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Chapter 935 A Tough Opponent at The First Round

The rules are simple, each battle would have thirty minutes duration and five minutes break for the Dragonslayer in case he won it...Naturally, after each battle, the Dragonslayer\'s condition would be returned to its peak form. Clan head Kyrsun clarified.

Felix didn\'t react to the rules.

He was already informed about all the details about the test.

Although thirty vs.

one sounded unfair, at least he was able to go all out in each battle, knowing that his condition would return to perfect state.

Honestly, it would have made no sense to do the opposite.

After all, the royal dragons would simply keep chipping on Felix\'s strength and energy until he was completely exhausted.

The last royal dragon fighting him would have a much easier fight than the first one.

If the Dragonslayer lost a battle before he finished all the challengers, the contest would still carry on. Clan head Kyrsun threw a curveball again, The new slot holder would have his strength restored and continue battling the rest of the challengers to defend his slot.

I guess this wouldn\'t be a waste of time after all. Prince Arentis smiled.

He was pleased with the rules as he was confident that Felix wouldn\'t be able to pass three royal dragons.

Although his strength would be restored to its peak, it didn\'t mean that he would be able to defeat the next challengers with the same strategies.

Here is the current order of the challengers...It has been arranged randomly by the Queen just now.

Everyone focused on a humongous holographic list with thirty names arranged neatly from top to bottom.

Even Felix glanced it, wanting to see his first pray.

Ohoho Jitherth is going first Arentis grinned widely, I take everything back, that overconfident idiot will not last a single fight.

Tough luck...He is going to struggle heavily. Princess Chozzus agreed with Arentis.

\'Sigh, it will be difficult for him to start his momentum against that deranged royal black dragon.\'

Although Anastasia refrained from commenting, she knew that Felix was put in the worst possible situation.

Jitherth was one of the most dangerous black dragons in the entire list!

He was at peak-tier radiant rank and a yearly active challenger to enter the empyrean rank...In other words, he was at the top of the platform\'s soft summit!

Let the battles begin.

Without further delay, clan head Kyrsun summoned Jitherth to the island, placing him face to face with Felix.

\'He does look quite menacing.\' Asna commentated lazily as she eyed Jitherth in his dragon form.

His entire body was covered with pitch-black scales...Even the backside of his wings were scaled as well.

He had a long ugly scar, running from his forehead to his chin, crossing past his purplish royal gem.

Compared to prince Domino, he was at least three times bigger...However, his royal gem size was quite smaller.

My apologies, Dragonslayer. Jitherth spoke composedly as he eyed Felix, I will be stealing the show from you at the very start.

Is that so. Felix smiled charmingly and left it at that, not in the mood for a battle of words.

He had thirty challengers waiting for him, and he wanted to finish this test before the sun set west.

Seeing that Felix had no intentions of interacting with him, Jitherth was irritated a bit.

But, he respected his silence and refrained from talking sh*t anymore.

You will be dropped randomly on the island. Clan head Kyrsun disclosed, Use whatever it takes to locate your opponent.

If five minutes went by without any action happening, the Queen Ai would start pinging your locations to each other.

I expect you to come straight to the center of the island. Jitherth eyed Felix coldly, You won\'t call us weaklings and hide, do you

You will see me there. Felix confirmed it causally.

The instant he finished, both of them were teleported to two opposite sides of the island...At the same time, they took off into the sky in direction of the island\'s center.

He really is going to the center...What a moron. Arentis insulted in irritation.

He knew that humans were cunning and tricky, making him believe that Felix had agreed to throw off Jitherth.

When Jitherth reached the center and expose himself, Felix could ambush him.

He felt that it was highly unlikely to work, but it was much better than going head on with an actual royal black dragon!

As a royal black dragon, he enjoyed one of the best physical attributes compared to the other clans and red dragons.

Going against Jitherth face to face is really going to put Dragonslayer into a tough physical test.

I doubt he will come out of it in one piece unless he still has his void abilities. Princess Chozzus expressed.

When everyone saw Felix\'s moderate flight speed, they were even more doubtful if he could catch up to Jitherth in his dragon form!

It was known fact that royal dragons gain insane amount of speed and strength after turning into their dragonoid form.

They lost out on defense though, but it didn\'t matter much when their speed enabled them to avoid literally anything.

Prince Domino had demonstrated this during the primogenitors\' event after he went against wind primogenitor, The Great Roc!

I really started to believe that you weren\'t coming.

Jitherth said with a thunderous irritated tone after spotting Felix, flapping his giant crystal wings, two kilometers away from him.

His voice was loud enough it reached Felix...Still, Felix didn\'t bother himself to reply.

\'Size manipulation, X3.\'

\'Crescent Battleaxe.\'

\'True Poison.\'

\'Hypersonic mode.\'

In less than a second, Felix had grown three times bigger, beamed his battleaxe, coated with liquified dark purplish true poison, and topped it off with entering his new hypersonic mode.

Everyone was forced was to squint at Felix after his horns and wings started illuminating brighter than the sun.

\'What is he planning on doing, I can\'t see a thing.\' Jitherth thought with a disturbed expression.

He was unable to see Felix\'s outline anymore either with his normal vision or infrared vision due to the heat radiation going through the roof.

He was merely able to see Felix as a humongous spherical red aura.

\'Whatever, I only need to engulf myself in corrosion field of flames, and he will die instantly after enter...\'

Before Jitherth could finish his thought, he was stunned to see that the red aura before him had completely disappeared.

Then, he felt a sudden heavy noisy breeze passes by his neck, making him tense up his scales instinctively.


The moment he did so, the booming explosion of the sound barrier getting f*cked had finally reached his ears.

Jitherth utterly ignored the sudden explosion and turned his head reflexively after his instincts started tingling about a horrific threat behind him.

The instant he did so, he spotted Felix flapping his wings exactly two kilometers away from him.

If it wasn\'t for Felix wiping the battleaxe\'s blade with a white cloth, everyone would think that he hadn\'t changed his location at all!

What the hell has just happ...Argghhhhh!!!!

Before anyone could react to any of this, Jitherth suddenly started hollering deafeningly, forcing everyone to switch their focus to him.

Look at his neck...

Dear Ancestor...

How is that possible!

Clan head Kyrsun, prince Arentis, princess Chozzus, princess Anastasia, and even prince Domino were left absolutely shell shocked by the ghastly sight of Jitherth\'s body shriveling at noticeable speed!!!

It didn\'t take even two seconds before Jitherth\'s entire body had turned into a deflated skinny skeleton, making him fall down into the ground akin to a weightless leaf...


The instant he crashed into the barren hard ground, all of his bones got brutally shattered into fragments akin to a vase smashed apart!

Neither the stream viewers nor the live spectators dared to believe what their eyes were feeding them.

Jitherth, a black royal dragon, one of the best peak radiant players, and a veteran fighter born from hundreds of battles, was now looking like a busted doll...

When the dust settled, everyone\'s confusion was cleared out after they spotted a long thin cut across his left side of his neck.

What made it visible to them was a giant dark purplish patch being placed right above the wound, appearing like a birthmark.

This...This...It can\'t be real...He is a human...A mere human...

Stupefied and befuddled, Prince Arentis was forced out of his chair...His eyes kept switching between Felix and Jitherth\'s dusty corpse, unable to believe the reality before him.

Unfortunately for him and the rest, Felix wasn\'t planning on giving them an explanation.

The moment he finished cleaning out his battleaxe\'s blade from Jitherth\'s blood, he announced with his known easy-going smile, Please send down the second one on the list.

When the red dragons and challengers heard his announcement, they felt their blood gone cold for the first time in their lives...

Who could blame them

At the moment, Felix looked like a butcher with his battleaxe placed on his shoulder, asking for new cattle to be delivered to him!

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