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Chapter 855 – Graveyard of The Damned Souls.

Four minutes later…

Only the dragons team was left behind in the hall with Felix.

The other teams caved in one by one and took the deal with the devil.

Even Darkin faction teams were forced to lower their heads if they wanted to remain relevant in the game.

Felix didnt make it hard for them due to their enmity since he never considered them as his true rivals in this game.

“I assume that you guys will look for your own key.” Felix asked causally as he eyed Summerspirit and Prince Domino.

He had already considered that the dragons team was a lost cause and didnt bother convincing them to accept his deal.

They were too proud to lower their heads…Especially, when a royal prince was amidst them.

“No.” Prince Domino shook his head.

“Hmm” Felix and the viewers were surprised to hear his response.

“We will be waiting for the automatic teleportation.” Prince Domino decided indifferently.

“Why” Felix frowned.

Although he hid the keys well, he knew that with some effort, they could be found in an hour or two if one was unlucky.

Because there would be no more noise, he believed that the dragons would be able to pick the frequencies if they were close to the key, helping them find it even faster.

This was much better than a whole three hours.

“It doesnt matter.” Prince Domino said with an assertive voice, “One hour, three hours, one day…I will catch up to all of you regardless what.”

If another player had made such a proclamation, even the primogenitors would have scolded him for being too confident for his own good.

But prince Domino No one let out a single peep.

“Is that so” Felix narrowed his eyes coldly, “I will be waiting for you then.”

Not waiting for prince Domino to reply, Felix and his team started climbing the staircase of the ninth segment.

‘Dragonslayer…Just because we respect you as a great fighter, it doesnt mean we will stand by and watch you keep killing our kin. Prince Domino cracked a sinister smile as he watched Felixs fading back,I hope you make my trip worthwhile.


-Welcome to the first floor challengers-

-You are weakened against mental attacks by 20%.-

-Pacify the unsettled.-

The moment Felix and his teammates pushed the gate wide open, they heard those three notifications resound in their minds.

At the same time, they were met with a harrowing sight of a deserted graveyard.

It was foggy, and the trees resembled thin demonized nightmares with their long and weirdly shaped branches.

Most of the gravestones were cracked or broken apart entirely, leaving many crumbled stones lying around the graves.

Some graves were small, befitting of humans and other races of the same size…But, there were also gigantic graves that were meant for dragons, heavenly turtles, giants, orcs…etc.

Whoosh Whoosh…

Eerie and creepy wind gales kept caressing Felixs face akin to a gentle touch from a passing soul.

‘Well boys, I believe we are in the graveyard of the damned souls. Felix shared as he examined the surrounding area.

‘Is there a clue on how difficult this floor or the condition to pass it Nina asked.

Because of the time limit, they werent able to check on the clues given by the players.

Felix shared with them all the clues related to this segment of the tower.

‘Twenty clues! What a harvest!” Barbyclaw exclaimed.

She knew that by robbing all the clues that the teams had worked hard to collect would give them a substantial amount…But she didnt expect it to be this much for a single segment!

‘Hehe, the best part, the other teams have less than three clues to work with in their own segments. Rotspawn grinned.

‘Read them already. Felix warned,We need to start as fast as possible.

Webor and the others dropped their enthusiasm and began reading the clues swiftly.

When they finished, they found out that two clues were related to this floor.

One was written as such: When the sky turn red, the damned souls would awaken and reclaim the flesh that they had missed.

The other was written as: The enemy is high above, damning the souls for a eternal life of reawakening.

‘The Queen has given us a tiny hint at the start that we need to pacify the unsettled. Webor reasoned while eying the graves,So, the unsettled are the damned souls, and they will wake up after the sky turn red.

‘Yep. Felix nodded and pointed his finger at the sky,To pacify them, we simply have to deal with that.

When Webor and the others lifted their heads, they saw a giant magnificent white moon, peeking through the fog.

‘Red sky, enemy high above, Oh! I get it, its the blood moon! Barbyclaw deducted excitedly after connecting the dots from the clues.

The others reached the same conclusion…With all the Intel given to them, it was the most obvious deduction.

“Clues are really overpowered.” Rotspawn said, “If we didnt have those two clues, it would have taken us a long while until we realize what needed to be done.”

As he said, most of the teams could be seen struggling to figure out the best way to pass their challenge.

Even though they were given a small hint, so they wouldnt be completely hopeless, it was still not enough to figure out the best way to climb the floors.

“I will be mapping the entire floor to see how hard it will be to commence with my original plan.” Felix informed.

After seeing them nodding in understanding, Felix jumped within the void realm and traveled speedily from the edge of the floor to the other.

Unsurprisingly, it took him not even a few seconds before returning to his teammates.


‘Its not as vast as I assumed. Felix disclosed,We are in the clear.

Felix didnt need to tell them his plan as it was obvious that he was going to block the blood moon light from reaching the graveyard!

This way, the damned souls wouldnt even need to be awakened in the first place!

‘Lets start. Felix ordered,Webor and Rotspawn, combine your efforts to create another giant earth dome.

‘As for the rest, we will be dealing with the sides and gaps left unprotected outside the dome.

It would have been much better if the heavenly turtles had a perfect synergy between them to create a single giant dome that would encompass the entire graveyard.

Alas, that required an insane amount of teamwork…Only Webor and Rotspawn were placed under that training by Felix.

They were happy that their services were still required.

Without wasting time, both of them dug underground and went north and south.

When they reached the marked distance, they emerged on the surface, not caring about the destroyed graves in the process.


‘Lets start.

Rumble Rumble!

The moment they confirmed with each other, they commenced with the creation of the towering earth dome.

Gravestones were destroyed, trees were ruptured, and cracked skeletons kept being hurled all over the place.

If this wasnt happening in the UVR, they would have been too terrified of bad karma to carry such a disrespectful treatment of the dead.

Meanwhile, Nina and Barbyclaw were creating their own domes outside Webor and Rotspawns range.

As for Felix He was marking down every gap between the domes that needed to be covered while traveling in the void realm.

This would help him deal with them much quicker when they finish with the domes.

“As expected of Aspidochelones team, with that many clues in their hands, they will have a much easier time in the floors than the rest.”

Micheal switched the camera to Felix and the others the instant he noticed the emergence of the dome.

Then, he explained the objective of the floor and what was Felixs team were trying to pull off.

Since there were twelve teams and each one had their own unique challenges, he had to be quick on his feet to keep the viewers informed.

“They need to be faster.” Micheal said as he pointed the camera at the enormous moon that was turning red slowly.

When Felix noticed it, he stopped marking the gaps and commenced with his own way of blocking the blood light.

Poof Poof!…

He released pitch black poisonous mist through his palms and watched it fill up the gabs between the domes.

His corruption inducement was perfect since it was capable of absorbing light to the last particle akin to a black hole.


‘Its connected. Webor announced with a pleased expression.

‘Excellent work. Felix praised them both after seeing that the giant dome was completely covering the graveyard.

Soon, Nina and Barbyclaw managed to finish their own domes, leaving only not many graves exposed.

Knowing that he wouldnt be able to cover all the gaps in time, Felix started guiding his teammates to help out.

With their fine teamwork and communication, they worked just like cogs in machines, making the viewers admire Felixs leadership and also his teammates obedience.

They could see that most teams were having troubles acting as a unite due to everyone being a reputable individual on his own.

After all, no one here was a diamond ranked player besides Felix.

“Its going way too smoothly for Aspidochelones team.” Micheal commentated, “They might actually climb to the next floor in a record-breaking time.”

The moment he said so, Felix and the the rest of his team felt chills course on their spine.

‘They are awake. Felix knitted his eyebrows as he looked at the giant blood red moon, shinning brightly on the graveyard.

Although Felix couldnt see the awakened damned souls, he could feel them passing through him, making him shiver reflexively…

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