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Chapter 895 Disappointing Results

‘If this gem is an actual egg as I hope, then I believe that its situation is even worse than Nimos case. Lady Sphinx clarified,When we found Nimo, he has already developed a consciousness, an aura, and even a bit of control over his egg, making it shape-shift as he pleased…He must have defintely absorbed plenty of void energy for it to happen.

Then, he was caught off and landed in the hands of my worshiper somehow.

‘What you are saying is that thisegg wasnt as lucky Thor said,It didnt absorb much of any elemental gem energy, making it unable to unlock even its consciousness


When Felix and the others thought about it closely, they felt that it was the most likely scenario that occurred for the egg.

‘Well, instead of contemplating about it, we can test it right now. Felix said while beaming two boxes filled with peak grade gem elemental energy.

They were part of the purchases spree in the Freedom city.

He picked two energy stones that resembled sapphires greatly and placed them next to the hexagon gem.

Felix pushed the stones until they were connected with the hexagon gem.

Yet still, nothing much happened.

“Come on, do something.” Felix said as he kept poking it with his finger.


“I guess we need to test out with purified gem energy.” Thor suggested.

“Lets hope that I unlock the gem element then.” Felix exhaled while beaming the elemental potions.

Without unlocking gem element first, it would be impossible for Asna to absorb the energy and purify it.

Felix drunk the first elemental potion.

Just like always, the process was fast and pleasing.

When it ended, Felix requested from the Queen to scan him again and show him his unlocked elements.

​ // Poison element: 100% affinity rating.

Illusion element: 100% affinity rating.

Sand element: 100% affinity rating.

Lightning element: 100% affinity rating.

Void element: 100% affinity rating.

Wind element: 1% affinity rating.//

“Good start.” Felix smiled in approval, favoring wind element since there were many natural treasures related to it.

Though the only downside of using elemental potions was having to start from 1% affinity rating.

When he was taking Lady Sphinxs specified potions, he was unlocking at least 30% from the get go.

‘Again. Felix picked another potion and gulped it in one go.

This time he unlocked Plant Element.

Felix threw the empty bottle and carried on the marathon, knowing that his body could handle unlocking elements consecutively.

In twenty minutes, Felix had drunk fifteen potions and unlocked elements ranging from common, uncommon, to rare.

Fire, water, charm, ice, death, destruction, space, magma, silk, blood, fog, darkness, light, creation, metal, gems, and the list goes on and on.

He was pleased with some elements like Ice since he would be needing it soon, and at the same time annoyed by elements like death, life, and creation.

He knew that those three elements could be considered as never unlocked since the natural treasures related to them were never seen before.

“At least I unlocked the gem element.” Felix sighed in relief.

Instead of continuing drinking the potions, Felix emptied the peak energy stones for the gem element on his bed.

Then, he placed his palm on them and Asna took it from there.

In a few seconds, Asna finished the purification and informed, “You can start now.”

Felix and his tenants took a deep breath in anticipation as they stared at his palm approaching the hexagon shaped gem.

The instant Felixs finger made contact with it, Asna released the purified gem energy into it.

“You gotta be kidding me…”

A split second later, Felixs eyes almost popped off their sockets at the sight of the hexagon gem shining brighter and brighter akin to a diamond under the sunlight.

He didnt need to hear it from Lady Sphinx or Asna.

He could feel on his own that his new purified gem energy was being devoured like a hungry toddler being breastfed for the first time!

“Well, its official.” Thor chuckled, “Felix, you are most defintely going to experience an apocalyptic level disaster in the upcoming years to balance your godly luck.”

Felix felt chills course on his spine at the sound of that.

He knew that Thor was messing with him, but he truly felt like something horrible was going to occur.

This sudden burst of luck was too good to be true!

“You guys loves celebrating early.” Lady Sphinx was the only one with a stoic expression even though her guess had been proven right.

“Hmm Is there a problem” Jörmungandr asked.

“A big one.” Lady Sphinx clarified, “Now that we have confirmed that this an egg, the best course of action is to hatch it just like we did we Nimo.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

In their eyes, the new gem primogenitor emerging from the egg would defintely be an ally to them and offer great assistance to Felixs journey.

Unfortunately, Lady Sphinx thought otherwise.

“I believe that hatching this egg will take a very, very long time even if we fed it purified energy on daily basis.” Lady Sphinx sighed.

Felix and the others didnt like the sound of that.

“How did you deduct so” Thor wondered.

“The speed of the eggs absorption.” Lady Sphinx shook her head, “It might look fast, but in my eyes, it resembled a child trying to drink by himself for the first time.”

“In other words, this egg was literally still in its first days of formation.” Lady Sphinx assured them with a firm tone.

“It cant be…” Felixs expression turned sour immediately.

Felix understood that Lady Sphinx implied that the egg must have never tasted an ounce of elemental energy ever since it was created.

How exactly did that happen and why did the universe even bothered to create it if the result would be like this, he had no answer to those questions.

All he knew at the moment was that the egg would most likely take eons of constant feeding before finally hatching.

Unlike Nimos case, who was already past 90% of growth and needed only that last push, Felix would be forced to start from the scratch with it.

Felix had no time to babysit the egg everyday by feeding it purified energy.

He could invest a decade or so, but not an entire lifetime just for the sake of bringing a new gem primogenitor to the real world.

“By the time you hatch it, you will be either dead or already part of the primogenitors circle.” Thor sighed in disappointment.

“I knew that it was too good to be true.” Felix smiled wryly while eying the illuminating gem that was still absorbing energy from him.

If it were Nimo, he would have sapped him clean in less than five seconds.

“So, what are we going to do” Asna inquired.

“I think the best option at the moment is to place the egg within a rich environment filled with gem elemental energy and leave it there.” Jörmungandr suggested.

“I concur.” Thor nodded, “You will free it from your hands and can continue your life as normal.

From a decade to another, you can check on it.”

This might not be the best solution, but it was much better than keeping the egg with Felix and forcing him to be a feeding machine for eons.

He would always need to buy gem elemental stones and force Asna to keep purifying them every single day…Since the egg was a bottomless pit, he would never be given a break.

On the other hand, placing it in such rich environment would keep it fed for 24/7.

“Before doing so, I still need to get it.” Lady Sphinx disclosed, “I couldnt research Nimo since he was stuck with you, but I can do it with this egg.”

“I have no issue with that.” Felix shrugged his shoulders while beaming the egg back, “Maybe, you will extract something useful out of it.”

The moment Felix realized that the egg would take unfathomable level of effort, he removed it entirely from his mind.

He had no issues even if Lady Sphinx took it out of his hands and gave him something else more practical.

After ending up with such disappointing results, Felix carried on with drinking the rest of the elemental potions.

When he finished them, he created a long list of all unlocked elements and another one with the natural treasures in his inventory.

Then, he requested Queen Ai to arrange the natural treasures with their corespondent element.

“Fire, wind, ice, metal, and plant top the charts.” Felix mumured while eying the list.

He made this list to let him decide which elements he would prioritize increasing their affinity rating.

After all, he needed 100% affinity rating to assist his devourers heart a little in absorbing the natural treasures.

Since he had more than thirty unlocked elements, it was truly going to be a pain in the ass for Asna.

Fortunately, with his current body limitations, Felix was able to absorb much more purified energy, making it possible to reach 100% affinity rating in a mere few days.

If it wasnt for so, Asna would have thrown a much bigger fit…

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