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Chapter 863 – Abusing The Infinite Respawns System!

After a short while, Felix was given access to the fifth floor again.

He went straight to his teammates, who were waiting for him deep underground.

‘Captain, how did it go Webor wondered in intrigue,We heard many tremors, we started to believe that you were fighting Erebus copy.

‘No, I fought with shadow puppets. Felix waved his hand.

‘I see…So, did you enter the shadow realm as you hoped Barbyclaw asked.



‘It ended just like what happened to you. Felix shared.

‘Sigh…Though so.

Rotspawn and the others couldnt help but sigh in disappointment…Although they didnt carry many expectations, but they felt that Felix would possibly create another miracle.

‘Arent we f*cked then Webor smiled bitterly.

‘We can still receive assistant from other teams. Barbyclaw tried to lift their spirits,Maybe it will be different with a partnership

‘Highly doubtful. Rotspawn said.

‘It looks like you guys are already giving up Felix smiled faintly as he eyed their dejected looks.

‘Its not like we want to…

‘What if I told you there is still a way to climb this floor

‘Huh Are you being serious

‘Why are you teasing us then Nina chided with a tone filled with anticipation,Just out with it.

‘Well…My strategy is on borderline a cheat and might draw bad backlash from the viewers and even the primogenitors. Felix scratched his chin causally,I have no issue with that, but I dont know about you.

Upon hearing so, Webor and the others looked at Felix with startled expressions, not daring to imagine what kind of tactic would even draw backlash from their ancestors.

‘Can we hear it first Rotspawn requested.

‘Sure. Felix showed his usual easy-going smile and began bringing them on his insane strategy.

A few minutes later…

‘You are truly something captain. Webor grinned,I am uncertain if your plan will work, but count me in.

‘Me too. Rotspawn nodded,As long as we are playing within the rules, our ancestor, and your masters will have our back against the backlash.

‘If this works…We might actually use it against other ancestors copies. Barbyclaw got a bit excited.

‘Calm down a little, lets not get ahead of ourselves. Felix disclosed,Lets deal with Erebus copy first.

When he saw that they had regained their composure, Felix asked,So, who will be the bait

‘I volunteer as a tribute! Webor lifted his giant hand in the air with a serious expression.

‘This is not the hunger games, sit your ass down. Felixs eyelids twitched as he suggested,It will be more fair if you let Queen decide randomly.

All of them nodded in acceptance to his suggestion.

A moment later, Rotspawn ended up being the chosen one.

Seeing that he was cool with it, Felix cracked his fingers and announced with a cold smile,Lets go slay a primogenitor.

“It looks like Landlords team havent given up yet.” Micheal commentated while pinpointing the camera on Felix and his teammates.

They could be seen fighting against shadow puppets while avoiding other shadowy projectiles.

The viewers thought that they must have come up with something to change the battle outcome, but the sight before them evaporate those thoughts.

All of them had gotten caught and killed in the shadow realm before being sent outside the floor.

The moment the five-minute duration ended, they repeat the same thing over and over again.

After fifteen minutes, even the primogenitors started to get bored by their repetitive and useless fighting tactic.

“I cant watch any more of this.” Saurous yawned, “Tell Micheal to change the stream to Sirens team, they are close to conclude their challenge.”

“Anything is more interesting than this.” Wendigo remarked lazily.

Majority of the primogenitors felt the same.

In their eyes, they had given Felixs team more than enough attention.

“As you wish.” Jorogumo shrugged her shoulders and decided to call Micheal.

However, just as she was about to contact him, her eyebrows rose in surprise at the sight of Felix creating his domain inside the void realm.

Such a new development had made everyone drop the thought of changing the stream and focus on Felix.

“What is he going to do with that” Siren titled her head in confusion.

Before the others could reply, they were stunned to see that Felix had disappeared from the void realm with his domain.

“Where the hell did he go”

“Did he use his blink”

“But where”

Alas, regardless of where the primogenitors looked, there was absolutely no sight of Felix.

As a veteran judge, Micheal was quick on his feet to switch automatically to the camera pinpointed on Felixs location.

When they saw his new location, no one dared to believe what their eyes were feeding them.

Who could blame them

Felix was seen highlighted within his void domain just like always, but the void domain was in the shadow realm!!!

“How is this possible…” Erebus jumped from his seat with widened eyes.

He reacted this expressively since he was seeing his ultimate ability, the impregnable realm, get invaded by a mere human!

Something that even the strongest primogenitors were incapable of achieving!

Unfortunately for him, the worst had yet to come…

-Congratulation to Aspidochelones team for slaying The God of Shadows!-

-Congratulation to Aspidochelones team for slaying The God of Shadows!-

-Congratulation to Aspidochelones team for slaying The God of Shadows!-

The Queen knew how to make one feel good about their achievements as she blasted this announcement three times throughout the entire tower!!

All the teams heard it as well, making them stop whatever they were doing and eye each other with stunned expressions.


Prince Domino and the rest of the dragons were also forced out of their nap by this mind-blowing announcement.

“They slayed an ancestors copy They actually did it” Summerspirit mumbled under his breath with a dazed look.

He knew that Felix was strong, and he had earned his respect in their previous battle…But still, he always believed that it would be impossible for his team and other teams to slay a primogenitors copy!

If his team didnt have prince Domino, he would have also been less confident in his chances to achieve such a brilliant feat.

We are talking about slaying a primogenitors copy, not defeating him!

“Hahahahaha!! Good! Good! As expected of the dragonslayer! You have truly made me not regret joining this game.” Unlike his dumbfounded teammates, Prince Domino exploded in feverish laughter.

Only him had this kind of reaction as the viewers were left absolutely at lost for words.

They felt like Queen was pulling a prank on them since they had seen how Felix was struggling for more than fifteen minutes against the shadow puppets.

Now, they were being told that Erebus had been slayed by him

What kind of sick joke is this They all thought.

“Let..Lets watch the replay.” Micheal kept shaking like he was having a seizure, making him unable to even press on the replay button.

In the end, he requested the Queen to replay everything from the top.

This time, the primogenitors had truly focused on the battle, making them see the tactic used by Felix to slay Erebus copy.

It wasnt really that complex.

During the chaos, Felix had gone inside Rotspawns shell and fired a weakened void seeker at his inner shell!

Then, he blinked away and entered the void realm to prepare his void domain.

While he was doing so, Rotspawn had allowed himself to get caught by the shadow vines, so he could get pulled inside the shadow realm.

Because he was hit by the void seeker on his unprotected torso, he was in a bit of pain.

Still, he toughened through it and made sure to not exhibit anything that could alert Erebus copy.

When Felix noticed that Rotspawn had successfully passed through the shadow realm, he didnt hesitate to teleport to the void mark left on Rotspawns body!

This time, he brought with him his void domain, the one ability that could make all rules of the shadow realm obsolete!

Naturally, Rotspawn was the first to get killed by the void domain, but it didnt really matter that much since he would get revived instantly!

Unfortunately for Erebus copy, the same couldnt apply to it as the moment the void domain breached the shadow realm, he was the second one to get embraced by it.




After the replay ended…Neither the viewers nor the primogenitors were able to react properly.

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