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Chapter 944 The Gemstone ManipulationBestowal! ll

The other tenants merely rolled their eyes at this sight, not bothering themselves to get involved...If Carbuncle wanted the ritual to be respectful, they would most defintely behave properly.


I am grateful for the opportunity, elder. Felix said with a firm tone while bowing his head near Carbuncle\'s finger.

Have fun with it.

Carbuncle placed his finger on Felix\'s forehead while starting to blow smoke rings on his face to tease him.

The moment Felix felt the warmness of his fluffy finger, memories of his previous bestowals resurfaced on Felix\'s mind, reminding him of the agonizing pain he went through.

Although the pain was enough to make him reconsider his life choices, Felix was still unfazed.

He merely eyed the crystallized shimmering inscriptions crawling from Carbuncle\'s finger into his skin silently.

Because there wasn\'t any more space on his skin, the crystallized inscriptions had to engrave themselves on the previous two inscriptions.

It got to the point, Felix would defintely be mistaken for a weird race if seen from afar due to the different color schemes on his skin.

After Carbuncle pulled his finger, he closed his eyes and mumured, Activate...

The moment that word echoed in Felix\'s ears, the crystallized inscriptions lightened up on his body within the liquid tank!

Unsurprisingly, Felix\'s pupil was expanded to the limit the instant those inscriptions began to heat up.

He immediately realized that the ritual was going to be more horrific than the previous ones!

Although Felix\'s skin had gotten melted off, showing the inscriptions getting engraved directly on his flesh, he had gone through some much pain in his life, he didn\'t doubt for a second that he wouldn\'t be able to handle it.

While Felix was screaming bubbles in the tank with bloodshot eyes, Lady Sphinx was supervising all of his vitals with a stern expression.

\'Everything looks normal...But, why do I have this feeling like I missed something\' Lady Sphinx thought to herself.

She had already run the same experiment countless times and ended up in success in all of them if Felix handled the pain well.

There was nothing different from the previous experiment besides having two manipulations sealed instead of one.

Still, she had a peculiar feeling that something wasn\'t right.

Fortunately, it looked like she was overthinking things as Felix had finished the bestowal process without any issues arising.

Now, his damaged flesh was starting to recover slowly while his skin kept rejuvenating.

This time, Felix hadn\'t lost consciousness for even a few minutes compared to the last time when he slept for ten hours.

After his skin was healed, Felix exited the liquid tank with a bit of difficulty.

How are you feeling Lady Sphinx asked.

Weak, exhausted, and hungry. Felix replied while rubbing his eyelids.

No irregularities

Like what Felix titled his head in confusion while checking at his tattooed skin.

Seeing that he was indeed fine, Lady Sphinx smiled, It\'s nothing.

Okay...Thanks for the hard work. Felix nodded in appreciation and asked, Now, I have my lightning and poison inscriptions sealed, right

Yes, you can only use their internal manipulation.

I really have to finish mastering the poison conversion technique as fast as possible. Felix stressed, I can\'t be having three manipulations and locking two of them like this.

Thankfully, Felix had already reached the end of his poison conversion technique.

He just needed a little shove, and he would have completely mastered it, which would hopefully earn him the approval from his poison inscriptions.

Without its approval, he would never be able to order it to stop it from clashing with the other two inscriptions.

The ceremony is in a year.

It\'s best if I went to master Thor\'s galaxy to increase my lightning affinity after mastering the poison conversion technique. Felix decided not to return to Icarius Galaxy so soon.

The meetings and training with his teammates could be done via UVR.


Let\'s eat something first. Felix ignored everything else and wore his AP bracelets after hearing his stomach cry for food.

He wore his clothes and beamed a few lunch containers.

Don\'t eat in my lab. Lady Sphinx shooed him away.

Fine... Felix picked his containers and walked towards the door.

Just as he was about to step outside, his vision suddenly became blurry.


Before he could react, his eyes rolled at the back of his head and fell face down on the ground.


The moment Lady Sphinx heard the noise, she turned around and was met with Felix\'s body convulsing like a billion volt current running through him!

His mouth was expelling white foam while his eyes had long disappeared inside his head.

Crack! Crack! Crack!!

This wasn\'t even the most frightening part...His soul barrier started cracking while his peaceful consciousness lake kept roaring akin to an angry sea.

Carbuncle was thrown into the air with his joints, yet he was still sleeping with a stoned smiley expression.

Felix!! Asna cried out loud in fear, knowing that he was entering death sequence.

Sphinx! What\'s going on!! Jörmungandr shouted.

Just as Lady Sphinx wanted to reply, all of them were left stunned by the sight of Felix\'s body starting to grew extra body parts.

All of them were horrendous and freakish...He grew a baby arm on his back before getting donned with lizard scales.

Then, a new long ear get manifested on the same lizard arm before melting into hot flesh and blood.

This was happening all over Felix\'s body, making him turn into a nightmarish monster!


He wasn\'t furious at Lady Sphinx but his inability to do anything about the situation.

He knew that DNA\'s collapse was the worst possible way to die as it happen in mere seconds, and it was close to impossible to fix it in time...

So many bloodliners took their last breath in this ugly manner without having anyone to help them out.

I am on it. Lady Sphinx replied composedly while analyzing Felix\'s body and all the possible scenarios that could have led to his DNA breaking apart.

She had forcefully stopped all of her copies\' projects and dedicated their brains to find out the crux of the problem.

Because she had hundreds of copies and all of them were able to run thousands of simulations in seconds, Lady Sphinx managed to guess the probable cause!

\'Void domain genetic sequences is breaking the balance!\'

She finally realized why her mind kept annoying her that she had missed something before the experiment started!

She hadn\'t taken void domain into consideration when she had done the experiments on Felix\'s perfect copy!

That\'s because she finished the experiments when Felix was in a coma and had come to the conclusion that variables wouldn\'t act up.

But now Felix was different as he had replaced a normal active primogenitor ability with another without etching it in his 1% human bloodline!

Lady Sphinx didn\'t know why did crystallized inscriptions caused the balance to break like this, and she wasn\'t planning on thinking about it now.

She swiftly sat next to Felix and pierced his arm, that was slowly melting apart, with the genome needle.

Then, she targeted the void domain genome sequence and extracted it out.

The moment she finished, the freaky mutations stopped acting up at last...But, this didn\'t mean that the already exiting mutations had started to withdraw, or that Felix\'s life wasn\'t in danger anymore.

Lady Sphinx knew that she merely stopped the sickness and now had to deal with the aftermath before Felix\'s unbalanced DNA start collapsing again.

She picked him up with her sand manipulation and placed him in an empty tank.

She beamed tens of materials and started to mix them with a blue liquid container.

Then, she attached the tank tube to the container and filled it up to the brim until Felix start to float.

Neither Asna nor the others spoke.

All of them kept eyeing Felix horrendous appearence with worried looks, not knowing whether he would be alright or not.

When it came to genetics even the best of the best could screw up big time...

This solution focuses on genetics restoration. Lady Sphinx decided to comfort them, It will help him get rid of all the new mutations and return him to his original appearence.

Asna sighed in relief and asked, How long will it take.

From hours to days. Lady Sphinx answered, It depends on the severity of the damage caused to his DNA.

So, he is in the clear now Thor asked.

Yes. Lady Sphinx assured.

Mind telling us what has just happened I thought you had everything under control. Jörmungandr asked with a stern tone.

It\'s a mishap on my part. Lady Sphinx sighed and told them everything about the conflict caused by the void domain genome sequence.

I always had a bad feeling about the void domain. Asna sighed, I didn\'t think that it would create such a major problem so soon.

Thankfully, you were there next to him when it happened.

Indeed, if it were anyone else, Felix would have already visited the spirit realm.

Lady Sphinx had to use hundreds copies of her already amazing brain to find the problem and solution in a mere second without anything to work with.

Since the DNA collapse usually take merely ten seconds to half a minute, no one was that fast or had the tools to save Felix.

So, it might be her fault, but Asna and the others felt relieved that it happened under her hands instead of having the void domain genes act up when Felix was all alone.

I guess he isn\'t meant to be using the void domain... Jörmungandr sighed.

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