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Chapter 987 ls lt Still Even My Heart...

While Thor and Jörmungandr were arguing, ancestor Imyr approached Lady Sphinx and sat next to her.

Seeing that he had a serious expression, Lady Sphinx closed her book gently and placed it on her lap.

Instead of speaking at once, ancestor Imyr turned to stare at Felix, who was busting his ass to control more than ten gigantic electrical weapons simultaneously.

For the past five years, ancestor Imyr had observed Felix a great deal, making him quite pleased with his hard work.

Although Felix had a century of time, he still invested more than sixteen hours a day to train...To do so every single day for five years straight required an uncanny and respectful discipline.

I have been thinking lately, can humans really adapt to everything Ancestor Imyr finally asked.

in what sense

Physical wise.

Hmm, theoretically yes. Lady Sphinx answered, Felix\'s body has adapted to multiple primogenitors bloodlines and also an entire devourer\'s heart.

If he wasn\'t a human, it would have been neigh impossible.

Only humans could be treated as clean white sheet in the universe, allowing them to adapt to almost any type of modification as long as it was reasonable.

Is that so. Ancestor Imyr rubbed his chin thoughtfully for a few moments before suggesting, Can he adapt to the dragons\' cultivation system as well

Huh What do you mean Isn\'t it gone already Lady Sphinx raised an eyebrow in surprise.

Unlike the public, she knew that the dragons\' cultivation system didn\'t exist anymore!

In the old times, dragons were believed to gain strength from purely devouring minerals and absorbing the energy within them based on their rarities.

However, the dragons started having trouble absorbing energy from minerals with each newborn generation until they were barely capable of getting anything from them.

No one knew why it happened and how could it happen.

The dragons wanted to avoid exposing their weakness to the open, so they kept it a secret and eluded the public to believe that their cultivation system was still a thing.

That\'s why most dragons had treasuries full of precious minerals.

They get gifted by other races, believing that they were using them to get stronger...But in reality They were nothing but stones in their eyes.

This was one of the reasons why dragons were tiny compared to the ancient dragons!

It\'s gone alright. Ancestor Imyr sighed with a bitter expression, I can only assume that it had been taken from my race by them to avoid another act of \'rebellion\'.

I thought the same after hearing your story. Lady Sphinx nodded.

Lady Sphinx knew that those beings were capable of doing such thing if provoked...Ancestor Imyr did more than that.

Because of his actions, his race had to suffer for future generations until eternity ends.

They are truly too ruthless. Fenrir commented after picking up on their conversation.

I know that more anyone else. Ancestor Imyr smiled wryly.

So, what did you mean by having Felix to adapt to dragons\' cultivation system Lady Sphinx wondered, How can he adapt to something that didn\'t exist anymore

Not even dragons had their own cultivation system, forcing them to rely solely on their bloodline purity and the bloodline treasures.

Well, I still my heart secured around here. Ancestor Imyr suggested, I think you can put it in him and help him obtain my cultivation system like you did with the devourer\'s heart.

First, I have no clue how you managed to keep your heart in good condition after billions of years. Lady Sphinx\'s eyelids twitched as said, Second, it was already neigh impossible for me to modify Felix\'s body to accept the devourer\'s heart.

It\'s 100% impossible to have another heart within him.

Lady Sphinx rarely said that it was impossible to pull off something as it defies her explorative nature.

But in this case She was confident that no one but the creator could pull off such a thing.

Why so Aren\'t humans pretty adaptive Ancestor Imyr was still not convinced.

Adaptive is one thing and having three hearts and three bloodstreams was another. Lady Sphinx clarified, Unless one was born with a body to support the harmonization of three hearts, it\'s simply impossible.

Felix is not a cephalopod and I can\'t make him one to handle three hearts at once.

Octopuses and squids were known to have three hearts...Two hearts pump blood to the gills to take up oxygen, and the other pumps blood around the body.

A balanced system that actually required three hearts.

But in the case of Felix

One heart was more than enough to live perfectly...Two hearts was pushing his body limits.

Three hearts shouldn\'t even be considered as an option.

Lady Sphinx refused to screw up with Felix\'s body if the chance of his death or organs failure was far too high.

She would rather not repeat the same mistake with the void domain\'s replacement.

Is that so... Ancestor Imyr sighed in disappointment.

Why did you even suggest such a thing Lady Sphinx wondered, You don\'t owe Felix or us anything.

The fact that you are allowing him to train for free here is already giving him too much.

When it came to dealing with those beings, there is no such a thing as too much. Ancestor Imyr smiled kindly, If he is going to deal with them in his life eventually, I just felt like he will need any kind of help.

Who knows Maybe he might cause them some troubles Ancestor Imyr laughed, I will be fullfiled to know my heart was there when it happened.

Ancestor Imyr might not show it under his appearence of weakness and fragility, but his hate on those beings knew no bounds!

He wished to see them get ripped apart for ruining his entire race, but he knew that no such thing was going to happen.

However, after seeing Felix\'s discipline, uncanny potential, and the army of great masters behind his back, he felt that if someone could make his dream happen, it would be defintely him!

I am sorry to disappoint you, but the only way to have your heart in his body, is by giving up on the devourer\'s heart. Lady Sphinx shook her head, If he did so, he will lose any kind of strength he obtained through his marks.

Since the replacement enhancement was heavily related to the marks, it would end up getting affected as well.

Felix could count himself lucky if he remained with 50k BF after losing his devourer\'s heart.

Let\'s not do that. Ancestor Imyr said.

He just wanted to help out Felix in his difficult endeavor...If it wasn\'t possible without influencing his already established foundation, then it was better not to mention it.

How about you give it to my student instead Fenrir inserted Noah without an ounce of shame.

Your student Who is th..

Hell no!

F*ck off, this is Felix\'s opportunity!

Before Ancestor Imyr could ask, Thor and Jörmungandr paused their argument almost simultaneously and teleported next to Fenrir...Then, they dragged him away with a sleeper choke.

They might fight over Felix\'s training schedule, but when it came to an outsider trying to screw up with his improvement They would unite instantly!

You stingy bastards, Lady Sphinx already gave her verdict that it\'s not possible.

Why not let Noah benefit from it, so he can be more useful Fenrir eyed them in irritation as he escaped easily from their sleeper choke.

I am all down for your student to improve and be a useful asset to Felix. Jörmungandr said with a firm tone, But, it doesn\'t mean that I will approve of him stealing my student\'s opportunities.

Indeed, Felix has almost broken his back to carry those losers in this ceremony to reach this far. Thor sneered, How is it fair that your student will get the best prize while you guys are chilling in another part of the universe

I understand where you are coming from. Fenrir said calmly, That\'s why I didn\'t suggest it until I was assured that your student will not be using it.

Fenrir did have a point.

If a treasure wasn\'t meant for Felix, then it was better to let Noah have it then be petty about it and no one get it.

They were heading to the same destination anyway.

I would agree if all options have been exhausted. Thor was still adamant for Felix to get the opportunity, Imyr has suggested using the heart like the devourer\'s heart, but it can be used in other ways.

Everyone turned to Lady Sphinx to see if it was feasible to use ancestor Imyr\'s heart in other ways.

Lady Sphinx thought about it for a few moments before expressing, There is another method, but he won\'t be getting the dragon\'s cultivation system if used.

What will he be getting

That needs further studying. Lady Sphinx replied.

Lady Sphinx had never dealt with a heart of such a great figure...Ancestor Imyr\'s strength was equal to primogenitors.

This signified that his heart was much better than Felix\'s devourer\'s heart by miles as it was fully developed!

Lady Sphinx refused to make assumptions without studying it truly.

How about this, if the other methods are lackluster and won\'t benefit mostly from Imyr\'s heart, you can then use it on your student. Jörmungandr suggested, However, if we are satisfied with the other method, you have no right to judge us even if it meant the loss of a cultivation system.

Fine. Fenrir cursed under his breath as he walked away, Stingy bastards.

After a decision was made, everyone returned to their own businesses, leaving ancestor Imyr staring at them with a dumbfounded expression.

\'Is it still even my heart...\'

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