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Chapter 992 Attempting to Learn LightningTransmutation

Just like Madam Zosia, she also received the email from Mistress Candace about Felix\'s situation.

So, she wasn\'t worried about him for the past six months, knowing that he was alive.

At the start, she intended to wait for him to exit the dimensional pocket...But, she was summoned by Lady Yggdrasil to return and focus on her elemental runes.

Before she could even reject it, she was told that Felix had spent half a century within the dimensional pocket doing nothing but training.

He still had another half a century.

Lady Yggdrasil brought the Intel directly from Lady Sphinx, making her unable to doubt it even if she wanted.

This was the first time she was hearing about the time difference, making her realize that when Felix leaves the dimensional pocket, he would be a entirely different man.

A century was a considerable period even for her...Hence, instead of wasting those six months waiting for him, she decided to head back and restart her runes training.

It had been almost five years since she touched them.

That\'s all because of her obsession and infatuation with Felix, making her unable to concentrate on her training.

When it came to Elemental Runes, perfect concentration was a must.

Naturally, she hadn\'t told Anastasia about any of this since both pieces of information were given to her in confidentiality.

Selphie wasn\'t worried about not meeting Felix again after this.

She knew that he was bound to pay a visit to the nine realms eventually.

After all, there was no way he was going to miss out on a free bath on their life essence fountain.

\'A century of training...I can\'t even imagine how strong he will get.\'

Felix had reached such surprising heights in less than ten years if she didn\'t count his childhood.

This kind of pressure made Selphie unable to sit still.

She knew that if she fell behind, she would merely become a spectator in Felix\'s journey instead of being at his side.

Although she got rejected many times by him and friendzoned harshly, she would rather stay friends with him than turn into a spectator.

God knows how many friends Felix had left behind him to watch his rise to glory...


Twenty-five years later in the dimensional pocket...

Felix could be seen squinting his eyes in great focus at his right index finger while sitting on the mountain\'s summit.

After a few minutes of staring at his finger without a single blink, Felix\'s pupil got narrowed at his nail starting to deconstruct into an electrical discharge!!

I did it...I did it...I f*cking did it!!

With an ecstatic expression, Felix kept yelling loudly while holding his finger tightly...Alas, the moment his concentration was broken, the electricity turned back into his nail.

You idiot. Thor facepalmed, Couldn\'t you hold it for another second

Give him a break. Asna defended Felix with a happy expression, He has been practicing your damned lightning transmutation for past decade without any results.

I told him that it\'s too soon for him. Thor shrugged his shoulders.

In the past twenty-five years, Felix had hit many other milestones in his development.

First, he had managed to master the third stage of gemstone manipulation, which proved to be much easier because of his previous experiences.

Second, he had increased his gemstone manipulation range to one kilometer, finally balancing his three elements.

Third, he started practicing with using two elements simultaneously and making some progress in it.

Because there was no one in the known universe with two elemental manipulations, it was an unexplored realm and Felix had to find his own footing without help from his masters.

As an example of how difficult it was, Felix could barely control two different elemental abilities simultaneously at the moment.

This kind of control was entirely separate from creating two abilities one after the other and merging them like the Sniper Railgun Rings.

What Felix was seeking to master was the power to manipulate all of his elements at the same time, making it possible to merge abilities during their creation!

That\'s truly a major milestone that he had yet to touch.

When he got bored or stalled in a single training, Felix decided to move on to the advanced elemental abilities of primogenitors.

Such as True Poison Army, Parasitic Discharge, Elemental Transmutation, and more dangerous abilities.

He started with lightning transmutation because of his previous experience with it.

Alas, it proved to be much more difficult to learn than he anticipated.

As Asna mentioned, it took Felix at least three hours of daily grinding for the past decade to merely transmute his nail for a split second even with Thor\'s help!!

Such an abysmal improvement was enough to make anyone give up.

Are you planning to give up on it now Thor asked after Felix finally settled down.

Hell no. Felix\'s eyes brightened, This just fired me to put more time in it to master it.

Felix knew that when he possessed electrical transmutation before, he didn\'t bring it to its full potential.

It still pained him that he had to let it go so soon without making the best of it.

He saw how Thor was using it to teleport from a lightning bolt to another inside a thunderstorm.

During their spar, he played him to death because of it.

This while he wasn\'t even using the true terror of transmutation! It was the fact that he could transmute objects and even living beings to electricity as well!

As you wish. Thor smiled, Just know that it will take you more than a couple of decades to truly master it and transmute your entire body freely and instantaneously.

I am cool with that. Felix smirked, If I managed to master it, I will be able to master other elemental transmutations in half the time.

This was the true reason Felix prioritized transmutation over other advanced abilities...It was an ability that could be applied to every element unlike parasitic discharge or something else.

Without further ado, Felix returned to his position and tried to capture the same feeling of turning his nail into electricity.

The concept was quite elementary as he was told by Thor that he needed to envision his body to be made out of lightning particles...

Unfortunately, the application was nowhere as simple.

As the first step had already taken Felix more than five years to learn...That was seeing the lightning particles without needing to close his eyes!

Before, Felix always closed his eyes and sensed the lightning particles around him...But now He actually had to see them with his eyes, which made Felix almost give up many times.

Fortunately, he had God of Thunder as his master, giving him tips and advices each time he was stuck.

The advice he gave him was to manifest millions of electrical discharges throughout his entire body first.

This did the trick and assisted Felix in finally being able to spot a couple of lightning particles here and there.

With time and repetition, the numbers increased until he was capable of seeing his entire body illuminating with lightning particles without needing to close his eyes.

After freeing his body from the added electrical discharges, he was finally able to see his own natural electrical discharges coursing through his nervous system.

Unfortunately, this was where Felix had gotten stuck and couldn\'t envision his entire body made out of lightning particles.

After all, he had to envision his blood, flesh, skin, fat, organs, and even bones to be made out of lightning particles.

The only reason he managed to pull it off and turn his nail into electricity was because of Thor, forcing him to spend all of his time on envisioning only his nail and ignoring the rest.

In addition, he received help by adding new electrical discharges, which acted as way to fool his mind that his entire nail was merely lightning particles stacked.

Unfortunately, Felix was unable to repeat the same result even when he followed the same steps for the next two hours.

Damn, it was really just lucky strike. Felix scratched his cheek with a disappointed smile.

Continue to grind, and you will be able to use it at will eventually. Thor encouraged him.

I hope so. Felix decided to give it a rest for today and focus on other matters.

However, the moment he stopped his training, Lady Sphinx took the opportunity to inform him calmly, I have managed to find three new methods that can help you utilize Imyr\'s heart.

This was more than enough to make everyone drop everything and focus on her.

Felix didn\'t hesitate to enter the consciousness space and join their table...He had waited for this moment for more than seventy-five years now!

Please do tell master. He requested with a serious expression.

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