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Chapter 970 Against Eight Elite Royal Dragons

Without an ounce of hesitation, princess Anastasia took off through the Railgun rings, disappearing in the horizons in the blink of an eye.

Immediately after, Felix and the rest of his teammates separated from the other two teams by heading west.

The contract enforced that no one could chase after princess Anastasia in ten seconds, but they were allowed to go around if they wanted.

\'Go after them and keep the dragonslayer locked.\'

\'I will handle Ana, take care of her teammates.

Make sure that bastard human doesn\'t use those electrical rings at all.\'

When prince Domino and prince Arentis noticed the white clan team\'s separation, they ordered their teammates to go after them.

In their eyes, princess Anastasia wasn\'t a worthy threat for an entire team to mobilize against her.

However, the opposite was true in the case of Felix.

\'As expected, they won\'t give me free rein.\' Felix wasn\'t surprised at all by the sight of eight dragons chasing after them.

He understood that it would be impossible for those two captains to allow him to use his Railgun rings at peace.

After all, he could keep boosting himself and team\'s speed until they catch up to Anastasia and back her up.

\'Princess, you will be chased by the two captains alone.\' Felix updated.

\'How about you guys\' Princess Anastasia frowned, \'Will you be fine against eight dragons\'

\'I doubt they will start a fight willingly.\' Felix said, \'They will try to buy time for their captains to get to you first.\'

\'I see.\' Princess Anastasia confessed, \'I will be honest, I am not equal with those two monsters when it came to speed and endurance.

They will catch up to me eventually when I start getting fatigued.\'

In other words, it was all a matter of time when Anastasia would get caught.

It might take half an hour, an hour, or even a day.

It was bound to happen since she couldn\'t keep flying nonstop for five days in a row at the same pace.

\'Don\'t worry, the others will help you.\'

\'What does that mean\' Tando eyed him weirdly from the side.

\'I will stay behind to hold the lines while you guys assist Anastasia.\' Felix disclosed calmly.

\'Don\'t try to be a f*cking hero.\' Forgo cursed immediately, \'You will get yourself killed, deeming you useless for the rest of the ceremony.\'

\'I have to side with Forgo on this one.\' Princess Anastasia said with a stern tone, \'I don\'t mind handing over the ancestral wine jar when it gets tough, we can always steal it back later on.

But, if something happened to you, we are done for.\'

\'Don\'t worry, I know what I am doing.\' Felix said, \'I know for a fact that if I decided to split from you, both princes will order their teammates to focus on me alone.\'

\'If so, why not take them on a goose chase and join you later\'

Thinking about it more carefully, princess Anastasia and the rest realized that he was indeed speaking the truth.

Prince Domino and prince Arentis were so proud of their strength, they would feel like going against the white clan team without Felix would pose many problems.

Hence, instead of splitting their team to chase both sides and end up not locking either of them, they would rather send everyone after Felix.

As long as he was tied down, they could deal with the other bullsh*t.

\'GO! GO! GO!\'

At last, the ten seconds head start had finally ended, breaking everyone from the contract\'s bind.

Princes Domino and prince Arentis left behind them a mirage and a thunderous explosion, as they chased after princess Anastasia akin to hyenas.

Felix and his teammates also picked up their speed in the same direction.

Felix knew that he could stand still and manifest the Railgun rings to boost his speed, but he refused to leave his teammates against eight dragons.

They wouldn\'t hesitate to slaughter them since only Forgo could be considered as a legitimate threat.

As for boosting his teammates speed He knew that he would be attacked the instant he attempted to do so.

\'This is quite bad.\'

Clan head Kyrsun wasn\'t too pleased by the current development...His daughter was all on her own while rest of the team were getting pressured from behind.

[If only she left the wine jar with our Lord.

He will play everyone like a fiddle.]

[Sigh, this is going to end horribly for the white clan team.]

[I actually think that the smartest move is to give up on the wine jar as fast as possible and retrieve it later from the choas.

They still have five days.]

Majority of the viewers believed that the white clan team was in a pinch and kept voicing their own opinions.

Meanwhile, the white clan team had an entirely different strategy in mind.

\'Split now!\'

Felix ordered as he increased his speed to the limit while going in a entirely different direction than Anastasia\'s location!

Meanwhile, his teammates kept flying in the same direction but not so stacked up as before, trying to confuse their chasers as much as possible.

They certainly did as they immediately reached out to their captains.

\'The dragonslayer has gone on his separate way! What do we do!\'

\'Dragonslayer has gone solo.

He is heading west as we speak...Orders\'

Upon receiving the report, both prince Arentis and prince Domino had an irritable look surface on their faces.

They instantly figured out that Felix was trying to bait out their teammates, so his own teammates could help out princess Anastasia.

\'Stay on him and don\'t do anything drastic.\' Prince Arentis ordered, \'Just help out the black clan in holding him.

Let them handle the fighting.\'

Prince Arentis believed that prince Domino would order his teammates to teach Felix a lesson since he was all alone, but he was deadly mistaken.

\'Stay on him but don\'t start the fight.\' Prince Domino ordered coldly, \'He is mine.\'

Under the dumbfounded eyes of the viewers, Felix was now being chased by eight elite royal dragons from the two strongest dragon clans.

As for Forgo, Chemmed, and Tando They were left alone, making them feel a bit humiliated...Especially, Forgo.

As a proud royal black dragon, who was a previous ceremonial winner, he had never been disregarded this badly.

\'You will regret ignoring me, f*ckers.\' Forgo vowed in resentment.

Still, Forgo stuck with the plan, knowing that his chance to demonstrate his capablities would come in due time.

\'What now\' Asna asked as she eyed the horrific formation of eight royal dragons behind Felix.

\'Take advantage of this opportunity to thin the herd a bit.\' Felix smirked faintly.

Felix knew that both teams were expecting each other to start the fight or not...But no one was expecting him to strike first.

After all, stopping to attack meant getting caught and surrounded by them.

In their eyes, unless he was a retard, he would never consider doing so.

\'Who should I start with\' Felix glanced back and scanned everyone\'s expressions.

After spotting that there were two dragons, who appeared to be quite relaxed and had their guards down, Felix picked one of them.

\'Let\'s begin.\'

Felix extended his palm forward and started releasing a thick poisonous pitch-black cloud that left a long trail behind him...It also completely hid him from the prying infrared eyes of his chasers.

\'Avoid it.\'

\'Evade it.\'

The two second in command royal dragons ordered simultaneously while skiving slightly to the side.

Inside the black poisonous cloud, Felix had beamed his battleaxe and tripled his size.

Then, he abruptly stopped and manifested five Railgun rings in front of him.

Because the lightning was capable of evaporating the poison, the dragons managed to see a bit of the rings\' outlines, making them recognize what it was immediately.

\'Sh*t! He is trying to escape! Stop him!\'

Everyone fired prepared projectiles at the Railgun rings, wanting to destroy them before Felix could go through them.

They did succeed in breaking them apart but not before Felix hurled his battleaxe through them.

The electrified battleaxe flew so fast, everyone managed to see only a glimpse of light before it disappeared into the sky.

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\'What was that\'

\'Was that him Did we fail\'

The eight royal dragons were left baffled and also worried that Felix had managed to escape from their grasp.

They knew that their captains would give them hell for it.

However, their riled up emotions were soon appeased after the poisonous smoke disappeared and exposed Felix.

\'We foiled his chance to escape! Quickly encircle him!\'

Without an ounce of hesitation, the green team and the black team spread out swiftly and surrounded Felix from eight directions!

The green team took care of the right side and the black team had the left side.

You should have never stopped. The green clan team\' second in command Mynni said indifferently as she eyed Felix.

If I don\'t, how can I kill you guys Felix gave an honest smile that was borderline a bit creepy.

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