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Chapter 983 No One To Blame But Myself...No One

I apologize for showing you such an unsightly appearence. Ancestor Imyr bowed his head after he finally regained control over his emotions.

If you are uncomfortable with me being here, I can leave. Asna proposed.

She had no idea why ancestor Imyr was scared of her, and she believed that they could find out more about his reaction without her presence.

Seeing that ancestor Imyr flinch after hearing her voice, Asna teleported back to her house, not wanting to make it difficult for him.

The moment she left, ancestor Imyr lifted his head, showing an anguished expression.

I don\'t know about your experience with unigins to leave you broken like this, but Asna is the last unigin you need to worry about. Felix defended Asna with a serious expression.

He is right. Lady Sphinx clarified, Asna is newly born unigin and without her true guardian powers.

A newly born unigin Ancestor Imyr found it a bit difficult to believe.

But, he knew that Lady Sphinx was the last one to lie to him as she valued truth more than anyone in this universe.

It\'s best to show you. Lady Sphinx placed two fingers on his forehead and displayed the tragic history of Asna.

After watching it thoroughly, ancestor Imyr mumured with a dazed expression, They have punished her too...

They Fenrir frowned, Don\'t tell me you had a bone with them Them

Lady Sphinx and the rest of the primogenitors all showed stern expressions as they waited for ancestor Imyr\'s response.

When they heard him mumble that they were after him, they thought that he had offended a unigin and invoked his wrath on him...However, it looked to be much deeper and dangerous than that.

Ancestor Imyr ignored them and swiftly teleported before Asna\'s house...He knelt down and apologized with a remorseful tone, I am truly regretful of the way I treated you.

I hope you can forgive me.

Asna blinked in front of him and hastily lifted him with a flustered expression.

Please stand up elder, it\'s not that serious.

Thank you...Thank you...

When ancestor Imyr heard so, he acted like he was relieved by the emperor himself.

Let\'s go back to the table. Asna held his hand to comfort him and helped him sit in his chair.

After they were seated, he kept looking at her like he had found his kindred soul instead of feeling afraid.

Mind sharing with us your story Lady Sphinx sighed, The last time I saw you, you were standing tall, bold, proud, stern, and emitting an authoritative pressure rivaling that of primogenitors.

Unlike the others, Lady Sphinx felt surreal and overwhelmed by ancestor Imyr\'s current behavior and appearence.

She had seen him in his glory days, standing at the top of the universe with them.

Before him, the Elder Dragon would resemble a child imitating a natural-born emperor.

Yet, this \'natural-born emperor\' was kneeling, apologizing, quivering in fear, and showing major signs of weakness.

She was truly baffled on how could someone make such a 180-degree switch.

Just what happened to you

I flew too close to the sun and had my wings burnt off... Ancestor Imyr smiled bitterly as he reminisced.

Everyone remained silent, waiting patiently for him to recall his memories.

Huh...At that time, everyone thought that dragons were the perfect race. Ancestor Imyr snickered, That\'s a mere joke.

We were the most imperfect creatures in the universe and been given the greatest curse of them all.

Unchecked Pride.

Ancestor Imyr eyed Lady Sphinx and continued on, I believe you still recall how much pride I had in myself and strength during my glory days.

What you don\'t know is that my pride made it impossible for me to sleep at night while knowing that my universal social status is that of a mortal even though my strength has already reached the realm of gods like you.

Lady Sphinx nodded in understanding.

Although ancestor Imyr had caught up to primogenitors\' strength, he was still considered as a mortal.

Sure, he could live for a hundred million years or even more, but he didn\'t possess true immortality like the primogenitors, unigins, and other superior beings.

As for vampires\' immortality or such They were merely cheating the system by utilizing their gifts instead of being truly born with it.

So, I went to seek what\'s rightfully mine. Ancestor Imyr stated.

You really went there on your own

Shocked, Thor eyed him like he was staring at a madman.

Everyone else had the same flabbergasted looks but Felix and Mistress Candace.

Thinking about it now, I also see myself as a maniac for even thinking of such thing.

But, at that time, my eyes were blinded by my towering pride, making me see it as nothing but the right thing to do. Ancestor Imyr chuckled in derision.

How was it Their resting grounds. Lady Sphinx asked with an intrigued look.

I don\'t know...I was blocked at the gate and no one was there to entertain my request. Ancestor Imyr shared.

Thought so. Lady Sphinx sighed.

How did you offend them if you were blocked at the gate like the rest of us Carbuncle wondered with a serious expression.

During his journey to revive his wife, he also visited those beings in hopes of helping him.

Unfortunately, he returned empty-handed without given a single word.

I let my pride and anger take the best of me...When no one replied to my requests of being bestowed immortality, I attempted to force my way inside. Ancestor Imyr closed his eyes as he narrated the most regretful moment in his life, I used everything I have on their gate and ended up not even scratching it.

When I finally gave up, I turned around and left after cursing them.

The more the primogenitors and Asna heard, the faster their heartbeats gotten...They couldn\'t even imagine how was ancestor Imyr was still here after doing all of that.

Heh, I know, I know.

Why wasn\'t I erased When Ancestor Imyr saw their looks, he figured what they were thinking about.

Believe me, I would have rather gotten killed right there than live long enough to see the consequences of my idiotic actions. Ancestor Imyr said with a pained voice.

They acted on your race... Mistress Candace mumured.

Felix also realized that the first dragon city\'s destruction and the death of most ancient dragons was related to those beings!

If only they sent an army or their dogs to handle my race, I would have never been this broken. Ancestor Imyr sighed, But, they sent the Paragon of Sins...

\'Paragon of Sins!\' Felix\'s eyes widened in shock.

He never expected to hear the Paragon of Sins to be responsible over almost the extinction of the dragon race!

In his eyes, the guardians of laws shouldn\'t be dealing with matters outside their duties.

This happened a hundred million years or so. Lady Sphinx frowned, Shouldn\'t the Paragon of Sins be in a slumber

The creation of void creatures and the destruction they brought to the universe was on going for a very, very long while.

I don\'t know whether he was asleep or not.

But, I am certain that he had a hand in my race\'s fall. Ancestor Imyr said with a tone filled with conviction.

How so

When I returned to the first dragon city, I saw my descendants slaughtering each other with eyes filled with wrath. Ancestor Imyr narrated, At the start, I assumed that maybe an internal war started between the nine clans...But, the moment I entered my city to break off their fights, I was assaulted with prideful and angry thoughts.

They completely consumed my mind, telling me that I am bigger than this and I shouldn\'t dirty my hands with children fights.

On the opposite coin, my wrathful thoughts kept pressuring me to join the killing to vent off my humiliation from being denied access to the resting grounds.

All of you knows that only the Paragon of Sins can affect our desires and manifest them in the most horrible ways.

Lady Sphinx and the others nodded with a serious expression.

They didn\'t doubt his claims anymore that it wasn\'t the Paragon of Sins.

As the laws guardian of Void and Sins, the Paragon of Sins was one of the most terrifying beings in the universe.

As long as one lives and breathes, he must have desires.

For the dragons, the two most dominate desires were Pride and Wrath!

As the controller of Sins, it was nothing to him to bring those desires to light...

Ancestor Imyr took a deep breath and said with a bitter pained smile, And so, I fell a victim to my own wrathful desires and ended up massacring more than 70% of my race...

\'Dear god...\' Chills coursed on Felix\'s spine at the sound of that.

Not in his wildest dreams did he anticipate that the ancestral dragon would be the true culprit of the dragons\' fall in that Era!

70% of ancient dragons slaughtered by his hands...Why Because he wanted to increase his social status.

Instead of those cosmic beings killing him, they gave him the most wicked punishment.

In a sense, it was somewhat even ironical...He came demanding immortality but ended up being reminded of his own mortality.

\'No wonder his pride shattered...No wonder he looks fragile and weak...No wonder he was scared **less of Asna...\' Felix could only empathize with ancestor Imyr.

Boy...I don\'t deserve anyone\'s empathy. Ancestor Imyr shook his head, I brought this upon myself and included my poor descendants in this mess.

No one to blame but myself...No one.

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