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Chapter 942 Meeting Old Friends

Not giving up, Felix kept retrying with Nimo to land as close as possible to the wormhole expressway.

Unfortunately, it was deemed impossible with Nimo\'s terrific speed and their lack of coordination.

It will be much easier if we reduced our speed.

Felix knew that Mistress Candace wasn\'t always travelling at her peak speed.

When it came to short distances like those, she was most likely going at a controllable speed, so she wouldn\'t miss the location.

Too bad, Nimo wasn\'t that intelligent to control his speed while helping them with the calculation simultaneously.

It wasn\'t like Felix could ask him to travel at exact 20X light speed or such.

All he understands was go at your fastest speed or slowest speed.

Let\'s try halving it.

Felix started educating Nimo on what a \'half\' mean...It took a couple of hours with holographic pictures and repetition, but Nimo finally understood him.

As he had hoped, they started to miss their location now by mere a couple of hundred thousand kilometers!

Sure it wasn\'t as perfect as Mistress Candace, but Felix didn\'t really care that much at the moment.

The instant they bridged the distance to a mere few hundred thousand kilometers, he beamed his spaceship and continued the journey to the wormhole expressway.

It didn\'t take him even a few seconds to reach his destination.

Not bad at all. Felix smiled, quite satisfied with the end result even though he had actually wasted more than half a day on this.

After he entered the wormhole and exited at the Witch Empire territory, he had done the same calculation and got quite close to the capital planet Fymagroth.

The instant he reached it, Felix beamed his spaceship away and continued the rest of the journey in the void realm, wanting to avoid interacting with people.

Because he couldn\'t see any more through the void realm, he had to always rely on calculations...He was unable to depend on Nimo to see since he had no idea what to look for.

Fortunately, he easily managed to reach Lady Sphinx castle due to travelling at modest speed on his own.

It\'s been a while. Felix smiled with a nostalgic expression as he kept eying the castle\'s walls and the gorgeous city further below it.

You can walk around the city if you like. Lady Sphinx informed, It will take a few hours before I prepare the solution for the bestowal.

I see...Might as well visit some friends. Felix nodded in understanding and clicked on his contacts list.

He reached out to Naima, Lara, Karry, and a few more...He told them that he was in town and intended to pay them a brief visit before his departure.

Naturally, the girls were quite ecstatic to hang out with him as it had been truly a very, very long time since they had gathered together.

Fortunately, all of his close friends had ended up opening stores in this part of the capital after graduation due to their high marks in the elite class.

Overall, it had been decided to group up at Lara\'s store in half an hour.

Sure, UVR would have made it much easier for them to group up in the blink of an eye, but since he was around the corner, it was much better to meet in the real world.


So, this is her store...It looks like she is doing quite well. Felix mumured as he stepped inside a three-story building that was packed with many VIP looking customers.

No one recognized Felix as he was wearing a hoodie and sunglasses.

\'They told me they\'re gathering on the third floor.\' Felix pushed through the crowded first floor and took the elevator to the third floor.

He was already given permission to access the third floor by Lara, making him unrequited to deal with the staff.

After he stepped on the third floor, he saw that only a few clients were sitting on coaches, most likely waiting for their turn to place an important commission.

\'Have you arrived yet\' Lara contacted Felix suddenly.

\'I am at the third floor now.\' Felix answered.

\'I will come get you.\'

The moment the message was delivered, a door at the far end was opened by Lara...She was still as gorgeous as ever with her purplish hair and eyes.

Because witches didn\'t age as fast as humans, she still looked exactly the same even after many years passed by.

Been a while. Felix smiled as he went for a quick friendly hug.

You are still as touchy as ever. Lara replied while hugging him back.

I am just friendly. Felix coughed.

Yea sure, I bet you hug men too. Lara joked while pulling him inside the room, not caring about the displeased looks of her customers.

She knew that none of them would dare leave due to being upset at her favorism since they came here for her specific potions.

She was already a master in those potions, giving her the highest chance of concoction, which translate to the highest chance of not losing their materials in a failed attempt.


The instant Felix stepped inside the room, he was jumped at by Naima, getting embraced as tightly as possible.

I missed you, asshole! She cursed while punching him in the stomach, getting as aggressive as always.

Alas, her ending was the same too...

Oowwwww!! She cried out while holding her knuckles in pain.

You never learn, I see. Felix chuckled as he patted her in the head.

If she did, her store wouldn\'t be struggling. Lara took a jab on Naima while returning to her seat.

Humph! Not everyone has a Sage witch to vouch for them like you. Naima fired back in annoyance while still attaching herself to Felix akin to a koala.

Asna just rolled her eyes at her behavior and acted blind to it, knowing that Naima had no sexual attraction to Felix whatsoever.

If it wasn\'t for so, she wouldn\'t even allow him to hang out with this many beautiful hotties at once.

Store struggling How can a graduated witch from the elite class even struggle with sales Felix wondered while sitting next to Karry.

Felix might not talk too much with Naima and the others or meet with them, but he was still keeping in touch and checking on them from a while to while.

He had already heard that all of his friends had graduated from the elite class successfully.

He knew that was more than enough to help them open a store on their own and receive financial support from the empire.

If they hadn\'t graduated from the elite class, they would have been forced to start out as workers for other senior witches until they obtain enough experience and coins to go solo.

Forgot about this irritating stuff and tell us more about your adventures.

I want to hear personally how it felt to kill those arrogant lizards.

Intrigued and eager, Naima poured Felix a cup of blue wine while egging him to talk about himself.

The rest of the girls had to admit that they were also curious.

I don\'t know anymore. Felix answered with an easy-going smile, I have stopped feeling anything unique about the experience after slaying my third dragon.

Kyaa! That\'s my Felix! Naima pecked him a couple of times in the cheek happily.

Although the witches had a friendly partnership with the dragons as they provided protection to them, the witches still felt quite oppressed by them.

This feeling was mutual to the rest of the utility races in the top ten of the SGAlliance.

I have to admit that most witches partied all night when you have bullied the thirty royal dragons. Karry giggled, Some of them are still partying right now.

I didn\'t think that you girls secretly hate the dragons. Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise.

We don\'t really hate them, but we sure dislike dealing with them. Lara answered.

We can boss around most races but them. Karry clarified.

It was already known fact that most witches were quite arrogant and proud.

So, to have dragon clients must be a pain in the ass for them since they have to always lower their heads before them.

Enough of this, I want to hear more about your potion-making mastery. Lobna knitted her eyebrows at Felix, I hope that you aren\'t focusing purely on your fights and strength seeking quest instead of advancing your potion-making mastery.

All the girls were apprehensive about this.

They always followed Felix\'s news, making them see nothing more than articles about his fights, businesses, and federation\'s development.

Hell, they even heard about his grandfather\'s pizzeria restaurants creating shockwaves with earthlings recipes.

Yet, there wasn\'t a single piece of news about his potion-making.

I am doing quite well at the moment. Felix replied calmly, I can concoct most potions that I require for my future advancement.

How is that possible Naima tilted her head in confusion, With your current monstrous strength, I doubt even 5 stars rank three potions can be of any use to you.

The other girls nodded in support.

Rank three What are you talking about Felix shook his head before dropping a bombshell on them, I am already one step away from concocting rank five potions and entering the Sage Rank.

How about you, though




All of them turned deaf to his question as their brains had already short-circuited at his insane proclamation...

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