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Chapter 884 Reaching lcarius Galaxy

One month and a half later…

‘Sir Felix, we are about reach the wormhole connecting Icarius Galaxy and the Dwarven Galaxy. Mistress Candace announced as she travelled at unprecedented speed.

Mistress Candace chose to travel through the Dwarven Galaxy since it was the closest to their position.

‘Alright, you can leave the void realm now. Felix informed,We need to pass the customs with our spaceship.

Felix had a legitimate permanent visa that allowed him to enter and leave Icarius Galaxy…It would be foolish to not use it and sneak inside the wormhole without getting registered.

Thats because he would be easily found out when he tries to buy anything.

Thankfully, there wasnt a long queue to enter and leave Icarius Galaxy.

The moment Felix showed his Visa, he was given access automatically by Queen Ai and welcomed with open arms.

Because the four main wormholes connecting with the outside of the galaxy were situated near the capital planet Zhuham, Felix continued the rest of the journey in his spaceship.

“Lets check on Noah.” Felix contacted Samir and asked him about their current whereabouts.

“We are ten days away from the capital planet Fymagroth.” Samir reported.

“Good, inform me when you arrive.” Felix said before hanging up.

Felix wanted to be updated about Noahs situation always since his newest bloodline depended on him heavily.

At the moment, he couldnt decide anything until he sees if Fenrir was willing to bestow his elemental manipulation to him or not.

In his eyes, he honestly believed that it was farfetched fantasy since Fenrir was still alive.

Nevertheless, his masters had convinced him that they would try their best to make it happen.

“Thats one big ass planet.” Asna commentated in intrigue as she eyed a massive green planet that was at least a hundred times bigger than Earth!

It had three sets of blue rings, which made the planet appear extra glamorous.

It was truly worthy to be the capital planet for the dragon race, one of the biggest creatures in the universe.

In a few hours…

Felix reached one of the many space stations situated around the world.

It was clearly built in mind for dragons instead of other smaller races as everything was enlarged in size, making it seem like Felix had drank a shrinking potion.

‘There isnt that many dragons around. Felix thought as he rode on a hover taxi within the spaceship.

As he mentioned, there were barely even five dragons in the surrounding area.

Still, the space station wasnt running short of travelers at all, there were many humans, witches, vampires, orcs, goblins, centaurs, and other unique looking races going back and forth in hover taxis.

Felix knew that unlike him, the majority of them were either slaves or workers on a job visa that needed to keep updated every three months.

If a worker got fired from his job, he would immediately get deported outside the galaxy if he didnt find another job before the duration of his visa ends.

In Icarius Galaxy, it was extremely difficult to secure even a janitor job.

Thats because the metal race was providing them with their latest and best Ai bots.

Every time there was an opening for jobs, the applications for them could reach up to billions!

Who could blame them Even though the dragons were hard to deal with it, they were incredibly generous in their pay and benefits.

All in all, working in Icarius Galaxy was a dream job that was highly contested…Everyone with a work visa take pride in it, and they get treated with respect from the outsiders.

In a short while, Felix had arrived at the space elevator that was designed for smaller races.

The dragons either enter their planet by simply piercing through the atmosphere or with their spaceships.

Only the other races werent allowed to enter with their spaceships unless they were high-valued guests.

‘Why are you taking the space elevator Asna asked lazily,Isnt your title allows you to be treated exactly the same as dragons

‘Yes, but you need a place to park your spaceship first. Felix replied,I dont even have a place to spend the night in yet…Plus, I want to avoid beaming my spaceship as I will need all the space in my spatial cards.

‘Call that lass, I bet she prepared a warm bed for you.

‘Youre right, I should inform her about my arrival. Felix acted on her teasing and called Selphie right away.


Just like Selphie was waiting for Felixs call, she immediately picked it up and greeted him with a delighted expression.

Felix greeted back and checked on her well-being.

Its been a while since he had spoken to her since he had no connection to the outside world after he entered the void realm.

Honestly, after what Asna pulled off in their dinner date, he was a bit awkward to deal with her.

“Are you in a space elevator You already arrived at the capital or did you stop by in a different planet” Selphie raised an eyebrow in surprise after seeing his background.

“I just arrived at the capital.” Felix confirmed.

“So fast!” Selphie said in astonishment, “I guess you were somewhat nearby the four main portals.”

“Somewhat like that.” Felix agreed, even though the truth was far from that.

“Which space station did you enter” Selphie asked.

“The 44th.”

“Thats quite far from the white dragon clans territory.” Selphie sighed, “I think you should travel through the void realm after you enter the planet.

The journey will take a few days even with the fastest transportation method in the planet.”

The planet being a hundred times bigger than Earth posed a great challenge in transportations.

Thats why there were many space stations spread out on it.

So, the visitors would pick the nearest one to their destination.

“I was planning to.” Felix informed, “I decided to check on the city first before meeting up with you.”

Felix didnt pick this space station randomly…It was connected with one of the biggest hubs in the planet.

Felix did his research before entering the galaxy, making him pinpoint the best hubs for selling natural treasures and other goodies.

“I see…” Selphies expression turned a bit saddened.

She clearly wanted to accompany him.

“I will be just taking a look.” Felix comforted her, “I wont be buying anything for now until I study the market first.”

“Good, dont buy anything until you meet my friend.” Selphie bragged, “Anastasia is the heir of the royal family brain and intelligence…They handle everything related to the economy and business side of their empire.”

“I know.” Felix nodded.

Felix would be a fool if he didnt run a thorough background check on all four clans.

After all, he couldnt interact with them if he had no idea about their strength, weaknesses, conflicts, enemies, allies…etc

Since his aim was the ancestral scales, he needed to make sure that he wouldnt make a wrong move due to his lack of Intel.

Still, with his current layer in the UVR, he didnt have a bigger access to important details about the four clans.

Thud Thud!

Abruptly, the elevator shook a little.

“We will be starting the descent soon…Lets talk later.” Felix waved his hand and hang up after she wished him a safe trip.

Felix turned to the window and glanced outside the moment the space elevator pierced through the atmosphere.

The sight truly dazzled him and made it hard for him to move his eyes from the window.

Blue clear sky, white thin clouds, and greenery was everywhere.

The trees came in all sorts of colors and unique shapes never seen before…Their sizes would make the biggest tree in Earth appear like a sapling.

Felix knew that in this breathtaking forest, there were thousands of low graded natural treasures spread out akin to wild plants.

The Galaxy wasnt known for being the richest in terms of natural treasures for no reason…In every planet, people could find natural treasures lying around them.

Unfortunately, the dragons didnt bother too much about them and the other races had to be given a gathering license to pick them.

Felix knew that receiving such a license was as hard as climbing a mountain of needles!

When the elevator got closer and closer to the ground, Felixs eyes were switched to a magnificent iron city that was built within the forest.

Although the trees reached a hundred meter in average, the buildings still overshadowed them with their towering height.

From a design standpoint, there wasnt much to speak about as they were looking as modern as other cities.

Thats because this hub was segregated from the dragons and was built on unclaimed territory.

It belonged to everyone and no one at the same time.

Sure dragons could come here and pull their weight if they wanted, but none of them was that bored to waste their time on bullying weaker races.

In other words, this city was free of dragons presence!

“No wonder its called Freedom city.” Felix mumured as he zoomed on the streets and buildings, not spotting a single dragon flying by.

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