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Chapter 897 Calling Out His Bullsh*t

‘He isnt lying…Why does he need the ancestral dragon scales Prince Domino got curious about Felixs purpose of the scales.

How could he not

The ancestral dragon scales were pretty much useless without their historical value to their race.

The only practical use for them was as a shield…As for being forged

It was already attempted by the greatest forger in the Dwarven Empire, and he failed miserably to make an artifact out of them.

In layman words, the materials level was simply too high for his expertise.

Still, this didnt mean that prince Domino could visit his clans treasury and pick up a couple of scales for Felix.

Useless or not, every single inch of the ancestral dragon was well-kept and protected by all four clans.

It was the responsibility of every clan to keep their portion of the ancestral dragon corpse intact and well maintained.

“May I ask why you need them.” Prince Domino asked in a straightforward manner.

“No need for you to know.”

“Fairs.” Prince Domino wasnt fazed by his rejection…He added, “As much as I hate to admit it, you are right.

Its impossible for me to get those scales without the approval of the clan head and the officials in my family.”

“Not even a single scale”

“No.” Prince Domino shook his head, “I dont care much for them…If it were up to me, I would have given the ancestral dragon a proper burial with his treasures instead of cutting his corpse into four portions and splitting it between the four royal clans.”

“It does feel a bit blasphemous.” Felix knitted his eyebrows in dislike.

He had no idea that the ancestral dragon was handled like this…Outside the dragons and a few authoritative individuals, neither did the rest knew about it.

In the dragons culture, a magnificent burial must be built for the dead dragon based on his contribution, authority, and strength.

Naturally, he would be buried with his hoarded treasures to accompany him in the afterlife.

The explorers werent risking their lives seeking those burial grounds for just the corpse only…But also because they knew that every burial ground housed many precious treasures.

“I wonder what happened for you guys to go this far” Felix asked bluntly too.

“Wanna know”


“Fight me.”

“Not happening.”

“Tsk.” Prince Domino clicked his tongue in annoyance and stood up.

“Youre leaving already” Felix smiled, “Not staying for the party You came this far after all.”

“I will celebrate your title when you defeat me.” Prince Domino sneered, “As long as you havent won against a royal dragon, your title means little to me.”

In a sense, prince Domino must be pissed that Felix was being called the dragonslayer for simply killing red dragons.

Sure it was a truly extraordinary achievement that had never been done before, and most dragons felt that Felix deserved their respect.

However, prince Domino didnt think the same.

In his eyes, the title should be called The Red Dragonslayer instead of pulling even the royal dragons into the mix.

If it wasnt for his pride being pricked every time he heard Felixs title, he wouldnt have bothered to participate in the event or come down here to challenge him.

Too bad, Felix wasnt planning on letting him go too soon…His scheme to obtain the ancestral scales depended on him heavily.

“How about we help each other out You want to fight me and I want the ancestral scales.” Felix smiled, “I have a way for both of us to get what we wanted.”

“I am listening.” Prince Dominos ears perked up in intrigue.

“I need you to increase my value before the other three clans.” Felix smirked faintly, “I will take it from there.”

“Increasing your value” Prince Domino frowned, “How do I increase something that doesnt exist”

“Stop being a dick about it and hear me out.” Felix ignored his insult and leaned closer.

Then, he shared his plan with him in great detail.

After a few minutes, prince Domino started giving Felix a piteous look like he was staring at a delusional idiot.

“I dont care how you think about my plan.” Felixs eyelids twitched and asked, “Just tell me whether you are in or not.”

“It will be shameful for me, but its a small price to pay to restore the royal dragons pride.” Prince Domino spoke with a determined tone.

“…” Felix could only stare at him speechlessly.

‘If anyone heard him, they might think I made him get naked in public or something. Felixs lips twitched,Whatever, as long as he is on board.

“See you at the party.”

“Remember, you promised a fight whether your plan worked or not.” Prince Domino warned, “If you wont keep your words, you will stop seeing the polite side of me.”

“Polite side my ass.” Felix shooed him away, “Just leave already, I have work to do.”


Four days later…

At the great spacious hall of the white palace, many white, green, red, and black dragons could be seeing socializing in their dragonoid forms.

This implied that no one here wasnt considered as a royal dragon.

Even the red royal dragons were capable of turning into their dragonoid forms since their bloodline was much purer than the others spread out in the universe.

Thats why, their true color was actually crimson, setting them apart from the rest.

Though, their bloodline purity was still not high enough to let them have an attributed sacred flame like the other three clans.

In other words, they were still considered as inferior to them.

The numbers of the attendants from each clan backed it up as the red clan had the largest numbers of attendants after the white clan.

In comparison, the black clan merely sent two dragons to be polite.

In truth, if they had known that prince Domino was planning on attending the party, they wouldnt have bothered to send anyone.

Soon, an official white dragon took flight in the air and cleared out his throat to attract everyones attention.

“Welcome everyone to our humble celebration…I know that the journey must have been a pain in the ass for some of you, and we greatly appreciate your attendance.”

The official spoke fluently with a voice that echoed thunderously throughout the entire hall, making it hard for anyone to ignore him.

“We are here to do nothing than celebrate the rise of a challenge, a hero, and bright future.

When he first slayed the first red dragon Exodial, he was immortalized with the greatest title that could be given by our race.”

“Now that he has four red dragons under his belt, he made it impossible for us not to respect his strength.” The official extended his hand behind him and announced as loud as he could, “Please, give your loudest round of applause to the one and only, The Dragonslayer Felix Maxwell!”

Clap Clap Clap!..

The instant Felix emerged from the staircase in a formal tuxedo suit while being accompanied by Selphie, Anastasia, and Eizi, the dragons in the hall started clapping until the air started to twist and turn around!

This level of respect wasnt directed only to Felix, but also Anastasia.

In fact, more than 70% of male dragons here had come specifically for Anastasia, hoping to create a sparkle with her.

In the dragons circle, her attraction was no joke as she had everything a dragon desired in his mate.

After the introduction was over, Felix went on his own to mix with the guests, knowing that staying in the royal dragons favor would always be beneficial.

The empire might rule over the dragons but not in their territories.

In other words, if Felix ever needed something from a royal dragons territory, he needed to have permission of the owner first.

Even if he had the backing of the white clan, if that dragon refused to give him entry, Felix could only stay outside obediently.

As for the girls and Eizi The moment Felix left on their own, they got surrounded by tens ofsuitors for Anastasia.

Eizi didnt like it and went to the open buffet to fill his stomach.

“We heard that prince Domino has paid you a visit.

I am curious about his purpose.”

A pistachio green scaled dragon with a long face and a gray gem embedded on his forehead asked Felix causally.

‘No wonder many green dragons have decided to participate. Felix thought as he looked at the group of dragons around him…Most of them were from the green clan, staring at him with their ears perked up in anticipation.

He knew that black and green dragons had the greatest rivalry in the royal family, and they constantly try to defeat each other in almost anything.

Since the black clan heir had bothered to come all the way here, they believed that it must be something important.

‘Well, they just made my life much easier.

“It was nothing.” Felix lied with a sincere smile, “He wanted to invite me to join his team.”


With an instantaneous unified response, everyone around called him out on his lie.

“I guess you are nothing but a bragger after all.”

“If you want to avoid telling us the truth, just say so.”

“Heir Ceremony Even though you obtained a dragon status with your title, it didnt mean that you can consider yourself as a true dragon.”

“Tens of royal dragons are close to the empyrean rank, and they have never been invited to the ceremony.

How dare you consider yourself as an option.”

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