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Chapter 901 The Void Suit!

In the end, they agreed to make Felix sign the contract.

As long as the ancestral scales didnt backfire on them, they didnt care too much about what Felix would do to them.

Without further ado, Felix was given two contracts to sign.

One for their deal and the other for his silence and promise.

Felix signed them swiftly after checking for loopholes.

Honestly, the dragons would never try to pull a fast one on him as their pride held them from so…Still, for such a big deal, it was never wrong to be extra caution.

After the contracts were signed, clan head Kyrsuns kind smile had returned.

“You have three years to do whatever you want.

But in the last year, you will be required to pass our test and also join the team for training.” He informed.

“I understand.”

“You are excused.”

Felix nodded respectfully at all of them before jumping down the chairs top rail…Anastasia accompanied him silently, not knowing how to feel about how things developed.

A week ago, she was stating that Felix would be embarrassed by royal dragons if he ever faced them.

Now, he was part of her team and considered as their hope to win the ceremony.

‘Sigh, I dont know anymore…

In a short while, Felix returned to his room, not caring that his party was still on going…He had already gotten what he wanted from the party.

As for Selphie He told her about his recruitment to the team since there was no need in hiding it.

He signed a contract to stay quiet about the ancestral scales, not the participation entirely.

“I am really happy for you.” Selphie smiled, “The ancestral dimensional pocket is filled with unimaginable wealth that can help you develop both your strength and concoction even faster.”

Sacred treasures werent the only thing found in the ancestral dimensional pocket.

It was packed with extinct unranked natural treasures that reached even S grade and unique materials never seen before!

Everyone wanted a piece of it.

Unfortunately, the ancestral dimensional pocket open up after half a century passes and remain open for merely seven days.

There was a limit to the number of people that could access it since the dimensional pocket was considered as unstable.

Thats why the four clans were able to send only five members to represent their them.

“I still need to pass a test after three years.” Felix replied calmly, “My slot isnt locked yet.”

“I believe that you will pass it with flying colors.” Selphie encouraged.

“I hope so too…”

Felix had finally managed to secure an opportunity to obtain the ancestral scales.

He knew that he couldnt lose it since the other three clans werent as desperate as the white clan to go this far for a win.

​ If he didnt win ceremony and lost his opportunity, Felix knew that the only option left behind would be to request Mistress Candace to steal them for him.

He really wanted to avoid using that option…

After he kicked out the girls from his room with an excuse of wanting to train, Felix called prince Domino.

“How did it go” Prince Domino asked coldly.

“It worked all thanks to you.” Felix smiled.

“Huh, I have no idea how did you manage to convince those old fogies, and I dont want to know.” Prince Domino threatened calmly, “I expect to see you in our marked location in two days.”

“Why are you being too hasty.” Felix sighed in annoyance, “Cant you wait until the ceremony The stacks will be much bigger and everyone would be keeping an eye on the news.

Dont you think its far better to have our fight at such a stage instead of unknown location.”

“Are you trying to back off from our deal” Prince Domino gritted his teeth in anger.

The deal Felix had with prince Domino enforced him to fight him in two days after the party, whether his assistance helped Felix in getting the ancestral scales or not.

“I just dont want to give you an excuse when I beat your ass up.” Felix shrugged his shoulders, “In four years, I will be fighting you at your full strength, leaving you no choice but admit your loss.”

“You are really delusional to think that how it would go.” Prince Domino snickered, “But, since it looks like youre unmotivated to fight me now, lets leave it until the ceremony.

I would rather not have you whining that you went soft on me because of me limiting my strength.”

“We will see, who will be the one whining at the end.” Felix hung up the call right after, wanting to irritate him one last time.

“Phew, now that we have gotten rid of that nonsense, lets continue with the affinity raising.” Felix sighed in relief while lying on his bed.

He really didnt want to fight with prince Domino at the moment when the fight would serve as nothing beneficial to him.

He knew that it would take a miracle to beat prince Domino even if he reduced his strength…He was simply a battle god that was born for nothing but for slaughter and war.

He had hundreds of years under his belt as experience, making him a truly dangerous individual.

Knowing the bastard, he would most defintely announce his win to the public.

This would backfire on his plan to participate in the ceremony.

After all, the clan head Kyrsun and officials considered him to be their ace and the one who would carry their team.

If he went and had his ass handed to him by prince Domino, how could he be trusted anymore to carry such a task

Prince Domino would most defintely do this even if he knew that it would affect Felixs plan to get the ancestral scales.

It wasnt like they were friends or anything to care about each other businesses.


Seven days later…

The news about Felixs joining the white clans team was still under tight lid due to the ceremony being quite far off.

However, the news about him rejecting prince Domino invitation to join his team had created shockwaves throughout the galaxy for days.

Prince Domino and the black clan had received great backlash from almost all dragons even the ones with absolutely no hope of joining the ceremony.

Dragonslayer or not, Felix was still a human…In their eyes, a human shouldnt be even considered as candidate, dont even mention going on their way to invite him.

As one of the main progenitor to this drama, prince Domino had received the biggest scold in his life from his clan head and officials.

But, he turned deaf to everything, knowing that his punishment wouldnt be much.

As for Felix He locked himself in Anastasias floor.

He spent most of his time raising his affinities and eating natural treasures…When he gets bored in his room, he hung out with Selphie, Anastasia and Eizi.

Naturally, all of this didnt affect his already busy training schedule.

Right now, he was focused on his poison conversion technique.

“You are quite close to converting neutral energy into peak poison energy.” Jörmungandr expressed.

“Its good progress, but still not enough.” Felix frowned, “I take two seconds to achieve it.

It needs to happen instantaneously.”

“One step at a time.”

“I kn…”

“Sir Felix, a unique looking void creature is fast approaching.” Mistress Candace abruptly announced.

“It must be Lord Khaos subordinate.”

Felix swiftly logged out and exposed his void eye, making him spot the approaching void creature…It looked like he had slowed down tremendously after reaching his area.

Felix opened a void rift for him and wait nearby it patiently.

In a few seconds, the same tall void creature from the first time had appeared before Felix.

Loyal to the cause, the void creature handed Felix a small solid void box.

“Thanks.” Felix took it.

Instead of leaving right away, the unique void creature remained standing silently.

Thats because Lady Sphinx had already contacted Lord Khaos and requested to hire his subordinate services to deliver her the hexagon egg.

“Take it.”

Felix pushed a medium-sized void box towards the unique creature…The hexagon egg was protected inside of it.

After he took it, the unique void creature went through the void rift even though he didnt even need it.

“Lets see what Lord Khaos has made for me.” Felix rubbed his palms in anticipation and opened the small void box.

“Hmm” Felix was surprised a bit when he saw a tiny pitch-black marble sitting inside the box instead of a spatial card.

“Is this the suit” Felix wondered as he leaned closer and examined the marble.

Felix knew that symbiote suits could also morph into spheres, but he never saw one reach such tiny size before.

“Pick it up.”

Abruptly, Lord Khaos emotionless voice resounded in his mind, startling Felix and the others.

“Greetings, Lord Khaos.” Everyone bowed their heads respectfully.


Lord Khaos made an acknowledgment noise without showing himself…He was always with Felix, he simply never bothered to wake up his wisp and hang out with them.

Without wasting time, Felix picked up the marble.

It had a weird sensation on his fingers, like it was solid and in liquid state at the same time.

“Now put it near your void eye.” Lord Khaos informed.

Felix did as he was told immediately.

The moment the marble aligned with his void eye, it broke off its form and moved towards the void eye like a living creature.

It was creepy and hair-raising, but Felix didnt make any sudden moves and simply watched the marble touch his void eye.

The instant the marble fully covered the void eye, it stopped moving at once.

“In ten seconds, you will have complete control over the void suit…Figure out the rest on your own.”

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