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Chapter 974 Bound to Get Exhausted

\'You are here to fight, coward\' Prince Domino insulted the moment Felix started flying parrelal to him while keeping a safe distance.

\'Nope.\' Felix anwsered truthfully while manifesting tens of red gemstone spheres.

Before launching them at prince Domino, he engufled them in electrical discharges!

Phew Phew Phew!

The instant the red spheres reached prince Domino, they started exploding on their own from the friction with the wind.

Obviously, this was nothing before the great prince Domino as the explosions were too weak to even slow him down.

However, the same didn\'t apply to the bursts of electrical discharges released after the explosions, covering prince Domino scaled body!

The scales did their job perfectly and stopped the electricity from causing him any harm.

But Felix had made them packed with voltage to the point, even prince Domino felt tingling sensation of paralyze throughout his entire skin.

Still, this was nothing but a foiled attempt to harm prince Domino.

But Felix merely wanted to irritate him as much as possible!

He kept doing so until prince Domino finally snapped.

\'Annoying bastard!\'

Abruply, prince Domino turned to Felix and retaliated by showering him in projectiles.

Felix avoided them as well without losing much of his speed.

However, because of prince Domino\'s crazy external manipulation range, he managed to turn those projectiles around and target Felix\'s wide open back when he least expected!

Boom Boom Boom!!

Quick on his feet, Felix flapped his wings backward, creating a thunderous burst of shockwave that caused the projectiles to get hurled far away from them.

The moment they left prince Domino\'s external range, they disappeared into black particles.

Though, this menuveur had caused Felix to stop, allowing prince Domino gain more distance at princess Anastesia.

\'Shit, he is dangerously close to her.\' Felix swiftly got back on the chase, knowing that he had to take drastic meeasures to keep prince Domino\'s attention on him.

Since projectiles were useless and he didn\'t dare to repeat the same tactics in their previous fights, Felix was forced to steel his guts and charge at prince Domino!

\'Hmm\' Prince Domino was startled to see Felix\'s activeness in approaching him, as he thought that he wouldn\'t dare get close to him again after their previous fight.

\'Since you are handing your head over, I won\'t be polite.\' Prince Domino didn\'t hesitate to turn around and meet with Felix midway.


After their first clash, Felix ended up getting pushed back slightly even though his size was trippled.

As long as prince Domino wasn\'t enraged, Felix could handle him in a closed battle as they were pretty much equel.

Cling! Cling!!

The viewers could only watch them trading blows with widened eyes in elation, not expecting to be feasting on such an advanced level of melee combat.

Neither Felix nor prince Domino were gaining grounds on each other as Felix\'s size manipulation had boosted his physical strength to even surpass him by a bit.

But because Felix had already reached his imposed mortal limits on his physical strength, the boost recieved from his size manipulation was being reduced significantly over time.

As a simple anology.

When Felix had gotten size manipulation, he could be considered as an empty water bottle.

By doubling his size or trippling it, the water bottle get filled by quarter or half.

If he decided to go all out, he can even fill the entire bottle.

But now Felix had already filled the water bottle on his own without size manipulation...Thus, any kind of enhancements he gets from it would merely spill over the tip.

Doubling 1k BF wasn\'t the same as doubling 100K by simplying growing two timers bigger...It was common sense.

\'Anasetsia, change directions now!\' Felix yelled.

When princess Anastesia turned around and spotted those two trading blows, she knew that was her perfect opportunity to group up with her teammates!

\'Don\'t commit with that monster!\' Princess Anasetesia warned while changing her direction to west.

Chemmed and Tando were already going in the same direction to meet her midway.

\'As long as you die here, it wouldn\'t matter much where she went.\' Prince Domino sneered coldly after he noticed princess Anastesia\'s new pathway.

He had already made up his mind to finish Felix first and deal with the ancestral wine jar later.

Cling Cling!!

However, Felix didn\'t turn up to be an easy opponent to be overwhelmed by his phyiscal strength, making him unable to injury him even though he was going all out.

The fact that Felix was committed to only defence made it close to impossible to take an advantage of an opening.

\'Flames Field!\' Prince Domino decided to rely on his flames, knowing that Felix would be forced to use his Danbconite\'s exosckeleton to survive through the flames.

This would in turn reduce his speed and flexibality signficantly.


Felix knew that he would be put in a horrible situation if he went for the Danbconite\'s exosckeleton.

So, he decided to pull away from prince Domino until he turn off his flames field.

\'You ain\'t going nowhere!\'

Prince Domino had no intentions of allowing Felix to walk away after getting this close to him.

However, just as he attempted to give a chase, he was contacted by his father, \'Arentis is drawing closer to princess Anasetsia.\'

Meanwhile, Felix had recieved a different but similiar news from princess Anastesia, \'I just heard from father that prince Arentis has killed Forgo!\'

Felix was startled by the news, not expecting that his prediction would come true and so soon!

\'That idiot really got himself killed after all that bravado!\'

Felix was quite pissed by Forgo\'s ending as it had affected his team\'s chances to win the ceremony.

He didn\'t give a ** about his death since he never had a good impression of him.

But, he still thought of him as a useful asset.

Now that he had gotten himself killed, prince Arentis was left unwatched and was gunning after princess Anestesia.

Felix understood that even if she grouped with her teammates now, they wouldn\'t help much since they were white dragons too!

\'I have to get there and back her up.\'

Fortunately for Felix, prince Domino seemed to have changed his priority back to the ancestral wine jar after this sudden development.

He didn\'t care if princess Anastesia gotten far with the ancestral wine jar since he was confident to catch her in those five days.

But, he wasn\'t confident to do the same with prince Arentis.

Whoosh Whoosh!

Without any words exchanged, both Felix and prince Arentis seperated and flew at their top speed to west.


With Felix\'s monsterous speed, he managed to catch up to prince Arentis on his way.

This time, Felix didn\'t go past him, wanting to see if Forgo had at least injuried him before getting killed.

\'Hmm He really did some work on him.\'

Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise after noticing many brutal greivous wounds on prince Arentis.

Felix could already envision Forgo and prince Arentis going all out on each other without a single care about their health.

\'You want a piece of this too\' Prince Arentis said coldly as he eyed Felix.

He looked to have his anger vented completely on Forgo as he didn\'t make any drastic moves on Felix even though he was quite close to him.

\'You aren\'t worth my time.\' Felix flew past him after leaving this remark, knowing that prince Arentis\' wounds would heal in no time.

So, he didn\'t want to get himself entangled in another messy fight..Especially, when prince Domino was right behind them.

\'We will see who will have the last laugh.\' Prince Arentis said while tracing Felix\'s back with a murderous look.


\'I am here.\' Felix announced with a faint smile after finally reaching princess Anastesia.

\'I have never thought I would be this happy to see your face again.\' Princess Anastesia sighed in relief as she approached Felix.

After the unexpected death of Forgo, she was truly worried about losing Felix too.

\'Let\'s go.\' Felix narrowed his eyes while manifested five Railguns rings, \'We will be dragging this for the next five days as much as possible.\'

\'I\'m under your care.\'

Understanding what he meant, princess Anastesia entered the rings and was followed closely by Felix.

When their speed falls significantly, Felix repeat the same process.

Naturally, he always get injected with purified energy from Asna to sustain his multiple uses of the Railgun rings and gemstone abilities.

If this was in the games, he wouldn\'t have dared to spam those kinds of abilities.

Before long, Felix and princess Anastesia had reach Chemmed and Tando.

He also helped them boost their speed to stay in a single formation.

\'This ceremony is ours.\' One of the white clan officials said with a thrilled expression.

Just like him, the rest of the white clan royal dragons were all starting to feel optimistic about their clan\'s team.

Something they had never done before.

As much as they hated to admlit it, they knew that it wouldn\'t have been possible without Felix.

Meanwhile, the black and green clans were starting to get antsy...Especially, when the distance between the white clan team and their teams was growing bigger and bigger.

\'Can\'t they win by just going in circles around the dimensional pocket\' A green clan official asked.

\'If it was just the dragonslayer on his own, then he might really pull it off.\' Green clan head sneered, \'It\'s just a wishfull thinking of him to believe that he can keep boostin his entire team\'s speed for the next five days straight without exhausting himself.\'

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