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Chapter 886 lts Going To Be A Productive Day

‘Royal dragon Did he mistake me for one Felix mumured as he remembered that he wasnt really displaying his identity.

‘I think you should keep the missundertanding. Mistress Candace suggested,Royal dragons are treated like gods in this galaxy.

Even if you decided to rob the entire store clean out of treasures, no one will make a complaint against you.

‘Indeed. Felix grinned widely.

He understood that if he displayed his identity, he would never match the same treatment as real royal dragons since his title provided him with mere red dragon status.

Red dragons didnt enjoy the same perks as the royal family.

They could act as freely as they wanted but if their actions crossed the line, they would have to answer to the Green Clan officials.

The Green Clan Dragons could be considered as the police in the galaxy that handled cases related to dragons.

‘But, if you did so, wont you be in trouble too Asna wondered,I doubt that causing trouble as a fake royal dragon wont go unnoticed.

Since Felix enjoyed the perks of a mere red dragon and get treated the same, he would be subjected to the same punishment by the Green Clan if he was caught.

‘How is it my problem that I am being mistaken for a royal dragon Felix snickered,I just dont want to expose my identity.

If there is someone to be punished, it wont be me.

‘Plus, I am not planning on going too ham in my purchases. Felix said,I am not a devil to ruins someones job for no reason.

‘Based on your purchase list, I doubt he will be thankful after you leave. Asna giggled as she eyed Lord Sharx, who was shivering while still in a kowtow posture.

He was getting more scared and nervous every second Felix remained quiet, making him feel like he would die at any given moment.

‘F*ck, If only I had a sponsor.

Lord Sharx knew that as a free worker, he had no master to lean on in such dangerous moments.

If he had a sponsor, he could have easily started the conversation by introducing his name.

This would assure his safety since sponsored workers and slaves were considered as private property.

If a royal dragon went and killed any other dragons property without a plausible cause, he would have to answer to the Green Clan if the owner decided to file a suit.

Since all dragons were prideful creatures, you bet your ass the owner wouldnt settle things quietly even if the culprit was a dragon Clan Head.

In the same coin, being a sponsored worker meant that recruitment contract was as close as a slave contract.

The hired workers would lose most of their freedom, making it hard for someone like Lord Sharx to even open a reputable store like this.

“Stand up and go bring me everything in this list.” Felix ordered calmly as he forwarded a holographic list.

“Thank you, your highness, thank you.”

Feeling like he was given another lease of life, Lord Sharx stood up with a relieved expression.

“I assure you that not a single item will be miss…”

Lord Sharxs sentence was caught off short after his eyes finally aligned with the holographic list.

He was absolutely mortified, feeling like he was seeing the world collapsing on him.

“This…this much”

Who could blame him

The list included hundreds of high-rated materials, tens of thousands peak energy stones from countless elements, and lastly his entire stock of B and A graded natural treasures!

The total price of the items listed should have crossed 2 trillion worth of coins!

However, because Felix was considered as a dragon, Lord Sharx was obliged to sell him everything with the original pricing in Icarius Galaxy instead of the known market price in the UVR.

In other words, the B and A graded natural treasures prices would go down as far as by 90%!!

“Is there a problem” Felix frowned.

“No, no, not all!” Lord Sharx immediately shook his head after hearing the displeased tone of Felix.

Knowing that his innate stinginess would get him killed if he remained here any longer, Lord Sharx bowed at Felix and dashed outside the private room while assuring him that he would bring him everything.

Although Felix knew that Lord Sharx would suffer from heavy loses in this transaction, he didnt care much.

He understood that Lord Kharx was gaining **loads of coins from ripping off other buyers by selling the same items at the price a little lower than the market.

If he had his shop open anywhere else, this would have made him seem somewhat generous.

But in Icarius Galaxy, where it was rich with natural treasures, energy mines, and a paradise of materials

He was still octupling [1]his earnings at minimum with every item!

This was the benefits of being a free worker with licenses to mine energy stones, gather natural treasures and materials in this galaxy.

He merely needed to pay yearly taxes on his profits to the royal family, and they would never bother him or his business.

After all, he was ripping off the other races not dragons, and they were fine with anything as long as he stays above the line.

‘This is really going to be his worst day ever. Mistress Candace chortled.

‘He shouldnt feel too sad. Felix smiled faintly,He isnt my only stop.

Felix wasnt planning on leaving the galaxy until he reaches sixth mark and also prepare enough natural treasures for at least five more marks!

In other words, he would be the grim reaper for those free workers with stores!

Fifteen minutes later…

Lord Sharx could be seen handing Felix a spatial card with his hands spasming…Felix ignored the depressed look of Lord Sharx and picked up the spatial card.

“All here”


“How many natural treasures are in here” Felix asked.

“Fifty, Fifty four…” Lord Kharx bit his tongue as he answered with great difficulty, feeling like his soul was being cut apart with each coin lost in this transaction.

He didnt dare to calculate his loses, knowing that he would absolutely go insane.

“Not bad.” Felix smiled at his collection.

Fifty-four might seem little, but it was consisted of only B and A graded natural treasures.

In addition, this amount came merely from a single store!

Outside the galaxy, all of those natural treasures would have sold nowhere else but in private auctions!

‘Queen, please calculate the total. Felix requested.

‘Rounding up, 352 billion SC. Queen answered in a split second.

‘Hehehe, dragonslayer title is really a cheat. Felix grinned inwardly while wiring the correct amount to Lord Sharx.


Lord Sharxs shoulders tensed up the instant he heard the wiring notification noise.

This noise was his highlight in the day, making him smile foolishly every time he heard it, knowing that his account balance was growing fatter and fatter.

But now

He didnt dare to even glance at his bank account, knowing that he might unconsciously assault Felix if he saw the wired amount.

‘Breathe in, breath out, whats done is done…Now, I can only try to gain other benefits from this **ty transaction.

Lord Sharx was a veteran goblin merchant alright as even a loss of trillions coins wasnt enough to completely cloud his judgement.

“Your Highness, I hope you are pleased.” Lord Sharx smiled sincerely and suggested, “This lowly goblin is short of high graded natural treasures since my store is not mainly focusing on them…I can recommend you to a couple of stores that have at minimum hundreds in their warehouses.”

‘This cunning little bastard. Asna giggled,He is trying to bring down the other stores with him, so he will have an easier time recovering from this loss.

‘Thats normal. Felix wasnt really surprised as he had anticipated this much from a goblin.

When it came to money, the goblins had absolutely no loyalty to their race, kin, or even family members.

Wasnt poor Looby cheated on by his wife and brought to ruins simply because she sought another goblin that would offer her more benefits

“Forward their names to me.” Felix ordered while standing up, “I will be visiting them in a while.”

“Of course, of course.” Enlivened and delighted, Lord Sharx swiftly gave him their names, throwing their asses under the bus with him.

After Felix received the list, he checked it quickly.

When he noticed that there were a couple of hidden black market stores, he couldnt help but smirk faintly.

‘Today will be truly productive.

[1] x8

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