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Chapter 873 The Joke Became a Reality!

A brief moment after the game ended, all the surviving players had been teleported to the arena.

The spectators started cheering for their own teams, comforting them over their lost.

“How nostalgic…Its really been a while.” Felix smiled bitterly as he eyed the big screen, displaying the names of the winners…This time, his name wasnt on it.

In his previous life, he was used to losing at least 40% of his games, making him immune to this raging sense of failure.

Still, hearing the viewers sympathetic applause was truly much worse than getting booed.

“Dragonslayer, I wish we have met in different game.” Prince Domino appeared out of nowhere and said indifferently, “This win brings me no pleasure when we havent clashed even once…But, this should be enough to let you understand that not all dragons are the same breed.”

Felix sized him up for a few seconds before smiling sincerely, “Congratulation on your victory.”

Then, he ignored him and went to comfort Webor, who wasnt taking the loss as good as him.

“Still acting arrogant…Humans are truly something else.” Prince Domino frowned as he eyed Felixs back.

Clap Clap!

Abruptly, the spectators began another round of applause while eying the large screen.

When prince Domino and the players lifted their heads, believing that they were applauding most likely for their highlights.

They were right, the screen was displaying best highlights of the game.

It showed prince Dominos one vs.

one against the Rocs copy, Kumihos team ingenious strategy to charm the Krakens copy, and other noteworthy highlights.

“He is really strong.” Felix couldnt help but complement when he saw prince Dominos solo performance against the Roc.

He knew that if it was him, his senses wouldnt even be fast enough to catch the Rocs movement, dont even mention evading his wind blades or hit him.

Sure he had teleportation and void domain, but they were quite useless against much faster targets.

On the other hand, prince Dominos strength was purely physical!

“A truly well-deserved victory.” Felix smiled.

‘What kind of bullsh*t are you spewing! Asnas angry voice suddenly popped out in his mind,Deserved victory Huh! If you werent held back for hours in the tenth floor, you would have definitely won this!

‘You were robbed! I tell you, you were robbed!

It might seem like Asna was trying to comfort him, but she was telling the truth.

Felix had such a giant lead, it would have been harder for the dragons to catch up to him after he climbed past the tenth floor.

‘You think I dont know that Felix shook his head.

‘Then, why are you calm and beating yourself down Asna crossed her arms in irritation,You should be pissed and flipping the finger for those three Darkin bastards.

‘I am not beating myself down. Felix tightened his fists as he eyed prince Domino,I have simply realized that my strength is truly meager before tough situations.

‘Think about it…I have been relying solely on my void domain to cause damage to the primogenitors copies.

It didnt matter whether I used my allies as markers or my weapon, I am always forced to lean on it. Felix smiled bitterly,You think I can do the same in the real world Sacrifice a legendary weapon or worse, mark my friends and send them to their doom

‘Real strength is what prince Domino displayed against the Rocs copy…Thats what I should aspire to reach instead of patting myself in the back for coming up with cheesy strategies that will most definitely fail flat in the real world.

Losing the game was painful alright, but Felix felt at peace with it even when he was mistreated poorly.

He needed a wake up call desperately, and this loss had made him understand that his tricks had a limit.

They would not save him always from every pit he ends up in…Real strength and power should be his primary weapon and strategies as his support.

‘Looks like you are finally ready to give up on Lord Khaos bloodline.

‘Its time to move on. Felix nodded.

Felix always thought that lord Khaos bloodline was too good to be replaced, making him dread the thought of losing his void abilities.

He couldnt imagine himself without the ability to enter the void realm alone, or blink wherever he wants…Not mentioning other amazing void abilities.

But now He realized that he had reached the ceiling with this bloodline.

It was truly the time to move on.

“Captain, its our highlight! Look!” Webor abruptly interrupted his thought process by shouting next him.

When Felix lifted his head, he saw that it was displaying an edited montage about their battle against Manananggals copy.

It showed everything that occurred, making the players unable to look away in disbelief and shock.

All of them thought that it was weird for Felixs team to be stuck in the tenth floor for hours when they were able to even slay Erebus copy.

“So, thats what happened…” The Magnifier turned around to glance at Felix in a daze.

His teammates were as astounded as him, not daring to believe that Felix had truly spoken the truth when he told them that Mnannangals copy was dead.

“The hell, they actually killed thirteen copies, and they still werent given the pass”

Timewatcher knitted his eyebrows as he eyed the primogenitors lounge that was at the top of the arena.

He disliked Felix and his team for making their climb hell from the ground floor, but he respected the hustle.

He would have done the same if he managed to gather all the keys.

So, when he realized that the only reason Felix and his teammates had their lead ruined was due to a primogenitors interference, he absolutely abhorred it.

Most of the players in the arena felt the same…All of them were proud radiant players, who had reached their rank by hard work and grit.

None of them would have enjoyed their victory if it was manipulated in any way or form by outsiders.

If even those players were feeling like this, the dragons had it much worse…Especially, prince Domino.

He felt humiliated, embarrassed, and mostly outraged.

He was angry at no one but Manananggal, who ruined the game for him like this.

“What a f*cking waste of time.” Prince Domino cursed in resentment while walking back to Felix.

When he reached him, he apologized with a pissed off expression, “I am sorry about how things turned out to be…I had no idea that your climb has been interfered like this…Consider this game as never happened.”

Felix was surprised by his sudden change of attitude.

He believed that he was merely another arrogant prince, who decided to join the game for the sake of teaching him a lesson at any cost.

‘Looks like I have misjudged him. Felix smiled faintly, “I disagree, I believe that you deserve this win.”

“Dont patronize me, dragonslayer.” Prince Domino eyed him in irritation, “I would rather leave the royal family than accept this result.”

Not waiting for Felix to replay, prince Domino eyed Micheal and said one last time, “The same applies to the reward…You can give it to elder Manananggal.

He was a key individual in this victory, it will be disrespectful to not reward his efforts.”

After lying down such a nasty burn, prince Domino teleported right away, leaving Felix, the viewers and the primogenitors at lose for words.

‘Little f*cker, daring to insult me in public like this! Manananggal gritted his teeth in fury after taking another hit in public.

“I vote for giving Manananggal his reward too…He truly worked hard.” Thor didnt miss such a free opportunity to stamp on Manananggal while he was down!

“I concur.” Jörmungandr raised his hand as well with a faint smirk.

Lady Sphinx and Aspidochelone followed their lead, not caring about the infuriated looks on the Darkin faction members.

Just as Saurous wanted to defend his ally, he was shocked to see that Erebus, Siren, Lady Yggdrasil, and more of his peers started to raise their hands too silently.


Even Felixs masters were surprised by the initiative…It started as a joke, but it looked as if it was actually going to happen for real!

In a mere few seconds, only the elemental lords had their hands down…Even though they didnt raise them like the others, they also refused to glance at Manananggal, treating him like air.

“Looks like the majority agrees.” Thor snickered as he requested Jorōgumo, “Tell Micheal to name him as the owner of prince Dominos reward.”

“Will do.” Jorōgumo agreed.

“You dare!!”

The moment Mannangal saw that they were being for real, he finally couldnt take it anymore and snapped at them.

He couldnt imagine the humiliation that would follow after his name get called! It might seem insignificant, but it really wasnt.

Manananggals name would be recorded forever as one of the winners in this event!

Anyone who sees it would always wonder why was a primogenitors name included in the winners list.

This would allure them into reading about his biased interference in the game…In other words, his actions would be immortalized forever and ever!

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