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Chapter 887 A True Black Market!

After he finished his business, Felix left the building and took a taxi towards the second-biggest store in the Freedom city.

Based on Lord Sharx Intel, there were two public stores and three black market stores, which sell natural treasures.

Naturally, Felix had been given the location of those hidden stores.

He wasnt planning on leaving the city until he clean everything in it.

Meanwhile, back in the twentieth floor, Lord Sharx was sitting in the private room in front of multiple holographic screens…Each hologram was displaying a shadowy figure.

Those were the owners of the other stores in the city.

“We have heard that a royal dragon has paid you a visit…Are you connected with him somehow” One of them asked.

“No.” Lord Sharx replied, “He came to buy some stuff and left after getting them.”

“What did he buy and in what quantity”

“Not much…I think he was passing by and needed to snack on some natural treasures.” Lord Sharx lied through his nonexistent teeth.

He wasnt a retard to confess that Felix had emptied his stock and he was gunning for theirs next.

He understood that if even one of those shrewd businessmen realized that their stocks were in danger, they wouldnt hesitate to empty them in spatial cards and send them away!

“I see…His visit is really unexpected.” One of them asked, “Did you figure out his identity or at least his clan”

“You think I am a fool to seek death like that” Lord Sharx sneered, “I didnt spend even a second staring into his face.”

The others nodded their heads in understanding, knowing that they would have done the same if it were them.

As free workers, they would do anything to avoid getting killed or deported from the galaxy.

Thats why even though Lord Sharx suffered immensely under Felix, he was still relieved that it ended with one transaction.

“Should we kill the news from traveling outside”

“Since the royal dragon is hiding his identity for some reason, I believe thats only proper.” Lord Sharx gulped a mouthful, “What if this was related to upcoming heirs ceremony and by blowing the royal dragons identity we ruin his plans”



All of them felt chills course on their spine at the sound of that…They knew that if the royal dragon believed that it was their fault, he wouldnt hesitate to raze the city to the ground!

Without further ado, all of them contacted the other leaders of the Freedom city and made sure that they keep quiet about this.

When it came to the survivability of the Freedom city, no one would hold back from doing the right thing.

It might seem like they were overreacting, but they really werent…There were a few cities like this one had been brought to ruins by the dragons fury.

It happened too many times for them not get the message.

Oblivious to any of this, Felix kept organizing the materials into batches within the cab.

‘You have twenty batches now. Asna wondered,Are you certain this will work

‘It should. Felix replied,The tests in the UVR have been more than positive.

‘Tsk, still giving me work. Asna clicked her tongue in annoyance.

‘You have been lazing around far too long. Felixs eyelids twitched,It looks like you are getting used to it.

Felix didnt buy those energy stones for no reason.

He intended to use the batches of materials he bought to concoct multiple Elemental Potions!

Since it was just a rank three potion, he was able to concoct them easily after some training in the UVR.

Felix was planning on consuming them and unlocking tens of random affinities and then increasing their rating to 100%.

By doing so, he would be able to consume natural treasures of those elements!

In other words, he wouldnt be forced to target only natural treasures of three elements but from tens of elements, which would increase the quantity to an astonishing level.

The only problem with this plan was the fact that the elements gotten would be random.

This signified that he might unlock rare elements.

Since natural treasures of such elements were either extinct or impossible to find, it would be the same as unlocking a useless element like his illusion.

Thankfully, the materials in the Icarius Galaxy were available and cheap, making it possible to keep unlocking elements continuously.

One hour later…

Felix could be seen walking in an empty alley while being guided by a blue arrow.

He had already paid the second shop a visit and emptied his stock too from natural treasures and other goodies.

Although the shop owner was just as mad as Lord Sharx, he also recommended Felix to the same stores, hoping that he would target them and leave him alone.

Right now, Felix was attempting to pay a visit to the first store in his black market list.

As expected, it wasnt easy to reach.

He had been walking for over ten minutes now through one of the most complex alleys he had even tread on.

‘Should have asked for a map. Felix mumured in irritation as he kept following the arrow.


Soon, he was forced to stop after seeing that the blue arrow was now pointing downward…Felix glanced below him and noticed a black drain cover.

Felix picked the drain cover and looked within…The moment he was hit the terrible stench, he closed the cover immediately and pulled back a few meters.

‘Jump in. Asna egged him playfully.

‘F*ck that. Felix used his infrared vision on the ground and noticed countless humanoid red auras three hundred meters below ground!

Felix was surprised by this as he expected to find a single store like Loobys bloodline shop not an entire market under the city!

‘Let me help you Sir Felix. Mistress Candace opened a void rift next to him and extended her beautiful hand.

‘Thanks. Felix smiled as he took her hand.

Mistress Candace transformed into small aircraft and took him to the location of those people.

Good thing Felix had used Mistress Candace, as the gate to the black market was right next to the sewers.

Mistress Candace ignored the guarded gate and entered the black market.

She searched for hidden empty spot and dropped him.

Felix nodded in appreciation at Mistress Candace and fixed his attire.

As for Nimo He was left behind with Mistress Candace before entering Lord Sharx, knowing that he might misbehave while he was negotiating.

Felix lowered his head under the hoodie and joined the crowd, heading towards one of the marked stores by Lord Sharx.

‘It looks like when the Freedom city was built, the black market was the first thing that was taken into consideration. Felix thought inwardly as he eyed giant pillars spread throughout the entire black market.

They were supporting the ceiling and allowing the workers to build up to three-story buildings.

It was truly a new world under the ground!

Sometime later, Felix reached his targeted store.

It was a three-story building with a sophisticated design to it.

One glance at it and anyone would know that this store sold only for those with deep pockets.

“Welcome Sir.”

The moment Felixs foot stepped inside the first floor, a green lizardman in a formal suit welcomed him with his head bowed.

“Take me to Mr.

Zaztlatl.” Felix requested while tipping him handsomely.

“Please wait in the lounge for a few minutes.

I will be contacting Mr.

Zaztlatl for you.”

Felix went and sat in the empty lounge without causing trouble.

He glanced around him and realized that he was the only one shopping here.

‘Their prices must be insane. Felix thought inwardly…His given Intel ended at the store location and the name of the owner.

While he was sitting and checking the place, two lizardmen were watching him from a hidden security camera at the corner of the floor.

One of them was the receptionist, who greeted Felix, and the other one was Mr.


‘F*ck, he really came here as well. Mr.

Zaztlatl cursed in his mind, not pleased whatsoever that Felix had targeted his store too.

He predicted as much would happen when Felix attended the second store on the surface.

‘How did he get inside without meeting the guards Mr.

Zaztlatl knitted his eyebrows,I paid them to alert me if he came…F*cking useless dogs.

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