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Chapter 868 – Kill or Fail!

Although Felix was informed about the Darkin factions abilities, he didnt expect them to be this hard to deal with.

Sure, Manananggal appeared lackluster and his abilities werent that flashy.

But still, Felix would rather land against Wendigo or Saurous!

At least, if he killed one of them, he wouldnt need to worry about them being reborn again.

‘I cant get discouraged and display an unsightly side while my masters are watching. Felix tightened his fists,If I am going to lose, I better make sure that I leave no regrets.

Felix knew that there was no backing down against Manananggals copy…If he did so, his masters would never hear the end of it from the Darkin faction.

‘There is always a way. Felix sat in a mediation position again and closed his eyes,I just have to find it.

When his allies saw this, they refrained from making noise and started communicating on their own, hoping to think of something too.

‘Twelve clones and one main copy…To win this, we need to kill them all in no less than two minutes, so they wont get recreated it. Felix pondered,In addition, it has to be a clean death with my void domain, so they wont leave a single drop of blood behind.

Felix knew that it should be impossible for Manananggal to reborn from a single drop of blood when he had only 5% of his strength.

For an ultimate ability, it was naturally going to exhaust an unfathomable amount of energy.

Thor had already told him during practice that he shouldnt worry about ultimate abilities until the fifteenth floor.

Still, he was worried about a possible scenario that might screw him up big time.

‘It will be much easier if they were grouped up and teleported amidst them with void domain. Felix smiled wryly, knowing that wouldnt happen any time soon.

Although the copies were mere dummies, they were still smart enough to know that grouping up in a tight area was a no no.

‘This leaves me with luring a small batch and take care of them first before finding a way to group the rest. Felix rested his chin on his palm,If this will be our strategy, there will many possible ways of it going wrong.

Felix realized that nothing else could be done besides going with this strategy.

Although the success rate was too low for his liking, he knew that beggars cant be choosers.

So, for the next couple of minutes, he started fleshing out the strategy and perfecting it.

Only after he was a bit satisfied with the end result did he share it with his allies.

‘There are too many variables. Rotspawn frowned after Felix finished his briefing.

‘True. Nina shook her head,With every move we make, there are tens of ways something can go wrong.

‘Well, if you have thought about anything, I am all ears. Felix smiled bitterly,For now, this is the best I can come up with in this situation.

‘Lets try it. Webor said,We have nothing to lose at this point.

“Have they come with something or this is just another scouting round”

Selphie mumured nervously while watching Felix scouting the location of the copies from within the void realm.

At the start, she was somewhat confident that Felix would climb past the tenth floor easily if he used that cheesy strategy…But not anymore.

‘As expected, the main body has already reborn.

Felix thought as he eyed Manananggals main copy, sitting above a blood cloud while surrounded by his twelve copies.

Five minutes was more than enough for one of the clones to split up into two and grew into the main copy.

After confirming their location, Felix returned to his teammates.

‘Lets begin. He eyed Webor and said,Everything starts with you.

‘Dont worry boss, I will make sure to get as close as possible to those bastards. Webor assured while digging towards the surface alone.

Felix followed him closely from the void realm while the rest of the team prepared themselves for their part in the strategy.

When Webor emerged on the surface a few kilometers away from Manananggals copies, Felix manifested a small rift near his shell and fired a weakened void seeker at it.

The void seeker could be seen trying to dig deep within the shell, but its toughness made it simply impossible unless it was given a couple of days.

“The clones are the move.” Micheal said while pointing the camera on four clones, flying speedily on their blood clouds towards Webor.

‘Four, not the best, but its better than one or two. Felix nodded while focusing on the approaching clones.

He already knew that the main copy would not send all clones for just one target.

Rumble Rumble!

Abruptly, Webor manifested a giant pillar that took him into the air until he was in the same height level as the approaching clones.

Then, he used his elemental energy to create a wide spacious circular platform around the pillar, making the entire thing resemble a nail.

Next, he added supporters by connecting the end of the terrain to the pillar.

Only then did Webor dare to step into the platform, knowing that it could support his weight.

“Come at me, you cloned bastards!” Webor cursed while creating tens of humongous solid pointy spikes.

Whoosh Whoosh…!

The instant the clones entered his firing range, he hurled those spikes at them as hard as he could!

Unfortunately, the clones were too small and illusive to be hit by them.

Webor already knew so and prepared the perfect solution for it!

Boom Boom!

The moment the clones evaded the spiky boulders, he manually blew them up in the air!

This resulted in thousands of sharp fragments flying akin to bullets in the clones direction!

They got absolutely showered by them, making Webors eyes brighten up in delight.

Alas, those were primogenitors clones he was dealing with.

Before the dust dissipate, the clones burst through it while hiding withing spheres of sticky red liquid!

The fragments were glued to the liquid like it was made out honey.

“As expected, Earth-based attacks cant work against them.” Webor sighed in disappointment.

Although he agreed to the plan and had no issues being Felixs special suicide bomber, but he still wasnt comfortable about it.

Not because of Felix, but because of his own weakness that resulted in them taking such a drastic measure.

If they were stronger, they could have taken a couple of clones each, leaving Felix to deal with the rest.

Before he could feel sorry for himself even more, the clones had finally reached him.

The first thing they did was surround him from the cardinal directions while keeping two hundred meters from him.

‘Its not enough, they need to get a bit closer. Webor narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth widely!

Then he expelled a flood of mud directed at no one but himself!

The mud began to build up around him until he was completely buried in it.

Still, it was being expelled and continuing to engulf him, making the clones rush in their attacks.

Phew Phew…

Countless sharp blood blades were released at the muddy hill, trying to penetrate it.

Alas, the blood blades ended up stuck a few meters within.

Unlike solid shields, the mud made sure to capture things instead of attempting to resist their power.

Still not giving up, the clones used other projectiles…Alas, all of them rewarded them with the same negative result.

The worst part The mud was still increasing, making them realize that the longer they prolong this, the worst it would get for them.

It was known knowledge that when heavenly turtles focus purely on defense, nothing could move them!

So, they all dashed closer to Webor until they were at a mere hundred meters range, hoping to make him lose consciousness by bringing his blood pressure down.

Because they were just four and using merely external manipulation, they needed to be as close as possible to his blood, so they could have better control over it than the true owner.

‘Its happening just like captain said. Webor tightened his eyebrows after he felt that his heartbeats were increasing sharply.

‘I just have to hold it as long as possible to make them get even closer.

Webor kept regulating his breathing, knowing that the moment he loses his consciousness it would be done for him.

So, he fought them back by regulating his blood pressure, giving them a tough time.

In the case of Felix, he was assaulted by twelve clones simultaneously, making it impossible for him to even think about regulating his blood pressure back to normal.

As expected, the clones were baited closer after feeling resistance from Webor.


The viewers held their breath in anticipation as they watched the clones edging closer and closer to Webor, not realizing that Felix was preparing their funeral from the void realm.


The instant Felix saw that the clones had crossed the fifty meters line, he didnt hesitate to snap his finger.

Then…There was no then.

The void domain appeared in the blink of an eye above the platform just like a magic trick.

Webor and clones were all caught in it instantly!

Before the viewers could react, Felix deactivated it and jumped within the void realm again like he didnt just take down four clones simultaneously!

‘Four down, nine more to go.

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