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Chapter 985 Taking Advantage of The Dimensional Pocket

I am not too sure about that. Ancestor Imyr rubbed his chin as he confessed, I woke up one day to find myself capable of sensing the laws in dimensional pocket.

I can open dimensional cracks, kick beings outside, terraform the environment, and just do as I pleased within it if my mental energy allowed me to...Though, I can\'t leave the premise of the dimensional pocket.

How is that possible Jörmungandr frowned, finding it hard to believe.

He knew that the realms of laws were simply inaccessible to even the primogenitors...Don\'t even mention ancestral Imyr, who was still considered as a mortal.

The closest they have gotten to the laws was creating the elemental domains...Not even the wisest and greatest primogenitors managed to go beyond that.

Figures Ancestor Imyr shrugged his shoulders.

Lady Sphinx used the hundreds of her copies\' brains to seek the most plausible theory for such an uncanny phenomenon.

A mortal ruling over the Laws That was a humongous step forward in her Laws\' research.

After a few seconds of elimination thousands of theories, she finally locked on one with the highest probability of being correct.

I believe that the dimensional pocket has taken you as its consciousness instead of growing a new one on its own. Lady Sphinx disclosed calmly, After all, you have lived here for billions of years.

We all know that anything can grow a consciousness if the right conditions were met.

It wasn\'t farfetched that this happened.

After all, the Elemental Galaxy had mountains, rivers, seas, planets, stars, and even tiny pebbles with consciousness.

Hell, it was believed that the entire galaxy had grown its own consciousness.

But, that wasn\'t proven yet.

That sounds plausible. Ancestor Imyr confessed, I was asleep for more than a billion years after my original descendants retreated outside.

When I woke up, I found myself more attentive to anything on going within the dimensional pocket.

I am guessing that every time you woke up, you started feeling closer to the dimensional pocket until the day you finally merged your consciousness with it. Lady Sphinx nodded, Now it does make sense.

Lady Sphinx believed if such uncanny phenomena was going to happen, it had to be a gradual process.

So, I can hang around here for a couple of years and still leave the dimensional pocket without needing the gate Felix suddenly wondered.

If it\'s under a century, you can stay as much as possible. Ancestor Imyr clarified kindly, When the dimensional gate gets closed, it won\'t open up until the next cycle...I can\'t do anything it about that.

However, I can keep a small window open until my mental energy runs out.

Felix\'s eyes brightened in delight at his confirmation...He didn\'t dream of requesting to stay here for an entire century, but he did hope that he could spend a decade or two.

After all, his elemental manipulations were falling behind significantly, and he truly didn\'t have much time in his hand on the outside world to take care of them...Especially, when they were time-consuming.

Just as Felix was about to voice his request, ancestor Imyr interrupted him, You don\'t have to ask.

I intended to help you train anything that you desire for as long as you wished.

Why Felix titled his head in confusion.

Ancestor Imyr glanced at Asna for a second before turning to Felix.

Your fate is intertwined with those beings whether you liked it or not. He said with a piteous tone, Your current strength is not enough to warrant even hearing the first letter of their names.

Felix remained silent after his assessment...He didn\'t even dare ask about those beings and their background.

Based on what he heard from ancestor Imyr\'s story, those beings were capable of requesting or ordering even the Paragon of Sins.

The Paragon of Sins was already a frightening being, who strike terrors in the hearts of the primogenitors.

The same primogenitors, who Felix was still not even close to 5% of their strength.

It was quite demoralizing to think about his position in the ladder when it was put like this.

Although Felix was confident in his future, he was still unable to escape the dread of feeling like it was impossible to reach insane height.

I didn\'t say this to demoralize you. Ancestor Imyr eyed Felix with a stern expression, You have the greatest potential I have ever seen in a mortal...Those great beings around you are also seeing the same.

Lady Sphinx and the others nodded their heads in agreement.

I truthfully believe that if there is one mortal capable of reaching the same gate as me and invoking a reaction from them, it will be defintely you. Ancestor Imyr chuckled, Though, what come after depends on you.

In other words, ancestor Imyr believed that Felix would climb to the peak if he kept the hard work.

However, climbing past that peak was a different story entirely.

I made a promise, and I am planning to keep it regardless of what. Felix replied with an assertive tone while glancing at Asna.

Asna smiled beautifully as she looked at him, knowing that he was referring to his promise of protection against those beings when she gets freed.

I like your boldness and courage. Ancestor Imyr advised, Just don\'t repeat the same mistake as I.

Felix nodded with a stern expression...He knew that if he ever offended those beings, there was a high chance of going after the entire human race.

Unlike the ancient dragons, there was an unfathomable number of existing humans in the universe...Felix couldn\'t imagine if they were all killed because of him.

That was enough to break any man...

Tell me when do you want to start traini...

Right now.

Felix answered before ancestor Imyr could finish...After hearing all of this, there was no way Felix would stay still and not focus on improving himself.

As you wish. Ancestor Imyr chuckled kindly and said, Follow me outside.


After exiting the consciousness space, Felix saw that the ancestral wine jar was already flying to the top of the nearest mountain.

When they reached the summit, ancestor Imyr told him to sit in the center.

I have observed your fights with my descendants. Ancestor Imyr mentioned, Your lightning and gemstone manipulation aren\'t that great.

Felix nodded and summarized everything related to his three perfect manipulations, wanting to give him a better understanding on why they weren\'t all equally good.

The elders didn\'t oppose Felix telling ancestor Imyr about his story.

Looks like everyone with you has their own share of troubles like me. Ancestor Imyr sighed after hearing that all the tenants within Felix\'s mind had their own struggles and goals.

The Asgardian Faction were seeking revenge.

Carbuncle was hoping to revive his wife from the spirit realm.

Lady Sphinx was attempting to collect all the maniacal monoliths.

Asna sought to separate her soul from Felix and hopefully live a life without the constraint of her duties.

Mistress Candace pursued improvement on her social status and strength by taking care of the future Paragon of Sins.

Lord Khaos...Well, no one knew his true agenda yet and its relation with Nimo.

\'Child, you are like a train and everyone on board has paid for their tickets.\' Ancestor Imyr asked Felix calmly, What\'s the train\'s purpose

Transporting all passengers to their destinations. Felix answered while narrowing his eyes in focus.

The analogy might sound like Felix was being taken advantage off, but he really wasn\'t...Everything that he owned was related to one of the tenants in his mind.

Without them, he wouldn\'t be even sitting here...They paid for their tickets, and it was his job to help them achieve their goals, no matter how difficult they were.

Honestly, besides Lord Khaos and Carbuncle, the others would never pressure Felix to help them out with their goals.

Asna already stated that she was fine just being with him even if it meant never existing in the real world.

Lady Sphinx didn\'t prioritize maniacal monoliths to the point she would force Felix into deadly situations.

The Asgardians could give up on their revenge if it proved too much for Felix.

It was Felix who simply couldn\'t remain still after accepting their gifts and help for the past years.

You should continue with your lightning manipulation.

The moment Ancestor Imyr finished speaking, the sky above Felix turned dark all of a sudden...When Felix lifted his head, he saw countless thick gloomy gray clouds gather.

Rumble Rumble!!

Without warning, lightning bolts started raining down by the tens and hundreds above the summit, striking it continuously!

You really can control all laws in the dimensional pocket! Felix could only eye the ancestral wine jar with a stunned look while being struck continuously with lightning bolts.

When Felix heard that he could terraform the environment, he had a feeling that he could do something like this, but he didn\'t fully believe it.

Summoning real thunderclouds meant that Felix\'s affinity training would be ten times to a hundred times much faster!

After all, training in a rich environment of the same affinity wasn\'t the same as doing it in a random area.

\'I can actually reach kilometers in my external manipulation for all of my elements...Not even a year would have gone by on the outside.\' Felix\'s grinned widely at such an unexpected gift!

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