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Chapter 894 The Hexagon Crystal Gem!

Felix didnt bother even glancing in their direction as he kept digging all over the place, securing one container after the other.

Half an hour later…

Felix was seen digging through a giant mountain of gold, trying to pull out a scanned out hexagon shaped object.

Since the natural treasures were gifts, they were naturally placed in unique shaped containers.

When he reached it, Felix extended his arm inside and caught it with his fingers.

However, the feedback on his fingers wasnt that of a container.

It was cold, smooth, and hard as stone.

Curious, Felix decided to pull out.

‘Hmm What is this

Felix thought in wonder as he eyed a smooth white crystal hexagon shaped object.

Based on its heavy weight and appearence, Felix guessed that it was a unique diamond refined as a Hexagonal prism.

‘They are really gifting her all kind of weird thin…

Just as Felix intended to retune the crystal hexagonal prism back to its place, Lady Sphinx exclaimed in utter disbelief,It cant be…

‘What is it


When everyone saw Lady Sphinxs reaction, they knew that it was something serious.

In this universe, there werent many things that could surprise one of the most knowledgeable beings in the universe.

‘Remember when I showed you a hexagon shaped egg and told you that this is related the gem primogenitor Lady Sphinx disclosed slowly with a stern expression,This is it.

‘You being serious

Felix was so shocked by her revelation, he dropped the hexagon shaped gem on the pile.

The tenants in his mind were just as stunned as him except for Mistress Candace, who kept looking left and right in confusion.

She wasnt there when Lady Sphinx proposed the egg theory.

She believed that the universe had given birth to many eggs like Nimo.

Eggs targeting the elements without a primogenitor or other beings who over stepped their boundaries and had to be replaced.

The gem primogenitor was the first one to off himself due to depression in the primogenitor Era.

Instead of doing just that, he bestowed his perfect gem manipulation to his descendant.

The light primogenitor and the others decided to test out if it was possible for a single individual to hold into two perfect manipulations.

So, the light primogenitor had agreed to partake in this experiment since he intended to off himself too.

Unfortunately, their experiment ended up in failure and the descendant died, which resulted in the loss of two perfect manipulations forever.

Thats until the existence of Nimo showed up…

‘How certain are you Jörmungandr asked with a serious tone.

‘40%. Lady Sphinx replied with a frown,The exterior is exactly the same, but I am not feeling any type of aura from it like with Nimos case.

‘Thats why I am asking. Jörmungandr confirmed,It feels dead just like a normal gem.

Asna and Thor nodded in support.

When Felix first approached Nimo in the ruins exploration, his evil aura was so thick, he was scared **less about touching it.

When he finally grabbed hold of it, Nimos consciousness had invaded his mind.

But in this case Nothing unique about the hexagon gem besides its extraordinary weight.

If it wasnt for Lady Sphinx, he wouldnt have betted a second glance at it.

‘Felix, take it with you for now. Lady Sphinx said,I will study it later and check whether I am right or not.

‘Alright. Felix was still not convinced that this was the gem primogenitors egg.

He didnt believe in fate or such and he most defintely knew that his luck wasnt so great to find two eggs of peak beings!

“Is there a problem” Anastasia asked from a far after seeing that Felix hadnt moved for a while now.

“No, I was admiring this stone.” Felix smiled while showing her the hexagon gem.

“Oh, if you fancy it, you can take it.” Anastasia offered causally.

“Thank you.” Felix nodded in appreciation and beamed it in his spatial card.

He expected that it would be this easy since Anastasia had an ocean of precious metals in her treasury.

If she rejected him, it would be the same as a billionaire refusing to hand out a dollar to his friend.

Not to drew suspicion about the hexagon gem, Felix continued digging for the rest of the natural treasures like nothing happened.

In a short while, he stopped on his own after realizing that the rest of the natural treasures were dug deeply under the piles, and it would take him immense effort to get them out.

Although he was shameless, his face wasnt thick enough to go that far.

“I cant express how grateful I am at the moment.” Felix bowed his head in appreciation after standing before Anastasia.

“Its no biggie.” Anastasia waved her hand in a carefree manner and asked with a curious expression, “Though, I do wonder why you need this much”

“Is it for potion making” Selphie wondered.

“Yes, I will be pushing soon to the Sage rank and I will need insane amount of natural treasures to start working out on my masters recipes.” Felix lied through his teeth without a change of expression.

“As expected.”

“You have already reached such height….Amazing!” Selphies eyes were filled with stars as she stared at Felix like he was her idol.

Both of them believed in his bull** since it was known knowledge that rank 5 potions require natural treasures to concoct.

Thats why they were ten times harder than even the most difficult rank 4 potion.

If it wasnt for this insane difficulty, there wouldnt be less than twenty Sages Witches in the universe.

“Ladies, I will be returning to my room to rest for a bit.” Felix disclosed.

“Alright, we wont bother you anymore.” Anastasia smiled, “I will call you in the evening if you are interested in grabbing dinner with us.”

“It will be my pleasure.”

Although Selphie wanted to hang a bit more with Felix, she could see that he was asking to not be disturbed in a polite manner.

So, Felix returned to his room alone while the girls went back to their room.

As for Eizi He was most likely napping outside the mountains gate again.

The moment Felix returned to his room, he closed the door behind him and beamed the hexagon shaped gem.

‘So, how are you going to study it, master It will take a while for one of your personal deliveryworms to come get it. Felix inquired while checking the gem from all corners, not feeling an ounce of energy.

‘I believe Lord Khaos subordinate must be on the way as we speak to deliver your new void suit. Lady Sphinx said,I will ask for his services when he arrives.

Lord Khaos had promised Felix that he would make him a suit immune to void in a mere few days after Felix requested it.

Knowing that Lord Khaos wouldnt break his words, the suit must have already been created and delivered towards Felix.

However, because Lord Khaos was living at the edges of the universe, it would take a while for his subordinate to arrive even by traveling through the void realm.

‘I am still failing to understand why doesnt the gem have an aura, energy, or anything that can separate it from an inanimate object. Asna said.

‘Likewise. Felix nodded.

Felix wasnt even curious about how it landed in Anastasias treasury.

He knew that dragons were known for their like of precious materials, making them the biggest hoarders in the universe.

Since Anastasia was a female dragon and also an heir to a royal family, it was to be expected that an unfathomable number of gems would come in her direction.

It wasnt too farfetched for this gem to end up its journey in Anastasias hands.

Honestly, he would have been more surprised if he found out in a ditch or something…

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