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Chapter 890 Prince Eizi and Princess Anastasia

Felix knew that not even the Bardot Empire councilmen stepped foot inside the white clan territory or any other major clan territory.

The royal family only invited high profiled people from the top ten twenty races during their gatherings and ceremonies.

The rest They could enter the capital planet but remain outside their territories.

Such a high level of disrespect could only be achieved by the dragon royal family and stay unaffected by it.

‘Lets go. Felix stopped sightseeing and blinked in front of palaces gate.

The moment he appeared, he attracted the attention of a sleeping white dragon, who was situated next to the gate.

The white dragon opened his eyelids slowly, exposing gorgeous glowing pink eyes.

He glanced at Felix with the corner of his eye and warned lazily, “Human, turn around and leave while I am still being nice.”

Instead of answering, Felix removed his hoodie, sunglasses, and lastly the thin mask that modified his features.

“You…You! The Dragonslayer!!”

The laziness of the white dragon was nowhere to be seen, as his eyes snapped wide open in shock after recognizing Felixs identity.

In this galaxy, unless a dragon was in a slumber, all of them knew about Felix without exception! How could they not know the only player to slay not one but four red dragons!

“Holy sh*t! I am a big fan!” The white dragon exclaimed in excitement while jumping in his place akin to a child being given candy.

Felix was left at lose for words, not expecting such a reaction.

‘Based on the size of his gem, he must be still a child in his early years. Mistress Candace shared while eyeing a small pink gem in the center of the white dragons forehead.

‘No wonder.

It was hard to figure out a dragons age based on their size and features.

Thats because not all dragons could grow to fifty meters or higher.

Some of them like Prince Domino had hit their size growth limit at mere twenty meters or so.

The white dragon before Felix was at least thirty meters in height, yet he was still displaying a pure childlike reaction.

Felix didnt dare to imagine how much bigger he would become after he hit puberty!

“Can you sign on my gem!” The young white dragon requested with a cheerful tone while leaning near Felixs face.

“Is that proper” Felix looked around him in worry, feeling like he would get assaulted by other clan members if he did so to one of their kin.

This was truly a new experience for him.

He believed that he had fans throughout the entire universe from almost all races, but he never thought for a second that a royal dragon was one of them!

It was insane just thinking about it since red dragons didnt even fan over each other…Dont even mention other races!

“Dont worry, everyone in my family knows that I worship you.” The white dragon assured Felix with sparkles in his eyes.

Knowing that he would be devastated if he rejected him, Felix shrugged his shoulders and decided to give him what he wanted.

“Well, f*ck it, I cant say no to a fan.

Whats your name”


Felix pulled a pen and jumped on Eizis head.

Then, he wrote a cheesy sentence dedicated to Eizi and signed underneath it.

“All done.”

After Felix jumped down, Eizi manifested a giant holographic mirror and looked at Felixs signature.

“Woaaah!! So darn cool!” Eizi liked it a lot.

Seeing that Eizi was genuinely happy about his signature, Felix couldnt help but ask, “Why do you like me Isnt there other strong royal dragons in the Empyrean Rank to take as an idol”

“Isnt that obvious” Eizi scoffed, “Their battles are too boring.

They either dominate the weaker races with their flame orbs or engage in barbaric battles against each other.”

“On other hand, your battles are always unique and fun to watch.” Eizi grinned happily.

“I can respect that.” Felix nodded in satisfaction, quite pleased that he was being looked upon much higher than even Empyrean rankers.

“I forgot to ask, why did you come here” Eizi titled his giant head in confusion, “Are you trying to enter the palace”


The moment Felix confirmed it, Eizi grew nervous as he kept shifting his eyes around.

He leaned closer to Felix and whispered, “I can assist you sneak inside if you promised to stay hidden.”

“No need to get yourself in trouble, I have a proper invitation from Princess Anastasia.” Felix smiled while displaying a holographic written invitation.

If even some white dragons couldnt enter the palace, there was no way Felix would be able to enter it without someone from the inside making it happen.

“Sister Ana has invited you over” Eizis eyes widened in happiness, “Did she bring you over as a surprise for me”

“Huh” Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise, “You are Princess Anastasias little brother or a close cousin”

“She is my biological sister.” Eizi answered.

“Doesnt that makes you the son of the current clan head” Felix asked speechlessly, “Why are you guarding the gate”

“Guarding the gate” Eizi titled his head in confusion, “I wasnt guarding it, though.

I just like to take a nap in the open.”

“…” Felix had no comeback for his reasoning.

“Jump on my back, I will fly you to my sis.” Eizi offered happily.

Knowing that it would be futile to argue with him, Felix did as he was told…The moment he landed on his back, Felix sat in a mediation position while using his electromagnetism to affix his butt on the white scales.

“Hehe, thats ticklish.” Eizi giggled while spreading his massive crystal white wings…Compared to red wings, they appeared more refined, elegant, and less dreadful.

Then, Eizi flew rapidly within the gate.

As he was flying, Felix kept roaming his eyes around in wonder.

The inner side of the white mountain was in complete contrast to the simplistic surface.

The walls were curved beautifully with dragons own ancient language while many sculptures stood before them.

This time, the sculpture displayed dragons in their normal form and also their humanoid forms.

After the long corridor ended, Felix was met with a vast leveled hall that was connected with hundreds of rooms and stairs, leading both upward and downward.

This time, the hall wasnt empty as a few white dragons were seen either climbing those stairs or flying through one of those entrances.

“My sisters room is near the summit.” Eizi shared while flying higher and higher through one of the stairs.

‘I should probably notify Selphie.

Seeing that he was getting closer to Selphie, Felix felt that it was only proper to update her about his arrival.


However, just as he wanted to call her, Eizi stopped abruptly in the middle of the staircase and shouted excitedly, “Big sis! What a coincidence, I was just bringing you your guest!”

When Felix heard so, he immediately lifted his head and was met with another white dragon flying towards them.

With a single glance, Felix had no doubt that this was princess Anastasia.

She was way smaller compared her little brother or even Prince Domino…Yet, the royal pressure she was naturally exuding would make anyone lower their heads in respect before her.

The white dragons were already elegant and beautiful in their appearence compared to the other dragons, but Princess Anastasia still had a one over them.

Princess Anastasia folded her wings gracefully and stood next Eizi.

Without further ado, Felix stood up and greeted with his head bowed a little in respect, “Felix Maxwell, greet the honorable princesses.”

“Likewise.” Princess Anastasia said while eyeing Felix in intrigue.

“Felix, you dont need to be formal in front of us.” Selphie sulked, not liking being addressed formally by Felix.

She was already struggling to get out of the friendzone, and now she was getting treated like an acquaintance.

“I dont mind either.” Anastasia smiled kindly, “A friend of my sister is a friend of mine.”

“Thank you for your hospitality.” Felix smiled back.

Knowing that this wasnt the place for conversations, Anastasia led the way to her territory.

After reaching it, Felix was surprised to see that she owned an entire floor just for herself.

Instead of taking them to her main chamber, she guided them to her guest room that was built for accommodating other smaller races.

The moment they arrived, Felix and Selphie were placed on the floor.

Then, both Eizi and Anastasia transformed into their dragonoid forms.

Only now did Eizi finally physical form matched well with his mental maturity as his height was reduced to merely one meter and half, making him resemble a human teenager.

As for Anastasia She became slightly taller than Felix.

‘Look how pretty she became. Asna snorted,You must be happy to spend time with two beauties.

‘No wonder you fell for me…Looks like your sense of beauty is universal. Felixs eyelids twitched as he eyed Anastasia dragonoid face, feeling absolutely no attraction to her whatsoever.

It was called dragonoid form for a reason…Even though the dragon obtained the shape of a human, everything else stay the same.

From their scaled skin, wings, tail, and sharp fangs.

Sure in the eyes of other dragons, Anastasia must be the prettiest dragon of them all…But just not for Felix.

“Please, act like youre in your home.” Anastasia said with a kind smile while extending her hand for Felix to enter her guest chamber.

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