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Chapter 930 Waking Up Carbuncle!

One Month Later...

After Fenrir woke up, he picked up Noah and took him on a journey towards his galaxy, which was habituated currently by the winterwolves.

Just because they decided that it was more beneficial for Felix to have Fenrir at his peak strength, it didn\'t mean that he would be babysitting him.

He would make an appearence only if Felix was targeted by the Darkin faction personally...Until then, he had his eyes only on his student, wanting to turn him into the second Felix.

It was highly doubtful if he could pull it off, but neither Thor nor Jörmungandr bothered to stop him, knowing their brother was highly competitive.

Naturally, Fenrir had left a wisp of his consciousness on Felix\'s mind, so it would be much easier to reach out to them.

As for making his presence visible Fenrir had already held a private party for his return and invited all primogenitors...Even the Darkin faction members!

He wanted to see them personally after what they did to him.

Alas, the Darkin faction members didn\'t make an appearence at the party, knowing that the Asgardian faction would have set up an ambush to bring their reputation even lower.

After all, Fenrir was attacked by all three of them until he was forced to activate his safety protocol.

The primogenitors felt that it was beneath them to gang up on each other, making them look down on the Darkin faction\'s way of dealing with Fenrir.

Even though they didn\'t attend, the party went well and Fenrir was welcomed by all...Naturally, everyone asked him about his method of waking up.

Too bad, Fenrir refused to share it since he didn\'t want to implement his student in the primogenitors\' circle with his current laughable strength.


At the moment, Felix could be seen sitting on the ground with sweat drops covering his entire exposed torso.

99%, at last. Felix breathed heavily, still feeling his body tingling from the pain of his last integration.

Knowing that it wasn\'t time to relax, Felix swiftly closed his eyes and entered his consciousness space.

Did he wake up Felix asked with a serious expression.

He would be lying if he said that his heart wasn\'t agitated about meeting with the gemstone primogenitor.

He had taken a considerable bet with the gemstone element, and it was finally time to see whether it was going to pay off or not.

He did wake up. Thor called out in annoyance, Carbuncle, are you planning to keep us waiting

Thor, your voice is always a pain in the ass...

A deep low-pitched voice echoed trice in the consciousness space.

It resembled men\'s grumpily voice right after waking up from an unsatisfactory slumber.

Haven\'t you slept enough Thor\'s eyelids twitched.


Felix and the rest were forced to turn around after hearing Carbuncle\'s voice resound closely in their eyes.

The instant Felix\'s eyes landed on Carbuncle, he felt like his breath was stolen away by cuteness!

Felix might resemble an angel with his crystallized wings and white hair, but they had given Carbuncle a complete different appearence!

That\'s because his face greatly resembled that of a hamster while his body was completely covered in white fluffy fur.

To make matters even worse, he had three feathery tails and a height that barely reached one meter!

This while he was in his humanoid form!

Felix might not have been able to see Carbuncle memories, but he had seen his appearence before thanks to Lady Sphinx.

Still, seeing him in real life was truly a shocker.

What are you looking at Carbuncle gave them an irritated side glance while walking towards the round table.

You are still committing to this form even after your death. Jörmungandr chuckled as he pulled the chair for him.

Size is nothing but an annoyance and waste of precious energy. Carbuncle replied while climbing on the chair clumsily, not caring about his funny appearence.

Is there anything to smoke in this god forbidden place Carbuncle eyed them lazily.

Thor snapped his finger and filled the table with joints, cigars, smoking pipes, a Hookah, a vapor, and other unique smoking devices.

Then, he added tons of containers filled with nothing but narcotics from all across the universe.

Kikiki, looks like the drugs industry has exploded after my departure. Pleased, Carbuncle gave out a peculiar laugh while feasting his eyes on the packed table.

Many things have changed after your departure. Thor said as he watched Carbuncle pick up three joints and lit them up.

Sounds bothersome...Tell me later. Carbuncle smoked the three joints together with a relaxed expression.

It looked like the stuff inside the joints were pretty heavy as Carbuncle started dozing off after a mere three hits.

Is he really sleeping

Speechless, Felix watched Carbuncle continue to breathe out thick smoke through his nostrils with his eyes closed shut.

Give him time, he will wake up soon. Jörmungandr smiled wryly.

Felix didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry at his replay.

Not in his wildest dream did he anticipate that the gemstone primogenitor was an actual drug addict!

He was used to the primogenitors weird habits, but this one truly tops them off.

Seeing that Carbuncle was snoring peacefully, Felix took the chance to ask about him, Why does he smoke How does it even affect him Shouldn\'t he be immune to the drugs effects

During the great depression, every primogenitor had his own special way of coping with their dreadful day to day meaningless life. Thor replied with a bitter look, Some resorted to alcohol like me to numb our sensations, others resorted to meditation like old snake.

Carbuncle chose to smoke all kinds of cannabis.

Upon hearing so, Felix\'s urge to laugh at Carbuncle\'s funny appearence died instantly.

He understood that the moment he woke him up, he acted upon the first habit in his mind...The same happened with Thor.

As for the effects We simply weaken our minds, making it easier for the alcohol or drugs to do their jobs. Thor shrugged his shoulders, In all honesty, we can give ourselves the same effects as alcohol or drugs if we desired...But, it will serve no purpose but act as a reminder of our meaningless omnipotence.

I see...

To be one of the most powerful beings in the universe, yet ending up restoring to drugs, alcohol, and other numbing substances, Felix truly had no idea what to think anymore.

No matter how Thor explained it, he always found it extremely difficult to understand their reasoning.

He understood that the only way for him to truly figure them out was to be placed in the same position as them.

Fortunately for him, that\'s not happening any time soon.


A few minutes later, Carbuncle opened his groggily eyes to the sight of everyone, sitting on the same table and staring at him with peculiar looks.

He really smoked all three joints while he was asleep. Asna mumured while eyeing the butts of the joints still attached to his lips.

Told you, he has mastered the arts of smoking. Thor chuckled.

I\'m glad to be providing entertainment.

Carbuncle ignored his remark and everyone\'s stares...He just reached out to a vapor and asked in curiously, How to use this thing Can smoke really be created from it

Lend us your ears and I will give you a walkthrough of every single device and cannabis on the table. Thor tempted, knowing that Carbuncle could act soft only when smoking gets brought up.

You have five minutes.

As expected, it worked like a charm.

We want your gemstone manipulation. Lady Sphinx requested straightaway.

Hmm I assume that you haven\'t forgotten about the experiment. Carbuncle raised an eyebrow in confusion, You saw me bestow my manipulation just for it to get lost.

We have a method to help you regain it. Lady Sphinx replied.

Is that even possible

Seeing that they had his full attention now, Lady Sphinx went along and explained their plan.

She told him about the gemstone egg, the theory about the universe\'s desire to keep the perfect manipulation existing, and reasoning for wanting his gemstone manipulation.

It took her less than four minutes to give him the big picture.

So, you woke me up, hoping to put me in that gemstone egg and reclaim ownership of its gifts.

If I succeeded, you want me to bestow my manipulation again on this kid Carbuncle asked, Am I missing something

When it was phrased like this, it truly sounded wrong and manipulative, making Felix get nervous that their plan was doomed to fail.

If it was up to him, he wouldn\'t be bothered to go this far for the sake of a kid he met in less than ten minutes!

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