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Chapter 902 The Void Suit ll

Lord Khaos returned to his sleep the moment he finished, not bothering to stay and entertain Felixs questions.

“Complete control” Felix raised an eyebrow, “Does he mean I dont need to use Queen Ai as medium for orders”

“Most likely.” Asna nodded.

This was huge for Felix!

From artifacts to symbiote related items.

Everyone needed to order the Queen to get their desired effect from those two products.

For example, activating a futhark or wearing and detaching the symbiote suit.

Felix knew that if it wasnt for this, he would have done some much more with his symbiote suit.

He could easily thicken it on the arm and turn it into a shield.

There were many other better uses for it.

Too bad, it was hard to go for them in the heat of the battle, where even a split second decision would make a great difference.

After ten seconds gone by, the void marble detached from Felixs void eye and fell on his palm.

“Lets find out.”

Felix took a deep breath and ordered in his mind while staring at the marble,Suit up.

In the blink of an eye, Felix found himself fully covered in a skin-tight pitch-black suit from head to toes!

“So weird…I feel like I am wearing nothing.” Felix mumured while sizing himself up…Although his eyes were covered too, he could still see clearly through tiny dots in the suit.

There were many things he hated about the symbiote suit…One of the top ten was its weight that made it hard for him to be natural in his own skin.

He took a long time until he finally adapted to its weight and made sure that it wouldnt hinder him too much.

But this void suit He felt like he was wearing yoga clothes instead of a suit meant to protect him against the elements.

“The lightweight is spectacular, but does it take away from its toughness” Felix wondered out loud while creating a holographic mirror.

The moment he saw his reflection, he instantly fell in love with the design.

He assumed that it would be merely a pitch-black boring suit, but he couldnt get any more wrong.

The void was black alright, but there were dark purplish strings coursing through all of his muscles lines, highlighting them even better.

Yet, the best part was the slick purplish shape around the eyes, making Felix resemble a human in a suit instead of the murderer shadow from Conan series.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” Felix smiled with a satisfied expression as he kept turning around the mirror, checking everything like a girl trying a wedding dress for the first time.

After he was done admiring it, Felix decided to log in the UVR and test it out thoroughly…But first, he requested from the Queen to scan it and tell him what it was made of.

He wanted to ask Lord Khaos in details about it, but he had already returned to his slumber, making resort to Queen AI.

‘Scan complete…Similar energy to void creatures detected…No further information. Queen disclosed monotonously.

“Void creatures Interesting.” Felix mumured, “Is it made from symbiotes or just normal void creatures How was he able to make it immune to void energy”

So many unanswered questions…He knew that even Lady Sphinx was unable to answer them…If she had this type of knowledge, he wouldnt have needed to ask Lord Khaos about the suit.

“Whatever, as long as it works.” In the end, Felix cleared his mind from those unnecessary thoughts and logged into the UVR.

Inside his modified UVRs room.

Felix could be standing in front of a separated void domain.

Felix knew that Lord Khaos wouldnt drop the ball and hand him a defective product, but he was still nervous that the suit wouldnt be able to handle the destructiveness of the void domain.

“Here goes nothing.” Felix let out a long breath and stepped inside the void domain.

The moment his entire body crossed to the other side, Felix couldnt help but grin widely in pure happiness.

The void suit was holding strong without a single tear, making him assured that it was equipped with the promised void immunity.

“At last, you wont need to show your ding-dong every time you enter void domain or the realm.” Asna giggled while watching him from the side.

This was Felixs main source of happiness.

Although his shame had long got corroded, Felix still didnt want to spend the rest of his life always having to strip when he deals with void related matters.

The best part about the suit was the fact that his AP bracelets were finally going to be protected fully from the void energy.

Hell, he knew that it was possible to travel through the void realm on his own without relying on Mistress Candace anymore.

One suit had offered many important upgrades in his life!

“Lets test out other things now.”

Excited and eager, Felix exited the void domain and requested the Queen to create a few Ai dummies around him…She based them off prince Domino as per his request.

He didnt start the battle right way.

Instead, he kept fooling around with the suits flexibility.

“Shield.” Felix ordered while holding his hand next to his face.

The part of the suit on his arm began to grow bigger and bigger until he appeared like he was holding into a black shield.

Before Felix could react in delight, he glanced at his back after feeling that it was getting windy.

“Hmm, doing so exposes my back.”

His back was completely in the open, making him understand that the size always remained the size, regardless of what he did with it.

It was like playing with a gum.

“If I dont want to get f*cked by the suit, I must not manually change its shape unless I know exactly which side would be affected negatively.” Felix deducted.

It would truly be an embarrassing death to create a shield for his faces protection just to end up getting killed from the back.

“Lets begin.”

Without further ado, Felix permitted the dummies to attack him simultaneously.

Because they were based on prince Domino from the old data, they werent as strong as he showed in the event.

Still, they managed to teleport next to him with a supernatural speed and swing at him with their dreadful sharp claws at his vitals.

‘Reinforce vitals!

Instead of evading, Felix ordered swiftly and held his grounds.


The AI dummies all ended up bouncing back off him after their claws failed to damage his vitals!

Though, the suit did end up shredded a little in the vitals areas…But, it didnt take even a split second before it was restored to its natural appearence!

“Marvelous, truly marvelous.” Felix paused the training with an awed expression.

He kept touching the suit in the shredded areas, trying to locate a single tear or such…However, not a single cut was found.

If this were the symbiote suit, it wouldnt repair itself for at least a few hours!

“I wouldnt feel bad even if I used a favor for it.”

Felix was truly more than pleased with the void suit, and he felt that it deserved more than a favor!

If he had to rate it, he would place it even higher than his legendary crescent battleaxe!


One month later…

Felix could be seen sitting on his bed in a meditation position…Around him, there were mountains of blackened energy stones, filling almost the entire bedroom.

For the past month, Felix focused purely on increasing his affinities ratings to the max while making sure to train with the void suit.

Since his body was developed to a new height, he kept reaching 100% affinity rating of each element in three days max!

“I am finally done.” Felix sighed in relief while stretching his arms behind his back.

“I should be the one stretching, you lazy pig.” Asna cursed in annoyance.

She really had been overworked for the past month as she needed to keep absorbing the energy stones and purifying them…Then, feed the purified energy to Felix on daily basis.

“Stop whining, I will take you to a dinner later on.”

“It better be just the two of us.” Asna warned.

“I am not an idiot to bring you two again.” Felixs eyelids twitched after recalling Asnas boldness in their last dinner.

“Sir Felix, now that you have finished with the affinities, what are you going to do” Mistress Candace asked.

Felix rested his chin on his palm and replied, “I have only one option at the moment…Entering a long slumber.”

“How long, though”

“As long as possible.” Felix sighed.

Felix knew that he had only three years before the test that would define his path forward in this galaxy.

He didnt know what the test would be, but he knew that it was going to be extremely challenging.

After all, the clan head wasnt retarded to hire Felix simply based on prince Dominos words.

Sure, he was swayed to make an offer to Felix, but it didnt mean that he would send him to the ceremony without making sure that he had what it took to carry his team.

At the moment, Felix knew that his foundational strength was way below even the worst royal dragons.

In other words, he had not to waste a single second in these three years to gain as much strength as possible.

The only way to achieve so was by consuming as many natural treasures his stomach could handle and force himself into a self-induced coma to hasten the absorption process!

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