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Chapter 934 Provocations, Doubts, and The Wager!

He waited a whole three years to battle Felix, and he truly felt like he would be betrayed if Felix didn\'t deliver today.

Cocky motherf*cker, always acting too aloof for us. Prince Arentis cursed under his breath in irritation after seeing that Prince Domino was acting deaf to his questions.

Good morning everyone...I am honored to see such a tremendous attendance to our small friendly contest.

Prince Arentis and the others switched their attention to the white clan head Kyrsun after hearing his deep voice resound thunderously throughout the island.

Roar Roar...

As response to his welcoming words, the spectating dragons roared loudly and unitedly, creating a buzzing atmosphere.

There were more than a hundred thousand dragon sitting on floating chairs above the island, giving them a better live view of the battle than just watching from a screen.

It might sound miniscule compared to the hundreds of millions live viewers at the games, but all of them were proud dragons.

The chair placement was based on their statue in the galaxy, which meant that the royal dragons were sitting above the red dragons.

As for the heirs They were naturally higher than royal dragons, giving them perfect view of the spectators and also the island.

Naturally, the clans officials and elders were much higher than the heirs.

If the clan heads or the Elder Dragon decided to make an appearence, they would be placed at the highest point.

Such a hierarchy structure was ingrained in all the dragons the moment they were born.

Naturally, the contest was streamed publicly and for free to everyone around the universe...Still, there weren\'t that many stream viewers since the contest wasn\'t marketed properly.

I know that all of you must be wondering about our reasoning for taking extra steps for the last unclaimed slot in the team. Clan head Kyrsun said.

All the attending dragons nodded in agreement.

But, it had to be done.

We had a peculiar situation that couldn\'t be solved by our usual solutions.

It\'s best if I just let the current slot holder explain it for you.

Without an ounce of hesitation, clan head Kyrsun teleported Felix to the center of the island.

At first, everyone thought that he was a unique looking humanoid white dragon due to his wings and hair...But after they zoomed in closely on his face, they were left absolutely stunned.

Is that the dragonslayer! Prince Arentis\'s slits widened in shock.

They are kidding, right

Princess Chozzus was also left at loss for words at the realization that the white clan had chosen a human to join the ceremony!

As for the rest of the spectators and the challengers They felt like they were thrown a nasty curveball by the white clan.

Everyone had condemned the black clan after the news of Prince Domino\'s invitation went public.

Forget about the glory of the ceremony or the benefits obtained from the dimensional pocket, just the notion that a human was going to set foot inside this sacred place was enough to set them off.

Who could blame them

99% of the dragons had never entered the dimensional pocket and would never do so even in their last dying breath.

Now, a human was going to be robbing them of this opportunity that was rightfully theirs

They couldn\'t have it!

Roaar! Roaar!

Furious and livid, roars kept booming around Felix, making him understand that he wasn\'t welcomed at all.

Still, Felix wasn\'t fazed one bit.

He drew the microphone near his mouth and introduced himself with his usual good-natured smile, For those who had yet to know me, I am Felix Maxwell, the one and only dragonslayer.

Just as Anastasia and Selphie wanted to sigh in relief at his politeness, Felix smirked coldly and proclaimed, I am here to clap your challengers\' cheeks and show you that I am more deserving of the slot than you weaklings.

Every dragon was forced to swallow his roar after being called weaklings...They kept turning to each other in utter disbelief, wanting to check if everyone heard the same bull** as them.

Not even the royal dragons call the red dragons as weaklings...In their eyes, calling them as such place them in the same rank as other races.

They would never do that to each other!

This is why I suggested reducing the benefits of the dragonslayer title. Prince Arentis eyed Felix frigidly, We showed him some respect, and now he thinks that he can walk over even royal dragons.

If even Arentis reacted like this without having the curse directed at him, there was no point in mentioning the challengers and the spectators.

Settle down everyone.

We didn\'t hold this competition to spew curses at each other.

There is thirty strong royal dragon with the best qualification to steal the slot from the Dragonslayer. Clan head Kyrsun interjected with his authoritative voice, So, show me that I have made the wrong decision by adding a human to our clan\'s roster.

It\'s all in your hands.

Upon hearing so, everyone\'s anger died down gradually.

They realized that clan head Kyrsun was right...Felix would be spending the next two days battling against thirty royal dragons with a couple of breaks here and there.

There was no point in being provoked by him when he would get easily smashed by the challengers.

Hmm, the Dragonslayer looks quite confident. Princess Chozzuz reasoned, I believe he will be able to win the first five challengers or even six.

You give him too much credit. Prince Arentis sneered, He should celebrate if he defeated even three.

Both of them were smart enough to understand that Prince Domino wouldn\'t have invited Felix to join his team if he wasn\'t capable enough.

The fact that the white clan had given him a slot made it even more obvious that Felix shouldn\'t be underestimated.

Still, they were certain that he wouldn\'t be able to fend off thirty challengers in two days.

In their eyes, that\'s the realm of heirs and dragons with the highest percentage of ancestral bloodline.

What do you think, brother Domino Princess Chossuz asked in intrigue.

Fifteen. Prince Domino replied calmly.

Fifteen Have you lost your mind Prince Arentis retorted immediately, I know that he must have changed his bloodline with that dumb cultivate system of his, but there is no way he got strong enough to go past three royal dragons.

No way!

Prince Domino glanced at him like he was looking at a piece of bread before refocusing on Felix without saying anything.

You motherf*..!

Prince Arentic got hold of himself from lashing out at Prince Domino\'s direct disdain at the last second.

He knew that if he cursed his mother out loud, Prince Domino would have the right to challenge him to duel.

As much as he believed himself as his rival and everyone thought the same, Arentis knew that he would get ruined in a one vs.


Prince Domino was simply built different.

So, he chose other method to hurt him.

Wanna bet on your little boy Prince Arentis snickered, You win if your boy defeated fifteen challengers.

That\'s quite an unfair bet. Princess Anastasia frowned, It will be more fair if you bet that Felix wouldn\'t go past his third challenger.

Stay out of this, Ana. Prince Arentis ignored Anastasia\'s take and kept provoking prince Domino into accepting his f*cked up wager.

Heirs should always back their words...Are you scared that your boy isn\'t going to live up to your expectations


Seeing that prince Domino was still ignoring him, prince Arentis decided to take another approach.

The loser will have to act as personal collector in the dimensional pocket for the winner. Arentis grinned, This should be enough to make you interested, right

This had finally garnered a reaction from prince Domino...He thought about it for a few seconds while eying Felix\'s unfazed expression.

Then, he nodded his head in acceptance, Deal.

Both princesses were surprised by his agreement, believing that prince Domino was smarter than this.

Even princess Anastasia didn\'t dare to place such a heavy bet on Felix when the odds were tremendously at her disadvantage.

She had nothing against Felix, but she also doubted his inability to succeed in this test.

Meanwhile, prince Arentis couldn\'t be happier at prince Domino\'s acceptance.

Here is the contract.

Prince Arentis made it official as quickly as possible, fearing that prince domino might have second thoughts.

Prince Domino didn\'t hesitate to sign the contract after reading it thoroughly.

I can\'t believe I will be having Mr.

Prodigy as my personal collector in the dimensional pocket. Prince Arentis laughed loudly.

You were rush in this one, brother Domino. Princess Chuzzus shook her head in disapproval.

Your father will give you hell if he knew about this. Princess Anastasia smiled wryly.

Prince Domino didn\'t bother to address any of them and waited patiently for the battles to kick-start.

\'Show me what you got.\' He thought while eying Felix coldly.

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