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Chapter 973 Time For Round Two

\'What are you on about This isn\'t the time to make f*cking jokes.\' Prince Arentis cursed back, not paying too much attention to his report.

He was already pissed about that fact that prince Domino was gaining more ground on princess Anastasia than him.

\'Son, you are teamless.\'


Alas, when even his father delivered the same news, prince Arentis didn\'t dare to take it lightly anymore.

Still, this didn\'t mean that he had accepted it with an open mind since it was simply too much to take.

\'Don\'t fight over the ancestral wine jar anymore.

Just keep it always on your sight and try to steal it when the other two teams fight.\'

The more clan head Azesdirth spoke, the uglier prince Arentis\' expression had gotten.

He was left with no choice but to accept the reality before him.

His team got absolutely f*cked.

\'I will try my best.\' Prince Arentis replied calmly to his father before snapping furiously at Cursur, \'How did this f*cking happen!!! Didn\'t I tell you to not fight him!!\'

\'He initiated the fight by assassinating Brumu.\' Cursur shared the summarized version, \'We couldn\'t stand by and watch.

But, he has used a new abnormal ability that allowed him to crystallize Mynni and blow it up to take out Mivad.\'

Upon hearing his report, prince Arentis wanted to curse him again, but he recognized that they couldn\'t have played it any other way.

He knew that if Felix had targeted the black clan team, they would have met with the same ending.

After all, it was simply insane to ask his team to not assault Felix after he killed one of them.

\'Tell me all the details about his fight and get your ass over here.\' Prince Arentis ordered coldly.

He understood that he could only adapt to the current handicap he was given and seek a new plan to secure the ancestral wine jar.

\'Dragonslayer, you have f*cked with the wrong dragon.\' Prince Arentis narrowed his eyes frigidly as he envisioned Felix\'s face.

Although Felix had taken three of his teammates simultaneously, he wasn\'t terrified of him one bit.


\'An ability capable of crystallizing even dragons...Interesting.\' Prince Domino thought inwardly as he listened to the report of the battle from Greveror.

Just like clan head Kyrsun, he also had a strong assumption that Felix must have replaced his void domain with it.

Still, it was just an assumption, and he wasn\'t planning on lowering his guard against the void domain.

For now, prince Domino focused on princess Anastasia...He had already bridged the distance between them to the point he could see her as a tiny black dot in the distance.

Meanwhile, princess Anastasia was experiencing various emotions.

She had just heard from her father that Felix had gotten rid of three green dragons and was on his way to assist her.

\'He really fought while outnumbered and won.\' Princess Anastasia thought with a hopeful tone, \'Maybe, we will really win the ceremony.\'

However, the moment she turned around and saw prince Domino gunning after her akin to an eagle, she swiftly removed those optimistic thoughts.

\'He will catch up to me in ten minutes.\'

Princess Anastasia\'s expression turned for the worst after realizing that prince Domino was even faster than anyone had anticipated.

\'Guys, where are you at\' She asked her teammates.

\'I am right behind prince Arentis.\' Forgo replied while eyeing prince Arentis, who was tens of kilometers away from him.

As a previous ceremonial winner, he wasn\'t to be underestimated one bit...Because he was much faster than Tando and Chemmed, he had to ditch them far behind.

After all, what mattered was reaching princess Anastasia and protecting her not keeping a useless formation.

\'I\'m a few thousand kilometers away...I will be there in a couple of minutes.\' Felix replied while traveling at 20 Mach.

This made it impossible for the nanodrone to keep up with him.

So, it had attached to his body, making the viewers unable to figure out his location.

If it was possible to sustain such an astonishing speed, Felix would have reached there even faster.

Alas, the Railgun rings\' boost last barely for a few seconds...So, Felix had to stop himself always after his speed drop significantly and use them again.

\'Doesn\'t that mean we are left against only the two captains\' Tando expressed with a delighted look.

\'Thanks to Felix for baiting the black team far from me and removing the green team from the equation.\' Princess Anastasia praised.

They knew that neither the black team nor the Cursur would be able to catch up to them in the next half hour or even an entire hour since they were thousands of kilometers away!

Felix really isolated the two captains on his own with a single play!

\'I would rather handle those eight dragons again than prince Domino.\' Felix warned with a stern tone, \'I have fought him in the first day, and he truly wasn\'t an opponent that can be handled with simply more numbers.\'

Felix couldn\'t gloss over the fact that prince Domino could reach 150k BF when he gets enraged.

He understood that he would get killed by a single punch from such an insane force without proper defenses.

\'I will attempt to slow him down when I reach him.

Forgo will deal with prince Arentis.\' Felix suggested, \'Anastasia, you will switch direction to west and group up with Tando and Chemmed.\'

\'I am down for it.\' Forgo agreed instantly, wanting nothing more but to show those two f*ckers that he shouldn\'t be underestimated.

\'It sounds dangerous for both of you.\'

Princess Anastasia was a bit hesitant to have her two best fighters get caught up against the two strongest dragons in the ceremony.

\'Don\'t worry, I am just going to annoy the living hell of him.\' Felix smirked.

\'I will do the same.\' Forgo supported.

\'Alright, just be careful guys.\' Princess Anastasia could only agree to the plan since she couldn\'t think of anything better.


As Felix mentioned, it took him barely a minute to catch up to Tando and Chemmed.

\'On your left.\' Felix chuckled as he flew akin to a bullet next to them.

By the time they turned, Felix was already a few kilometers away from them.

However, instead of leaving them struggling like this, Felix came to an abrupt halt and manifested five Railgun rings.

Then, he waited for them to arrive.

Without questions asked, Tando and Chemmed dashed through the rings and received a well-needed boost.


\'Much appreciated.\'

Felix continued his journey, heading towards Forgo this time.

In a short while...

\'Your Uber has arrived.\' Felix sent a message to Forgo while speeding past him.

\'Uber\' Forgo could only go through the newly created Railgun rings with clear confusion written on his face.

\'Don\'t get yourself killed.\' Felix warned as he eyed him catching up to prince Arentis.

\'Just mind your damn business.\'

Forgo snapped at him, still a bit upset by Felix stealing his position even though he had shown that he was more deserving of it.

\'Don\'t beg for my help when things get tough then.\' Felix shrugged his shoulders and restarted his journey to princess Anastasia.

Because prince Arentis was on his path, he naturally was bound to cross him.

When Felix did so, he didn\'t spar him even a single glance.


Prince Arentis\' veins almost popped out of his neck from pure raging fury in his heart at the sight of Felix ignoring his existence.

He had just killed three of his teammates, yet he didn\'t even acknowledge his existence

This had wounded prince Arentis\' pride even more than having his teammates die under his leadership!

It doesn\'t feel good to be ignored right

Forgo appeared out of nowhere from behind prince Arentis while swinging a gigantic claw made out of black flames.


Prince Arentis evaded it easily even though anger had taken control over his emotions.

PISS OFF! He shouted at Forgo with murderous deadly slits while trying his best to catch up to Felix.

Not happening. Forgo sneered while bombarding him with countless big projectiles, forcing prince Arentis to spend time on maneuvering.

This had caused his speed to drop a little, which was Forgo\'s intentions from initiating this fight.

You damned cockroach! Since you want to die so badly, then be it!

Abruptly, prince Arentis switched his direction and came speeding at Forgo with tens of humongous green fireballs revolving around him akin to planets revolving around the sun.


Not terrified one bit, Forgo manifested his own black fireballs and used them to block prince Arentis\' barrage.

Bring it on. Forgo eyed him coldly while sharpening his inflamed claws.

Princess Anesthesia thought that Forgo would merely keep annoying prince Arentis without committing to a blown out fight, but she was deadly mistaken.

While those two had started trading blows, Felix was drawing nearer and nearer to prince Domino.

Before long, he finally managed to spot him.

\'Time for round two.\' Felix smiled coldly after seeing prince Domino turning his head to face him.

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