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Hmm, it seems that both of them have everything tight shut. He drove with one hand while having the other under his chin.

He frowned slightly, This is going to be a tough one.

Felix knew that this time he wouldn\'t be able to use his hallucination bomb to incite a battle between them.

Or any poison in that case as the windows the only possible entries were closed.

Is that really my only way to sneak my poison in He pondered while examining his car interior for any loophole he could use.

If he found one in his car, there was a high chance other cars would have it as well.

Since the majority of players focused on modifying their exterior heavily while leaving the interior standard with few tweaks here and there.

He touched the holes of the launchers inside and wondered, Uhmm, if I took advantage of that split second where launchers open up to fire, I might be able to pull it off.

Helpless, He sighed and decided to go with this risky plan.

There was no other option on the table besides so.

He could have just accelerated and passed them.

But he would be a fool to leave this predatory position and switch to prey just to be slightly ahead.

What\'s even worse was that he would get sandwiched by 2 at front and 2 at the back.

God knows if they would ally together and get rid of him.

So the only option was to eliminate those two and do so as clean as possible without entering a messy fight with them.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._47540599020116841 for visiting.

After finalizing the plan one last time, Felix accelerated towards the rightmost car, not caring anymore if they noticed him.


Artic Heart, someone is catching up to us.

What\'s the plan A man, who had one extra ear at the back of his head asked with a laid-back attitude.

He noticed from his back mirror, Felix\'s car rushing towards him.

Hmm, let\'s do our usual pincer strategy. A beautiful mature woman with glossy icy blue lips responded in a calm manner.

The long one, or the short one He asked.

Let\'s go for the long one. She clarified, I saw him earlier spewing white poisonous from his car, leaving a long trail.

We can\'t go behind him if he used that.

Alright, you take care of the back since he is coming after me. He ordered.

I told you to no order me around Sonar. She refused to a bid to his order.

Can you please take care of the back Sonar requested while scratching his third ear in irritation. 

Much better. She gave a mild smile and changed her direction to the left.

She then drove away from her partner.

Felix laid his eyes on her car for a few seconds and ignored her.

It seemed like she was going to make a wide encircling without getting seen by him.

She wanted to strike when he least expected.

But first, she needed to get out of his sight for a while.

Planning to sandwich me He snickered while creating two pistachio green bombs with a snap of a finger.

Then, he put them on the two front launchers tubes and left them there without firing.

However, the same thing didn\'t apply for Sonar, as his back launcher, that appeared like a lion\'s mouth, fired a continuous stream of sound waves in the shape of a circle towards Felix.


F*cking Hell!

Felix reflexively dodged to the right, but still, his front glass window got cracked slightly after it got touched by the corner of the sound wave.

He never expected that his prey was a sound element user.

Not bad, but for how long can you dodge Sonar chuckled while having two silver metal tubes in front of his mouth.

One tube was connected to his front luncher while the other to the back launcher.

Strangely, both of them resembled a lion having its jaw wide open.

Dodge this. He put his mouth on the tube connected to the back launcher and roared at the top of his voice.


Multiple sound waves in the shape of a lion\'s jaw were projected from the launcher.

Felix, who had his finger on the fire button, immediately pushed it, firing his bombs at the back launcher.

He was waiting with narrowed eyes just for that moment.

Although he was focusing on it, he didn\'t forget to dodge the approaching lion\'s jaws.

Poof, Poof!

One bomb exploded exactly near the launcher\'s hole while the other exploded on the back window.

Sonar laughed in a mocking manner at this useless attack.

But, after seeing that his assaults were also not doing well, he slapped his wheel in irritation.

Whatever, I just need to hold him until Artic Heart pincer him.

Again, he put his mouth on the metal tube and took a deep breath with his mouth.

He had absolutely no idea that his launcher had just been contaminated with a pistachio green mist.

Or what remained of it at very least.

And so, he inhaled a large whiff of the nastiest smell he had ever been exposed to in his life.

Nothing came even close to what his mouth had just experienced.

Immediately after tasting it and also smelling it, he recoiled away from the tube while clutching his neck tightly, holding himself from vomiting in disgust.

He felt like he just ate a mixture of multiple different feces all at once.

The taste just kept on assaulting his gag reflex over and over again.

In the end, he couldn\'t handle it anymore and vomited everything out, like a water hose.


His puke was thrown all over the wheel and the frontal window of his car, blocking his vision.

After seeing what he had done, he sat frozen in his place, dumbstruck about the entire situation.

He had no clue how things led to this point.

Yet before he could manage to regain his wits, the disgusting sight and smell of his vomit covering the interior of his car, assaulted his gag reflex again.

But this time, he learned his lesson.

He quickly opened the window and put his head outside, puking his guts out.

You should not have done that. Felix laughed and pressed the fire button.

Poof, Poof!

Two bombs exploded on Sonar\'s head, one light yellow and the other acid green.

The usual torturous combo.

It was clear he was planning for this to happen.

However, he wasn\'t done yet, as he threw with his hand another acid bomb on the car\'s dashboard.

It wasn\'t hard for Felix to catch up while flying with triple Sonar\'s car speed.


Sonar didn\'t even bother about the interior of his car that was getting corroded, as he kept screaming his anguish in his mind.

At least his harrowing experience was being shared with his car, as it kept making noises and warning sounds each time an important part was fried.


Marlion and the audience all drew a deep breath after seeing this horrendous sight.

Just the idea of having your face getting melted while being paralyzed sent cold shivers in their back.

Before, they only saw Guard of Logic\'s fate in a replay on the large screen.

But now, they were watching everything live close to their faces.

Especially the spectators who bought the omnipotent vision.

They could see everything spot on, no matter how far the distance.

Thus, Sonar\'s hideous face akin to walking outside of a horror movie, was literally only half a meter away from them.

Landlord ways of eliminating are truly ruthless and brutal.

But that\'s what we like to see! Marlion commentated with vicious smiles planted on his cheeks.

His claim was supported by the spectators who cheered and chanted Landlord\'s name thunderously.

This was what they paid to see, bloody and brutal fights.

Not drama between players and Felix fits exactly their favorite type of player.

Was the first bombs he used were new ones Both of them were green like his acid bomb. A spectator asked.

Are you color blind! They are clearly light green.

Not to mention its different inducement.

Yeah, what the hell was that Can smelly bombs even count as poison anymore

Anything that can affect the body in a harmful way when absorbed can be called poison.

So yes, that smelly bomb is also poison, since it harms the body functions greatly as you have seen. A blue goblin, wearing a black tuxedo explained in a polite manner.

Damn, I bet my fart is poisonous then.

Don\'t flatter yourself. The blue goblin smiled and said, If it can\'t get a negative reaction from the brain..

Tchhee, Tshchhh! *fart noises*




*Vomit noises*

Run! Save yourselves!

My eyes are tearing up from the smell! RUN! His fart is a tear gas!

Stop pushing me! I am gonna fall! The blue goblin kept trying to wiggle himself out from the crowd with a constipated expression on his face.

His height didn\'t reach even their thighs, thus he was getting kneed in the face constantly by the escaping crowd.

No one cared about him, as their brain had only one thought, and that was to run as far as possible from a man, who had an innocent look on his face and a tail attached to his back, resembling...

Skunk tail!

The f*cker was using a skunk bloodline and still dared to fart in the middle of the crowd!


Finally not able to handle getting kneed in the face by the escaping mob, the blue goblin fell right into one of the pools of vomit released in the area.

Just as he tried to lift his head, he was stamped upon, making his face get planted in the vomit right back.

This time some pieces got inside his mouth.

Still taste better than my ex-wife cooking. He murmured to himself subconsciously as tasted them.

Still, his watery eyes couldn\'t hide the fact that he felt wronged about the entire situation.

If he knew that his explanation was going to lead to this result, he would have kept his mouth shut.

Alas, he could only wipe the vomit from his aggrieved face and go look for another seat away from that humanoid catastrophe.

This mini chaos that had just happened was gone unnoticed by Marlion and the rest of the spectators, as their focus was completely drawn to a battle happening way behind Felix\'s car.


Meanwhile, Felix did not speed away after dealing with Sonar, but slowed his speed and waited for Artic Heart to catch up.

However, it never happened.

Speechless, He kept glancing at his back mirror from time to time, not knowing how to react to her tardiness.

\'Did she lose her direction or what\' He mused.

After seeing that no one was chasing him even after waiting for a while, he stopped caring about her and decided to check on the current rank.

What the f*ck Immediately after seeing his current rank, he exclaimed in disbelief.


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