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Chapter 907 The Deal With Noah

“Lets wait until Felix wake up and see what he thinks of this.” Thor said.

There was no point in discussing this subject at the moment when the true decider wasnt even with them.

It was up to him if he wanted to save Fenrir and give up on his manipulation or seek other methods.

“How about the other kid, Noah” Jörmungandr wondered abruptly.

“What about him”

“Doesnt he have ice immunity” Jörmungandr implied, “He can be the one saving Fenrir…If he is quick and daring enough, Candace will take him to Fenrir and return him when the deed is done.”

Thinking about it closely, everyone realized that his plan made some sense!

Candace was capable of protecting anyone from the void energy if she morphed into a larger vessel.

If it wasnt for this, Felixs clothes and AP bracelets would have been destroyed every time.

“There is a high chance of it working…It will be somewhat risky, though.” Lady Sphinx assured after calculating all the odds.

“We cant ask the kid to go that far for us.” Thor shook his head, “He might lose his life for something unrelated to him.

He has already worked extremely hard to wake up Fenrir in mere three months.”

“Well, its not like he is going to do it for free.” Jörmungandr glanced at Fenrir and inquired, “How do you feel about him keeping your ultimate ability as a payment”

“Hmm, I will have to see first if he deserves owning it.” Fenrir replied calmly.

Allowing Noah to play with his ultimate ability in the UVR was one thing and giving it to him permanently was another.

He would rather spend even more time within his ice world if it meant that his ultimate ability didnt fall in the hands of the unworthy.

“You have two years and a half to make a decision.” Lady Sphinx informed, “We cant be doing this without Felix even if we wanted.”

Mistress Candace couldnt just leave Felix all by his own in a coma while she traveled to the opposite side of the universe to save Fenrir.

Lady Sphinx knew that the journey would take months even through the void realm.

Felix needed Candace to be there, so she could take care of his inscriptions seals and also Nimo.

After all, there was no way Nimo would accept leaving Felix behind.

If Candace tried to be tough, Nimo would rebel and make her regret her choice.

“Lets inform that Noah kid first.” Thor said, “He might not go for it.”

“Oh he will.” Lady Sphinx assured with a faint sigh, “The things he went through in his childhood has made him hungry for strength even more than Felix.”

“We will see about that.”

Inside a humble UVR room that was modified for the sake of training, Noah could be seen sitting on the ground in a meditation position while being surrounded by a visible blue wind.

It made him appear like he was sitting in the eye of a blizzard…Once in a while, Queen Ai would throw an object inside the blizzard or even a dummy Ai.

The instant they touch the blue wind, they turn into frozen solid ice chunks before falling into the ground and breaking into a fine blue dust!

This was Fenrirs ultimate ability…Absolute Zero!

‘The effect is unimaginable, but the range and the duration is too short. Noah frowned,My strength is really holding it back.

Noah knew that Fenrirs ultimate ability was way out of his league.

Based on the details he read after unlocking it, he understood that the blue chill was capable of freezing even space itself!

Unfortunately, because of his low-energy capacity, he wasnt capable of reaching that height yet.


Suddenly, Noah received an invitation to enter Lady Sphinxs house…Without being told what to do, Noah pressedaccept instantly.

In a short while, Noah joined the party in Lady Sphinxs living room…Noah nodded respectfully at everyone, not feeling intimidated by them this time.

Though, his expressionless eyes did linger on Fenrir for a split second before lowering his head, feeling like his bloodline was getting unsettled just by mere eye contact with him.

“Sit down.” Fenrir ordered coldly.

Noah sat next to Lady Sphinx obediently.

“Do you want to keep my ultimate ability forever” Fenrir got straight to the point.

Noah nodded immediately.

“How badly”

“Ill do almost anything for it.” Noah stressed with a serious tone.

“Good, we have a mission for you.” Thor informed, “We need your help to rescue Fenrir from the ice world.”

Before Noah could feel the jitters at hearing such an impossible mission, Lady Sphinx carried on, “You dont have to worry too much…You will be delivered inside the ice world personally by Asnas maid and taken out the moment your job is over…The risk is minimized.”

“What are my odds.” Noah inquired composedly.

“80% success chance.” Lady Sphinx answered.

Lady Sphinx didnt give him a high number to trick him into going for it…In fact, she was being modest as she believed that he actually had more than 90% success chance.

The last 10% was for unexpected variables.

‘80%…If I succeed, I will keep elder Fenrirs ultimate ability. Noah thought inwardly.

No matter how he thought about it, he had to agree to do this mission.

The chances were high, and he truly didnt want to let go of Fenrirs ultimate ability…Not after having a taste of its extraordinary power.

The only reason he didnt agree instantly was due to his sister…All of his moves were taken based whether it would benefit his sister or not.

‘Opportunities like those never repeat. In the end, Noah had convinced himself that this was the right path.

“I agree.” Noah accepted their deal with a stern voice.

“Good, now I have to check if you are worthy to own it.” Fenrir stood up and went to Noah, followed by an crippling predatory aura, making Noah unable to move a single inch.

Fenrir picked Noah by the shoulder like he was made out of feathers and waved at the others, “Dont disturb me.”

Everyone could only give Noah a sympathetic look, knowing that he was going to go through hellish trials to convince Fenrir.

If it were Felix, Fenrir wouldnt have tried to test him out since it would be a clear show of disrespect to his brothers.

Since they had taken him as their student, it only meant that they vouch for his strength and character…Period.

Unfortunately for Noah, he had no one to vouch for him…


Inside Fenrirs UVR room that was already modified into snowy world with mountains, frozen rivers, dead trees, and gloomy cloudy sky.

It was snowing heavily, making it hard to see anything or move anywhere due to how thick the snow had gotten built in.

Yet, Fenrir and Noah could be seen sprinting on all four throughout the snow at an unprecedented speed towards one of the nearest mountains summits.

What was more surprising was that both of them were in a full wolf transformation, making them appear identical!

They both had milky white thick fur, blue chilling eyes, long fangs, and claws capable of splitting even boulders.

The only difference between them was their size…Fenrir was big enough, Noah appeared like a pup following his parent.

In a few moments, they reached the mountains summit.

Fenrir went to the corner of the mountain that was peeking at an invisible abyss created from the snow blizzard.

He sat on all four and stared at the humongous moon white shadow behind the clouds.


Noah sat next to him and eyed the moon silently with his beastial blue eyes.

He knew that his energy was thinning out fast due to his Fenrirs semi-morphing active ability, but he refrained from saying anything.

“Kid, you have one year to convince me that you are an asset to my pack.” Fenrir spoke coldly without glancing at Noah.

“Pack” Noah raised an eyebrow in surprise, not expecting that he would have a chance to join Fenrirs pack.

He knew that wolves valued nothing more than their pack!

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