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Chapter 891 The White Clan Courtroom

Felix nodded in appreciation and stepped inside.

Although Anastasia called it a chamber, it was more like a mansion with countless bedrooms, two kitchens, two living rooms, and at least eight bathrooms.

“You can pick any room you wanted besides room number one and two.” Anastasia said.

When Selphie heard so, she eyed Felix with a look fill with expectation, making his lips twitch a little.

He knew that she wanted him to pick the third room, so he could be next to her.

Alas, Felix wasnt known for seeking death.

“I will go for the furthest one.” Felix clarified, “I intend to set up a concoction lab and I dont want to you annoy you with the noise or the smell.”

Selphies shoulders slumped a little in disappointment, but she said nothing to convince him to change his mind.

‘This girl has really fallen too deep. Anastasia smiled wryly,I dont know what she sees in him but might as well be a good sister and help her a little.

“Thats thoughtful of you.” Anastasia smiled as she suggested, “But, if you want to concoct potions, you can head to the lab.

I have one set up for the sages that pay me a visit once in a while.”

Selphies disappointed expression was revitalized at the sound of that.

“I will make sure to use it.” Felix accepted, knowing that he couldnt reject using a professional lab.

He had many potions to concoct, and he wanted to minimize his failures as much as possible.

“Should I make the maid prepare the third room for you then” Anastasia said.

“Oh, no, no, I am still taking the furtherest room.” Felix sighed bitterly, “I will be integrating with a new bloodline later on.

All I can tell you is that I get pretty noisy during the process.”

Seeing that Felix was adamant in choosing the furthest room, Anastasia could only drop trying to change his mind for the sake of her friend.

Felix was still her guest first and foremost.

She didnt want to make him feel pressured or unwelcomed…Especially, when her little brother literally worshiped him and spoke about him every single day.

In a few minutes, Felix had settled just fine in his room.

It was big, clean, elegantly designed, and had everything that he hoped for.

As for the girls and Eizi, they left him the moment he was dropped at his room, believing that he was tired from his long journey.

Felix took advantage of their absence and continued his cooking practice for now.

In the main bedroom, Anastasia, Selphie, and Eizi could be seen hanging out together.

Eizi was sitting in front of a mirror, taking selfies with Felixs signature while the girls were sitting on the bed.

“I truly have no idea what do you see in him.” Anastasia shook her head in disapproval, “I know he is capable, but there are plenty of other capable suitors.”

In Anastasia eyes, Felix was good but not great.

The fact that he slayed four red dragons might be good enough to make a fan out of her little brother, but she knew that against real royal dragons, he would be embarrassed.

She wasnt thinking so out of spite…It was simply a fact.

“I told you many times that you wont understand where I am coming from.” Selphie chuckled, “Your marriage culture depends heavily on pure strength and authority…Unless a dragon possessed them both, you wouldnt feel an ounce of attraction to him.”

In other words, no matter how much she tried, she would always see Felix as unworthy of Selphie, since she kept casting her own way of seeing love in their relationship.

“I know, but all I am saying is that you need to be careful.” Anastasia sighed, “You have shown me his girlfriend, and I am certain that even the royal princes will be attracted to her…I find it hard for him to give up on her and choose you.

In my opinion, its much better to just cut off your feelings right now and wait for another worthy ma…”

“Enough!” Selphie hardened her expression for the first time.

She knew that Anastasia meant well with her advises, but she couldnt listen to her anymore…Especially, when she knew that it was simply impossible to give up on Felix.

Elves obsession wasnt to be underestimated.

“I am sorry for lashing out.” Selphie quickly apologized.

“No, Its my fault.” Anastasia smiled kindly, “As you said, I am uneducated in your marriage culture and keep butting in needlessly.

Dont worry, I wont be bothering with this anymore and will make sure to support you all the way in your mating quest.”

“Stooop…I told you many times dont call it that.” Selphies cheeks reddened in embarrassment.

“How can you steal him if you get shy with just a term.” Anastasia chuckled, “You need to be bold and assertive.”

“Easy for you to say.” Selphie pouted.

“Anyhow, I will be going to inform my father about his arrival…Wanna tag along” Anastasia asked.

“No, no, no, your father gives me the creeps.” Selphie shivered a little after the image of the clan head surfaced in her mind.

“He will be really upset if he heard you say that about him.

He treats you just like his daughter.” Anastasia laughed.

“I dont care, I am not meeting him!”

“As you wish, lets go Eizi.”

Anastasia and Eizi walked out of the guest section and transformed back into dragons.

Then, they flew towards a staircase that was leading to the mountains summit.

“Arent you afraid of being scolded by father for letting the dragonslayer sign your gem” Anastasia asked.

“Its worth getting scolded for.” Eizi said with a determined voice.

“You are truly hopeless.” Anastasia smiled wryly and stopped mentioning this matter.

In a short while, they arrived at the door leading to the courtroom, where the clan head and officials gather to discuss important matters related to their clan and the galaxy as a whole.

“My apologizes Princess…The courtroom is in session, and I was told to not allow Eizis entry.”

Unfortunately, Eizi was denied access by a another white dragon sitting before the closed shut door.

“Youre in luck.

Go back to my residence and play with Selph…”

Before she could even finish her sentence, Eizi already took off rapidly towards the stairs in excitement.

He was clearly relieved that he wouldnt need to meet his father and hear his scolding over the signature.

“This brat.” Anastasia chuckled while turning around.

The moment she faced the door, the white dragon was already opening it slowly by pushing it with his scaled graceful white tail.


After it was opened, Anastasia was met with a pressuring sight that would make anyone piss in fright.

Twenty humongous white dragons were sitting in a round table carved from the mountains body.

When the door was opened, all of them went quiet and turned around to face Anastasia.

“I am glad you joined us, little Ana.

Take your seat, our current discussion is related to you.” An old white dragon with visible wrinkles all over his face smiled kindly at Anastasia.

Compared to the rest of the surrounding dragons, he was clearly the oldest and most respected.

Thats to be expected as he was the current white clan head and also the ninth ranked strongest being in the Alliance, Kyrsun White!

“Is it about the heirs ceremony” Anastasia wondered while sitting in an empty seat next to her father, marking her current position in the clan.

Although she gave off a kind and simple vibe, she was actually one of the smartest royal dragons in the galaxy, making her assist the clan tremendously in the management.

“Indeed.” Clan head Kyrsun nodded.

“We were just deciding on your team.

As the captain, its best if you give us your input.” One of the officials disclosed while displaying tens of holographic pictures of dragons.

The list included white, red, and even green dragons.

“The ceremony is still four years away.” Anastasia was a bit startled, “Arent you elders a bit too hasty”

“If we dont prepare early, we will get swept away just like in the previous ceremonies.” Clan head sighed.

Upon hearing his reasoning, Anastasia knew that her father and the elders finally had enough of their losing stream in the ceremonies.

But she understood that even if they prepared ten years earlier, it wouldnt change the fact that the black and green clans were going to wipe the floor clean with them.

After all, how could they deal with the black dragons corrosion flames and the green dragons soul burning flames with their healing sacred flames

For the past millennials, all the teams led by the white dragon clan were defeated.

To make matters worse, even the red clans teams had performed better than them.

“If we continue this losing streak, it wont be long before everyone starts to consider us as the weakest dragon clan in the empire.”

“We are already giving a weak impression to others by handling the business side of the empire.”

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