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Chapter 914 A Nightmarish Childhood Vl(Final)

To make matters worse, there was so much blood around, he knew that it would be impossible for his little sister not to be traumatized for a lifetime.


Noah paused his guilt trip and tried to comfort his distressed little sister…He got down on his knees next to the nanny corpse and peeked underneath the bed.

When he saw that his little sister was curled akin to a snail shell at the far corner of the bed, he sighed in relief.

“Grace, I am right here, youre safe.” Noah said softly.


Grace cried out loud his name after finally hearing his response.

Just as she tried to turn around, Noah besought, “Please, close your eyes and dont ask me why.”

“…Okay.” Grace was confused, but she did as she was told, not wanting to upset her brother.

Noah guided her to emerge from underneath the bed at the other side, not wanting her to touch even a drop of the blood.

After she got out, Noah used a clean t-shirt to hold her hand and led her outside the bedroom.

Then, he locked it shut after giving the nannys corpse one last indifferent look.

The moment she tried to lay her hand on his sister, he didnt even consider her to be a human anymore.

“Did that witch leave” Grace asked in confusion while walking down the stairs.

“Yes, forever.” Noah replied with a gentle smile.

“Really!! Where did she go!” Grace exclaimed in happiness.

“A very far place for bad people.” Noah replied softly.

“Good! She is a bad, bad person!”

“She really was…” Noah tried to pat his sister, but ended up pulling his hand away after seeing the amount of blood on it.

Noah wasnt traumatized by killing the nanny or at least he believed that it hadnt affected him…But, when the thought of touching his sister with his dirtied bloody hand crossed his mind, he felt absolutely disgusted at himself.

Still, Noah knew that if he went back in time and was placed in the same situation, he would have still done the same.

If he was going to change one thing, it would not be killing the nanny close by to his sister.

Unbeknownst to him, Noahs mind had already altered by the experience…He might think that he was fine, he might feel that he was fine, but at the end of the day, he still had killed a person for the first time in his life.

He did it at the mere age of eight, where other children of his age would be still eating booger and fooling around…

Noah knew that he couldnt cover up for his crime, so he called the authorities on himself.

He didnt even consider calling Miss Emilia, considering her as an invisible person.

He made a mistake once by calling her, and he would never repeat it in his life.

After the police arrived, they were left absolutely horrified by the bedroom scene…At first glance, anyone would assume that an animal or a sick murderous was the culprit.

So, it was even more shocking to find out that a mere eight years old had done that.

However, after finding out about Noahs bruised injuries and previous scars, all of them figured out that this was a case of child abuse going rogue.

It happened many times before.

Instead of taking Noah and Grace to the police station for further investigation, they took them to the hospital to treat his injuries.

“Kid, we are at your side, just tell us what happened.” A handsome young policeman asked Noah with a tired expression while standing next to his hospital bed.

Noah remained silent and kept staring at his sleeping sister in the bed at the front.

“He must be traumatized…I guess we need to have them speak to a therapist first.” His partner sighed and pulled him outside the room.

They had been trying with him for more than an hour now without getting him to say a single word.

They believed that Noah was traumatized, making him unable to react to anything.

But in reality Noah simply refused to talk.

He had already spoken to the nanny, and she didnt listen.

He spoke to Miss Emilia, and she didnt listen.

No one listened to him even when he begged and prayed.

So, why talk when no one listens Whats the point

“Lets leave for now, we already understood the majority of the situation from our primarily investigation.”

Based on the primary investigation of the house, the police were almost 100% certain now that Noah had fought in defense of his little sister.

They had located the bloody belt and metal soup spoon and packed them as evidence, waiting simply for final verification if the traces of blood on them belonged to Noah or not.

As for how they reached the conclusion of Noah was defending his sister

Noah might have been silent but Grace was nothing but that…She confessed everything with her childish view of the world.

Soon, the news had reached Miss Emilia, the head of the child service department, and lastly even the elders of the Maxwell family.

As a business empire with reach even in the police station, they were bound to be the first to hear the news.

A Maxwell kid at the age of eight murdering his nanny…It sure came as a lightning bolt to all of them…Especially, Miss Emilia.

She was his handler and the one bribed to keep the kids with their nanny and outside the family system.

At first, the family elders merely scolded her but didnt really blame her for what happened since it was the father, who chose the abusive nanny.

But after the police combed the entire house down and retracted the last dialed number on the house telephone, the elders were absolutely livid.

They traced the number to her and the call recorded on her cellphone, making them listen to the conversion she had with Noah and the next one with the nanny.

The fact that she bluntly ignored Noahs desperate cry for help and sided with the nanny made even the investigators consider taking her as an accomplice for the abuse.

In their eyes, the situation would have never developed this far if she headed Noahs call for help.

The nanny would go to prison, the kids would go to new foster home and most importantly, Noah wouldnt have needed to take a life.

So many ifs…

Alas, what happened had happened.

There was nothing to be done about this case anymore but to punish Miss Emilia mercilessly, keep the news under a tight lid, and help Noah and Grace recover from this trauma.

Unfortunately, their wish had come true for only Grace.

As for Noah Ever since that fateful day, he never spoke a single word to anyone unless it was his sister.

If body gestures wouldnt do the trick, he would rather remain silent than speak.

Over the years, he had been called many funny names by his cousins, their parents, and everyone who was ignorant about his childhood past…Felix included.

Whether he was called a healthy mute, a sis-con, an iceberg, or an arrogant prick, Noah ignored them all and continued working to the best of his ability to provide a better life for his sister.

Even though she had grown to be a fine and intelligent lady without a single memory of what happened, Noah refused to rest until the day he was certain that none of this would ever happen to his sister again.

Nothing changed even with the emergence of the UVR Era…In fact, his thirst had just grown much stronger than ever with all the new dangers appearing out of nowhere.

Fenrir knew this so as Lady Sphinx, who had read his memories.

But they knew that just as his motive for strength was going to take him a long way, it would also be his downfall.

Thats because the day his sister dies, his world would defintely fall apart…

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