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Chapter 865 – The Dragons Climb!

Two hours later…

Felix could be seen vending off hundreds of incoming void creatures, ranging from low-born to elites.

This was the ninth floor challenge.

Survive the onslaught of void creatures for one hour!

For other teams, this would have been a pain in the ass…But for Felix This was the easiest challenge he was given for a while now.

“Captain is really the nemesis of void creatures…” Webor mumured while chilling at the corner of the map with the others, not daring to get close and ruin Felixs efficient killing tactic.

It was efficient alright as he kept pulling all the void creatures in the map by using the passive that he unlocked at 75% of his integration, Void Pulse.

It allowed Felix to send out void pulses throughout a wide area that acted like a beacon to void creatures, forcing them to ignore everything and gather on it!

Felix never bothered to turn it on before since he had Nimo, the ultimate leader of void creatures.

Who would have known that it would become useful in this floor

“As expected of the Void Commander!”

Micheal commentated excitedly while watching Felix gather all the void creatures on him before killing them instantly with a single void domain expansion.

He kept repeating this process over and over again for the past forty-five minutes.

Although they were given the exact duration they needed to survive, Felix had guessed that it would be no more than one hour.

Thats because from the fifth floor and above, all the challenges required half an hour at least to conclude them.

He believed that the higher they climbed, the longer it would take for each challenge.

“Lets see how others are doing.” Micheal said while switching the camera to the other teams.

At the moment, Felixs stream wasnt the most interesting due to having eight teams still stuck at their ancestral floors.

In fact, it had gotten so bad for some teams, the primogenitors had decided to make them ally with each other to defeat a single copy.

Still, they had yet to win the approval of the primogenitors unlike Kumihos team, Erebus team, and Dunes team.

Believe it or not, even with a partnership, Sirens team had yet to land a single hit on Jörmungandrs copy!

Jörmungandrs poisonous abilities were simply too much to handle for those without experience against poison elementalists.

How could they deal with Jörmungandrs deadly True Poison when the worst kind of poison they experienced could be countered by merely holding their breaths

At the moment, the rankings had changed significantly in the past two hours.

//1) Aspidochelones team : Ninth Floor.

2) Kumihos team: Sixth Floor.

3) Erebus team: Sixth Floor.

4) Dunes team: Sixth Floor.

5) Sirens team: Fifth Floor.

12) Cherufes team: Ground Floor.//

Although it might seem like the others were quite close to Felixs team, the viewers knew that at least two hours separated them.

It took Felix and his teammates half an hour or more to clear those floors even with the clues in their possession.

Hence, the rest would most definitely struggle even more than them.

“What do we have here”

Micheal suddenly switched the camera to the ground floor, showing that prince Domino and the other dragons had woke up from their nap simultaneously.

“Three hours have already passed.

It looks like the dragons are finally going to be joining the fun.” Micheal knitted his eyebrows, “Though, I doubt they will be able to reach Landlords team.”

“As long as Felix uses that tactic against the next primogenitors copy, he will be able to breeze through the tenth stage easily again.” Selphie smiled.

Everyone knew that the moment Felixs team go past the tenth floor, it would be extremely difficult to catch up to them in merely three days.

Yet, not a single ounce of worry could be seen on the dragons faces.

They simply stretched their wings while waiting for the Queen to teleport them to the first floor.

“Four hours…We will catch up to the dragonslayer in four hours.” Prince Domino addressed his teammates causally like the goal he had given them was doable by anyone.

Yet, none of them voiced a complaint against it as they nodded in understanding.

In a few moments, prince Domino and the others had gotten teleported to the first floor automatically.

Look and behold, the first challenge they received was related to killing, as they were required to hunt thirty ground brown moles.

Those moles were known for being able to break through the sound barrier with their speed even though they were traveling underground!

Hence, hunting them was truly going to be challenging.

“Raze the ground.” Prince Domino ordered calmly.

Without hesitation, Summerspirit and the other three launched flame orbs simultaneously at the peaceful forest.

The moment the flame orbs touched the surface, there was no more map to play on…

-Congratulation challengers.-

-You have successfully hunted thirty ground brown moles.-

-Time taken…Calculating…Six seconds.-

“It looks like Cherufes team intend to blast their way to the top of the tower.” Micheal coughed, not wanting to complement them.

The viewers also refrained making their achievement as a big deal since anyone could do the same if they had nukes lying around.

Still, they kept their eyes closely on the dragons, knowing that eventually, they would be given a challenge that required finesse instead of barbaric destruction.

Unfortunately, the second floor challenge made them survive an apocalyptic event related to the thunderstorms and hurricanes.

With their defensive reflective scales, it posed absolutely no challenge to them as they concluded it in ten minutes.

The same applied to the third and fourth floors.

In the end, they had reached the ancestral floor in less than thirty minutes…Falling a bit short from Felixs team record, but one shouldnt forget that the dragons were operating without clues!

“It looks like they have landed against Sirens copy in an island-based ma…”

Booom Boom Boom!

Before Micheal could finish his commentary, Summerspirit and other three dragons started nuking the island continuously, hoping to get rid of Sirens copy with this sudden assault.

“Brutal bastards! Let us see our ancestor first.”

“I have a bad feeling about this…”

“I dont dare to imagine my ancestor getting killed like this…”

The mermaids in the stands werent pleased one bit by the dragons fighting style.

Alas, they could only wait for the dust to settle and see what happened to their ancestor.

Since Queen Ai didnt announce her death, they were feeling hopeful that nothing much had happened to her.

Sadly, that was a mere wishful thinking…

When the dust settled, Sirens copy could be seen standing at the bottom of a smokey crater while being surrounded by visible sound waves.

Although she was still breathing, everyone drew a deep breath at the heavy injuries she sustained to block the nukes.

“1% is really nothing against five dragons.” Siren sighed in disappointment, “I didnt think I will draw the short end of stick and land against those little monsters.”

“They pass.”

In the end, Siren allowed them to climb to the next floor, not wanting to see her copy getting assaulted again with nukes.

This was precisely what Felix feared…Five dragons using their overwhelming explosiveness to destroy any challenge before them…Even their battles against the primogenitors copies.

Sure, some primogenitors were simply too illusive to be hit by their flame orbs, but at the end of the day, the dragons would show the primogenitors that they were at least forcing their copies to run away.

This would guarantee them a pass to the next floor.

‘Hmm They have already reached the sixth floor Felix couldnt help but frown after checking on the ranking and seeing the new placement of Cherufes team.

‘Not even forty minutes passed by, and they have already bridged the gap by six floors. Felix asserted while standing before wide open gate,We need to conclude the tenth floor as fast as possible if we want to keep our lead.

Felix knew that from the sixth to the tenth floor, Cherufes team would be forced to spend at least half an hour on each challenge even if they blew the entire map.

Still, he would rather not place the integrity of his lead in the hands of fate.

“Lets move.” Felix said as he stepped inside the gate.

-Welcome to the tenth floor challengers.-

-You can use everything.-

-Impress The Ancestral Vampire to continue your climb.-

The instant Felix heard those notification resound in his mind, he felt his his hearts sink to the bottom of his stomach.

In this universe, there was only one individual titled as the Ancestral Vampire.

One of mortal enemies of his master…Manananggal!

‘F*ck me sideways! We actually picked Manananggal! Webor sucked a deep breath in horror.

He wasnt terrified about Manananggals copy abilities or such, but Manananggal himself!

‘Well, we can remove passing the floor by impressing Manananggal from our options. Nina smiled bitterly.

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