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Chapter 946 Meeting The Team

First planet turned out to be just remaining rubble floating around.

The second one wasn\'t in the same terrible state...But there wasn\'t a single sight of thundercloud in it...It resembled a floating ice sphere, probably due to the ice age hitting it and ruining its entire ecosystem.

Just as Felix was starting to lose hope about their third planet, he was surprised to see that it was completely covered in active thunderclouds!

One planet surviving from hundreds. Thor smiled bitterly, My territory really has received a great beat down by those f*ckers.

They were indeed too vicious unnecessary. Jörmungandr sighed.

He expected that his descendants would struggle after he left the matter universe, but he didn\'t think for a second that it would be this bad.

He honestly believed that as horrible as the Darkin faction members, they wouldn\'t make it their lifelong mission to end even their legacy after their death.

It was a disrespectful low blow, and they would have never done the same to their descendants if their positions were reversed.

It\'s too late for regrets. Thor permitted, You can continue on, Candace.

Mistress Candace swiftly teleported inside the cloudy planet and opened a void rift.

Felix stepped out while wearing his void suit and an oxygen mask underneath it...Nimo followed him with a curious expression.

I don\'t think anyone is living here. Felix deducted after he examined the atmosphere and checked the elements in it.

Oxygen was extremely low, making him recognize that it would be impossible for Thor\'s descendants to survive in this planet unless they had a method to create oxygen out of nowhere.

Although they might be feeding on thunderclouds, they were still required oxygen like the majority of races around the universe.

You are right, no one used to live here besides me. Thor confirmed Felix\'s guess.

No wonder it wasn\'t targeted by the Darkin faction\'s descendants. Felix reasoned.

There was no point in wasting resources on destroying a completely inhabitable planet and also empty.

But, I don\'t recall it having this many thunderclouds. Thor rubbed his beard thoughtfully, Looks like time has done a bit of good for once.

Rumble Rumble!!

Abruptly, Felix and Nimo got struck by two thick lightning bolts coming out of nowhere!

Eee Eee!!

While Felix enjoyed the massage, Nimo started shouting at the sky with a furious expression.

He was totally unharmed, but it didn\'t mean that he would be pleased to be struck by lightning bolts.

Let\'s get out of here for now. Felix said.

Eee Eee...

Nimo stepped inside the void realm with a reluctant expression, not happy at all that his adventure was cut short.

Felix followed him and requested Mistress Candace to take him to space...When he exited, he beamed his spaceship and entered it.

Candace, will you please scan the planet for the densest area with thunderclouds Felix requested.

On it.

Without questions asked, Mistress Candace returned to the planet and started her search.

As for Felix He sat in the middle of his spacious training ground and restarted his poison conversion technique training.

He had already sealed gemstone inscriptions and lightning inscriptions, allowing him to continue on his poison third stage of manipulation.

Felix knew that the last step of his poison conversion technique was the hardest of them all.

I have been doing the same exercise even before the coma without any major results.

Am I doing something wrong

No, don\'t grow impatient. Jörmungandr replied, You will get it eventually if you are persistent.

I hope so.

Felix was told that to master the conversion technique, he would need to convert the neutral energy into peak poison energy instantaneously...The tricky part was doing so from every pore of his body!

Felix had already succeeded in the first part but was still having difficulty with the second part.

At the moment, he was capable of converting energy from his limbs, torso, and head.

As for the rest He simply couldn\'t focus on them as well.

Due to his struggles, he was given a simple and boring exercise by Jörmungandr to pull it off...Ever before his coma, he was repeating the same exercise, improving a bit by bit.

I suggest that you put more than eighteen hours a day in it if you want to see major improvements in the upcoming months. Jörmungandr mentioned.

But, I will be falling behind in the rest of my trainings. Felix sighed.

Forget about everything else and get this done as quick as possible. Thor advised, Your elemental manipulations are the one truly falling behind...I can\'t bring out your lightning full potential if you keep using only internal manipulation.

Go for it. Lady Sphinx permitted as well.

Alright, tomorrow I will begin with the new program.

Now that he was given permission from his masters, Felix decided to go all out in his poison manipulation.

Though, he didn\'t forget that he still had a meeting with the white clan team today...He preferred telling them about his absence after checking them first.


Four hours later...In the UVR.

Felix had just accepted an invitation link to enter the training ground inside the dragon white palace.

The instant his body got manifested, he was met with clan head Kyrsun, the officials, Anastasia, and four more dragons in their humanoid form.

Only one of them was black.

He was clearly Forgo, the second in command within the team.

I hope I haven\'t kept you waiting for long. Felix apologized politely while approaching them.

Not at all. Anastasia smiled kindly.

What do you mean not at all Forgo showed an irritated expression, He was late by an entire two minutes.

Sorry about that. Felix apologized again, not wanting to create a big problem out of nothing.

He was indeed at fault by being late since he was too consumed within his own training, he forgot about the time for a second.

You should be. Forgo narrowed his menacing slits at Felix in a threatening manner.

\'What\'s the problem with this retard\' Asna expressed in annoyance.

\'Who knows He must be jealous of my handsomeness.\' Felix joked, still not taking Forgo seriously at all.

When Forgo saw Felix\'s lack of reaction, he thought that his threat must have worked, or he had gotten into his head.

Just as he wanted to keep on pushing his bullying, clan head Kyrsun interjected, How about we start with introductions You will be having your each other back in the real world and should strive to build a good rapport.

Forgo knew that clan head Kyrsun was directing the second sentence to him after seeing his negative interaction with Felix.

But, he didn\'t give a sh*t or bothered to consider changing his behavior.

Forgo, the second heir of the black clan official Porsod and the winner of the 1785th cycle. Forgo introduced briefly with a faint proud glint as he eyed Felix.

Tando, the fifth heir of the white clan official Bumbenth...This is my first participation. A stern looking humanoid dragon introduced respectfully.

Chemmed, the fourth heir of the white clan official Eresdom...This is also my first participation. A tiny humaniod female dragon introduced while bowing her head slightly towards Felix.

Compared to the rest of the humaniod dragons, who were above three meters at minimum, she barely reached a meter and a half.

This was an indication that her true form was quite tiny as well.

Felix Maxwell, heir of Robert Maxwell, the founder of the fastest growing Pizzeria in the universe...This is my first time participating in the ceremony too.

The moment everyone heard Felix\'s introduction, they kept staring at him speechlessly.

Hahaha! You sure love joking around. Anastasia giggled in amusement at his attempt to copy their formal royal introduction.

Everyone else chuckled but Forgo.

How disrespectful! You think this is a joke! Forgo snapped at Felix with a disgruntled expression.

\'Seriously, what\'s the problem with this buffoon\' Felix frowned in irritation.

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