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Chapter 957 A Rocky First Hour ll

While the viewers were discussing Felix\'s current predicament, he was still walking in the tunnel within the hallucination.

A short half minute had gone by on the outside, but in the case of Felix He felt like he was walking for more than an hour!

\'How long is this sh*t\' Felix knitted his eyebrows in disgruntlement.

It was impossible for him to see the ending of the tunnel with his visions since it wasn\'t in a straight line.

\'I can\'t keep going at the same pace...I am wasting too much time.\'

Felix bent his knees and sprinted at a subsonic speed, not caring anymore about alerting the lifeforms within the cave.

In his mind, he would rather alert and face them head on then keep walking on the tunnel for hours.

Alas...It happened anyway.

He started with subsonic speed, then moved to supersonic speed, and when he had gotten desperate, he went hypersonic speed.

Huff Huff...

\'The hell...Am I trapped inside an infinite tunnel\' Felix breathed ruggedly while looking around him in dread.

\'That can\'t be right...The mountainous chain barely stretched for one hundred kilometers.\'

Felix removed such a crazy thought from his mind, knowing that even the dimensional pocket messed up laws wouldn\'t allow such a paradox to exist in real life.

\'So, what\'s this Am I under a hallucination or inside illusion\'

Felix found this even harder to believe since he hadn\'t noticed anything out of the ordinary when he entered the cave.

Just to make sure, he asked, \'Asna, am I hallucinating\'

\'Don\'t annoy me with this.\'

A typical b*tchy response from a Asna...This set Felix\'s mind at ease for a little.

But then, he recalled his latest confrontation with the empyrean ranked hive player in the UVR and how f*cked up he got inside his hallucination.

Felix narrowed his eyes and asked the same question from last time, \'Asna, tell me about the ones imprisoning you.\'

\'You know I can\'t, but can I make it up to you with s*x\'

He received the same naughty and impossible response.


Upon hearing it, Felix felt his heart fall to the bottom of his stomach from sheer terror.

He didn\'t find it funny at all to realize that he was hallucinating since this was the real world!

To make matters more terrifying, he had no clue when did he start hallucinating.

In the forest While flying Before entering the cave Or in the cave!

\'Calm down, calm down...Since Asna hasn\'t tried to wake me up, I must not be in danger.\'

Felix might not know much about his situation, but he was certain that Asna would have tried her best to help him if he was truly in a bad spot.

\'I have to break the hallucination world as fast as possible.\' Just because he felt that he was safe, it didn\'t mean that he was planning to chill.

This time, Felix couldn\'t get rid of the hallucination by shouting out \'Bazinga\', the safety word.

In addition, it looked like knowing that he was hallucinating wasn\'t enough anymore to break the matrix.

The stronger the mental attacks, the harder and more complex it would take one to escape from it.

At the higher ends of the spectrum, one would instantly realize that he was hallucinating or inside an illusion.

Yet, it wouldn\'t matter much, making him spend an eternal life in that dreadful situation.

\'Let\'s try the poison test.\' Felix manifested three poison inducements and merged them together as a drop of liquid...He made sure that he had never tasted the final product of the merge.

\'Far off from the reasoned taste.\' Felix started glancing around him after tasting the poisonous liquid, hoping for the hallucination to break apart.

Alas, nothing much changed.

\'I need something stronger to shock my mind.\' Felix narrowed his eyes.

He understood that the only way to escape from such mental attacks was to shock the mind as hard as possible to reset it.

The illogical taste of the poisonous liquid wasn\'t enough to achieve that state.

\'Looks like I need to use that protocol.\' Felix sighed.

The moment Felix found himself unable to escape from the empyrean ranked hive player\'s hallucination, he always sought new solutions to avoid falling in the same scenario.

Felix placed his palm on the ground and mumured softly, \'Olivsling Obelisks.\'


Suddenly, Tens of towering dark orange crystals emerged from the ground and surrounded Felix in a circle!

Just like most gemstones, they were absolutely breathtaking and would make anyone salivate at the thought of selling a giant piece of them.

This was Felix second active ability...*Gemstone Obelisks*

It allowed him to erect obelisks made out of any kind of gemstone and at any size he desired, depending on the invested elemental energy.

When Felix was completely hidden inside of them, he sat in a meditation position at the center.

Then, he manifested a giant sphere of electricity and manipulated it externally to expand above his head.

It was bright enough, the dark orange obelisks started reflecting the light all over the place.

The reflected orange light hit everything around it...Felix included.

Felix kept his eyes wide open, accepting as much orange light as possible before his sensitivity forced him to close them.

\'That should be enough.\' Felix opened his eyes slowly.

The instant he looked around him, Felix found himself to be in a wholly different environment.

He was standing above a sea of blood under a gloomy red sky...Near him, there were thousands of mountains made out of human corpses stacked on each other.

When Felix looked close on the nearest mountain, he found his grandfather, Olivia, Noah, his subordinates, the rest of his family, and even the earthling team.

All of them seemed to have suffered from the most brutal death ever with their eyes gouged out and limbs being bitten off.

Felix turned his head around, having enough of such harrowing sight.

Alas, the scene behind him wasn\'t any better as he saw his masters getting tortured by the Darkin faction.

They were still alive and kept trying to reach out to another person with a golden hair...That person was on his knees and had his back facing Felix.

But, Felix immediately knew his identity.

Felix walked next to the golden haired person.

When the golden haired person heard his footsteps, he turned around and looked at Felix with a soulless miserable expression.

Look and behold, it was none other than Felix without his mutations...

\'I looked really too feeble in my previous life.\' Felix smiled bitterly, trying his best to not look at his tortured masters and the corpses of those close to him.

\'It really sucks to use Olivsling on myself.\'

If it wasn\'t for the dire situation calling for it, Felix would have never used the Olivsling on himself.

Who could blame him

It was an attributed gemstone that was able to manifest the fears of anyone who got hit by light reflected on its surface!

It was referred to as the Invoker of Horrors by the first ones to discover it and live through its effect.

What was Felix seeing right now were his fears in life.

The death of his close ones in a horrendous manner.

The Darkin faction winning and capturing his masters, making them get tortured for eternity without any possible way to escape.

Felix\'s fear of retuning to his old loser self in his previous life.

Last but not least...

Felix, save meee!!

\'Here it is.\'

Felix tightened his fists as hard as he could and turned around after hearing Asna\'s whimpering voice.

The sight that came before him was enough to cripple anyone\'s mind.

Cosmic beings made out of stars and galaxies chaining Asna in her flame form above a circular platform.

They were dragging her away towards the sky while she was crying for his help...But, Felix couldn\'t help her as he was still too weak to even win against the Darkin faction.

Hence, he could only watch her get taken away and imprisoned yet again with a hopeless deadpan expression.

This was Felix\'s current biggest fear...Seeing Asna being taken from him by the same entities, who imprisoned her previously.

Because he didn\'t have their image, fear turned them into celestial entities, who would cause anyone\' brains to short-circuit by a mere glance at their grandiose.

\'Hurts every time...\'

Felix knew that everything in front of him was mere fabrication...But, he allowed himself to sink in it and be afraid, be terrified, and be alarmed.

He tortured himself like this for two reasons.

First, to help him break out of the original hallucination by shocking the mind with something even more terrifying.

Second, to act as a reminder...A reminder that everything could go wrong in the blink of an eye.

For someone like him with this many fears, he was still too weak to be assured that not one of them would come true.

In this universe...Weakness is a sin. Felix mumured to himself while closing his eyes.

When he opened them, he found himself staring at the ceiling of the tunnel without the Olivsling obelisks around him.

Without needing to guess, Felix knew that he had broken from the hallucination.

\'Welcome back, stranger.\' Asna giggled happily after seeing Felix finally showing a reaction.

\'Asna, do you want to have se...\'

\'Wanna die instead\' Asna cut him off short with a flustered threat.

\'I am back alright.\' Felix chuckled to himself and pushed down his brought out fears back in the depths of his heart.

He knew that having fears were good to motivate himself and keep him always on track...But, if he got enslaved by them, he would soon give up and embrace the fact that his fears were bound to occur.

Felix refused to turn those fears into a reality...He refused.

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