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\'A legendary rank bloodline truly did not disappoint.\' the elder\'s minds had only this thought after seeing Felix\'s demonstration on Kenny.

Each color represents a different effect as you have noticed.

So I suggest for you guys to memorize all of my 5 inducements.

To be able to predict the debuffs instantly during our team battles.

Felix did not wait for the elders to keep questioning him about his ability details.

He decided to take control of the conversation and guide them through his lies.

Robert supported his grandson sternly.

He is right, all of you needs memories them.

And most importantly not spread his ability details to anyone, not even your parents.

The fewer people know about our hidden cards, the more slots we will be able to clutch.

So behave yourselves.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

No one was dumb enough here to expose Felix to their competitors, since in the eyes of the juniors, the stronger Felix was the better chances they would have to get chosen for the US National Team.

Good, now let\'s conclude this battle by a round of applause in celebration for the coronation of your captain, Felix. Abraham said warmly while clapping his hands.

The juniors followed after him and clapped their hands boomingly.

Felix indifferently took it in, while waiting patiently for them to finish so he could say his piece.

After a while, they gradually stopped and Felix immediately said, not letting the elders excuse them, Elders, I will write a list for my inducement effects plus their color so you can hand it later to my cousins to memorize.

He paused for a second and said what he really wanted, I am planning to head back to the Island.

I still have tons of unfinished work to be managed there.

So I can\'t remain here anymore.

Just as the elders wanted to reject his proposition, they heard Felix promise them.

Don\'t worry, I will return when the National team battle begins three months later.

Abraham sighed and asked.

Why are you leaving in such a rush If it is just about the island, we can send our people to supervise everything without bothering yourself.

Felix shook his head lightly.

No, I need to be there personally since I plan to turn the Island into my home.

While we are still on the subject, can you tell me when are we going to sign the 51% shares transfer contract He scratched his nose, as he asked bashfully.

The elders rolled their eyes at his shameless request right after he planned to ditch the training camp.

But, they still honored their word and informed him that the contract was already made.

It had been only waiting for Felix to sign.

This clearly showed the trust they had in Felix from the beginning to perform well in the camp.

Felix bowed his head lightly in appreciation for indirectly accepting his leave of absence.

He knew that the camp period was supposed to end 7 days from now.

But after showcasing his ability that had multiple strategies revolved around it, it meant that the camp should have its duration increased by a month or two until a good synergy between him and his cousins was built.

However, Felix had no time for that bull**.

He simply wanted to rush to the island and enter the VR Pod to start his training and climbing the ranks of the Supremacy Games.

It was time to enter the major league and start putting his mark in the universe!


Two days later.

Felix said his goodbyes to everyone and stepped inside the jet while carrying his luggage, planning to directly fly towards the Sky Pearl Island.

His training camp journey had officially ended after achieving everything he arrived here for and more.

He obtained the AP bracelet, he cured his grandfather\'s fragile heart, plus gave him extra centuries to live, and he saved Olivia\'s life from death in the awakening process.

In addition, he earned some favors from the parents of the children he indirectly saved.

Finally, he signed the contract the gave him full control over the Island management.

So he had no reason to remain anymore.

Now, Felix was returning to the Island after 6 months of absence, hoping that the remodeling was going smoothly.


After 3 hours of flight, the outline of the Island appeared through the jet window.

Felix logged out from the UVR after being informed by the Queen AI that he was about to arrive.

After a while, he put his seat belt on, in preparation for landing.

A few seconds later the jet glided down slowly until it touched the airport runway asphalt.

It kept slowing down until it stopped smoothly without any hiccups.

Young master, you can step outside now. The pilot announced.

Thank you for the ride, Mr.

Morris. Felix thanked the pilot politely while removing his seat belt.

He then stood up and took the luggage that was above him and stepped out of the jet.

If it was up to Felix he would have put all of his stuff inside the spatial card, but that would appear strange to everyone else, and questions would start to rain on him.

So he could only take some clothes with him to avoid that situation entirely.

After he exited the jet, his eyes made contact with hundreds of workers doing their job properly; some were driving the construction vehicles, and, some were giving clear orders while supervising everything with clarity.

Felix smiled in praise at this scene, as he walked down the staircase.

He was wearing a formal black suit with a black tie, his green hair was messy and short, as he cut it again yesterday, not pleased by its long length.

His violet serpent-like eyes were hidden behind black sunglasses.

Welcome back, young master Felix.

I hope you had a pleasant flight. Leila and Jack bowed their head and greeted Felix politely.

They didn\'t react too much to his appearance because they had already seen it before during a skype conversation.

So, they were already quite familiar with his new looks.

Thank you for coming here to welcome me. Felix replied with a chuckle while giving them each a quick hug.

After doing so, he handed his luggage to Jack and trod forward with his hands folded behind his back.

Update me on each building progress.

Keep it short. He requested from Leila.

Leila followed after him while reading from a small note she prepared just for this question.

First the Seaport and the hospital remodeling had finished completely last month.

All of the faulty equipment was replaced with brand new ones. She paused for a second to hear Felix\'s response.

Good, carry on please.

Leila flipped the page after noticing that Felix did not ask about the details she wrote on them.

She then continued on her report.

As for the residential Area and the Airport, our analytics predicted that we will finish their construction remodeling in 4 months if we kept going at this pace.

Felix did not reply, as he was staring in fascination at the newly remodeled interior of the airport.

Everything that he saw on Eddie\'s design was in its place, from the baggage carousel that was inside an artificial waterfall, which was fixed using a unique method to not spill a single drop on the luggage, to flower gardens that were designed as pearl shapes in a wide area.

If someone saw those flower gardens from the floors above, they could easily notice that they were placed in specific positions to make a large \'SKY\' word.

This combination signified the name of the Island \'Sky Pearl\'.

Felix wanted to use this design even if he kicked Eddie away, simply because of those beautiful aesthetics.

Those were but merely two of the many ones.

He stopped looking around and asked Leila suddenly.

What happened to Eddie Did he leave after refusing the punishment

Leila shook her head and giggled slightly after remembering what Eddie said to her.

He told me that even if you beat him up he will not leave.

Because he thinks that this is the best design he made so far, and he wants to see through its end.

Amused, Felix chuckled lightly and said, No wonder he lusted for the best resources.

He plans to turn his airport into one of the best.

Whatever let him do as he pleases as long as he knows his limit.

Now tell me about the Hotel.

Did Abigail start remodeling it yet

Yes, but she just started last month after the hospital finished.

So nothing much changed yet.

Alright, I will go take a look at other buildings later, for now, I will head to my suite.

In 2 hours both of you pay me a visit, I need to show you something.

Understood He instructed them while entering his ride home.

Yes young master. they answered while bowing their heads.

Just as Felix wanted to close the door, he heard them thank him again for the gifts he sent before.

Felix merely waved his hand with a mild smile on his face, Don\'t mention it.


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