she only fights to improve her own strength.

She isn\'t interested in killing her opponents, because it\'s only through the fight that she improves.

Her disciples mostly became monks and mages obsessed with reaching the white core of immortality, but none of them succeeded.

Please, I can\'t shove everything in a single lesson, let me continue. Faluel stopped their questions before they could say them out loud.

Roghar the Fenrir, was the god of mana.

He spends his life trying to understand how mana and world energy interact.

He believes that since all living beings have mana but only sentient beings have a core, it might be linked with the soul.

His disciples researched ways to turn crystals into living beings and if it was possible to reincarnate people by preserving their core.

He was often mistaken for the god of the afterlife because of his knowledge, but death is not his trade.

Some say that Baba Yaga learned from both Zagran and Roghar.

According to such rumors, it was their knowledge that millennia ago allowed her to create the fourth race, the undead.

Any question Faluel said.

Of the original six Guardians three live in the Garlen continent, where do the other three live Nalrond asked.

In the Jiera continent, the closest place to Garlen they can live without fighting with their counterparts.

Fenagar and Leegaain despise each other, just like Salaark can\'t stand Zagran.

The last time they met, Tyris punched Roghar a continent away. Faluel said while looking at her clock.

By the Great Mother, I didn\'t notice how much time has passed.

Lunch break and then I\'ll give you your first lesson of magic.

Light magic.

Eat whatever you want and wherever you want except than here.

I want to spend some quality time alone. Before they could even speak, Faluel was back into her Hydra form and Blinked in the middle of six magical labs built close enough for her to use them all at the same time.

Rude! Friya said once they found themselves outside the lair.

She could have at least told us how much time we have before Blinking us out.

Faluel will probably contact me the moment she is ready. Lith showed his Council\'s amulet with pride, leaving them all flabbergasted.

It was made of Davross instead of silver, and had a white magical gemstone instead of a blue one, making it a priceless artifact.

That said, Friya, shouldn\'t you be more respectful toward your future master

Seriously, what were you thinking Phloria said.

To her, the idea of her sister becoming a Harbinger was no joking matter.

Would you really spend your whole life serving a Hydra

Sure, Faluel looks nice, but you would still need her permission to marry, have children, or even dating someone.

This isn\'t like with our parents.

You can\'t defy her once you undergo the ritual.

And maybe we shouldn\'t talk about it right on Faluel\'s doorstep. Quylla said.

Lith warped away and, after a few seconds, a Gate appeared in front of his friends.

They found themselves inside Solus\'s tower in the Mirror Hall, where Solus was waiting for them in her human form.

I\'ve arranged the dining room so that you can talk in private.

Lith, Nalrond, and I will dine in a different room. She said, once again doing her best to suppress her emotions.

Solus cared deeply for Friya, but she was aware that even though they had spent countless hours together, Friya had always considered her nothing but Lith\'s stone ring.

Thanks for your concern, Solus. Friya gave her a small bow, making Solus feel like a stranger.

But there\'s no need for separate rooms.

Lith is my best friend and I want him to understand my reasons.

It\'s clear you\'re very important to him and are also the reason why he took care of us in the first place.

This makes you important to me as well and I\'d love to have your company.

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