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Chapter 850 – Prince Domino.

Before Slagwing could react, Felix congratulated Barbyclaw with a kind smile, “You will be part of the main team from onward.

I hope we see great things from you.”


His decision naturally didnt sit right with Slagwing as he glared at him furiously.

Felix didnt give a ** about his opinion.

He simply guided Barbyclaw about her new responsibilities in the main team, thoroughly ignoring Slagwing.

There was simply no way he would be leaving Slagwing in the team when he bailed on his post without given the order by Felix.

In the previous battle, no harm was done since they could be revived…But in the game

If he pulled off such a crap in one of the normal floors, he would most definitely end up killing one or two of his teammates.

Felix didnt want that heavy toll on his mentality.


“Shut it.”

Aspidochelone glared at Slagwing the moment he noticed that he was going to ask for his help on the matter.

Although he was the teams owner, the instant he promoted Felix to the captaincy, he washed his hands from the team entirely.

Since Felix had been showing promising results in his games, he was more than satisfied with his leadership and wouldnt interfere even if he asked to change the entire team with new members.

‘You brought this upon yourself. Barbyclaw scolded him telepathically.

‘You b*tch! I was doing all of this because of you! Slagwing snapped immediately after seeing that even his girlfriend wasnt on his side.

‘Thats the thing. Barbyclaw sneered coldly,I never asked you.

‘You…How could you!!

Slagwing felt like his sanity was breaking apart.

Ever since the day Felix met the team, he was always acting against him because he stole his girlfriends spot in the main team.

Thats what he was telling himself, but in reality, he was simply too proud to admit that a human was much better than him.

Barbyclaw and the rest had already accepted Felix and treated him as the captain.

So, his entire excuse to be a dick and listen to Felixs orders had nothing to do with her.

Well, at least his wish came through, and his girlfriend had returned to the main team.

“You will regret your decision immensely.” Slagwing said calmly at Felix and Barbyclaw while suppressing the bottling rage within him.

Felix wasnt concerned with his threat as he kept discussing with the team on ways to beat Aspidochelone.


Seeing that no one paid him any attention, Slagwing cursed furiously and went to sit at the corner.

He wanted to storm off, but his ancestor didnt give him permission.

So, he could only hang around even though he wanted dearly to jump on Felix and carve his entire body.


Three days later…

Felix and his team could be seen standing in a straight line on the arena next to the other teams.

Although there were just twelve teams, the atmosphere was far too tense.

The players werent tensed about fighting each other but naturally about dealing with the ancestral floors.

Felixs team wasnt the only who received a proper education about the true terror of facing primogenitors.

All the teams had understood that the majority of them would be stuck at the tenth floor unless they had impressed the primogenitors with some miraculous play.

The only ones who seemed as cool as cucumber were the dragons…Their calmness was just worsening it for the rest of the teams.

“It looks like you had a tough time preparing for this game.” Micheal popped out of nowhere and chuckled, “But, I advise you not to focus merely on the ancestral floors…After all, the other floors are going to pose a real challenge too.

Dont forget that you can die in them.”

Most players didnt require such a reminder as they were veterans and knew what they were doing.

Seeing that no one appreciated his advice made Micheal a bit vexed.

“Whatever, ask your questions, so we can start.”

“How will the result be concluded if two or more teams are stuck on the same floor”

As mentioned, most teams knew that they would be stuck at the tenth floor.

If all of them got stuck at the second ancestral floor and the duration of the game ended, they had no idea who would be considered as the winner.

“Its doubtful if that would happen.” Micheal informed, “The moment the primogenitors see that you are stuck against their copies, they will be teleporting you randomly to other teams floors.”

“This will enable you to team up and change the outcome of the battle.”

‘So, thats what they mean that there will be instances where teams will be meeting in the same floor. Felix nodded in understanding.

Just like the rest, Felix knew that the difficulty on the ancestral floors were simply too high…However, if two teams or even three combined their efforts, defeating the primogenitors copies wouldnt be a farfetched fantasy.

Even if they didnt, at least a good performance would be shown by one of the teams, allowing the primogenitors to push them past that floor.

“What if all teams gave a good performance Will we be given the right to move forward together

“No.” Micheal shook his head, “Only the best will be picked.

The rest will be dropped by one floor.”

Everyones expressions turned tense yet again.

They understood that without the ability to draft contacts, the alliances would already be shaky enough.

Now, they were told that no matter only the best performer would be moved up

They knew that the teams would start sabotaging each other when they realize that their performance was lacking compared to the other.

This entailed that being in alliance might make the situation even worse than fighting the primogenitors copies alone!

“There is no free lunch in the world.” Micheal shrugged his shoulders, “If you want to partner up, you better be ready to handle the best and worst of your allies.”

‘Its best if we deal with the ancestral floors before they send us those burdens. Summerspirit spoke telepathically with his teammates.

Since he survived past the second game, he naturally was included in the team for the last game.

There were two additions to the dragons team after Felix wiped Nethercutter and Red Mercy.

Surprisingly, the captaincy was given to the new member, who wasnt even considered as the substitute!

Unlike the other red dragons, his skin color was leaning toward black than red, making him appear extra dreadful.

He was much smaller than Summerspirit and the others, yet the players nearby feared him even more.

When someone glanced at him, their eyes always get lured to the giant purplish emerald in the center of his forehead.

‘No… Emerladus replied calmly,The only reason I decided to join the team this late is because of that human…We will play it slow and hope that he will be sent to our floor.

‘As I said, lord Cherufe will not be pleased with this. Summerspirit frowned.

‘As I told him, he doesnt need to care about my behaviors. Emerladus eyed him indifferently,He will be winning his bet regardless of what I do.

‘Whatever you say, prince Domino. The rest of the dragons nodded respectfully.

“What a cheap shot, brother Cherufe.” Erebus scoffed, “You actually included the MVP of the previous decade.”

“He was the one who asked to join.” Cherufe shrugged his shoulders carelessly, “Since he met all conditions, why will I reject him”

“Tsk, it looks like you are getting addicted to getting our treasures, you will go this far.” Saurous clicked his tongue in criticism.

The rest of the primogenitors were also quite displeased with Cherufes last-minute addition.

They knew that Emerladus level was nowhere near the rest of the teams even though he was still ranked as a radiant player.

In their eyes, if he wanted he could climb to the rank above radiant with some effort…But, for some unknown reason, he dropped out of the platform and went off the grid for more than a decade now.

God knows how strong he was at the moment and the primogenitors didnt like it when the odds get screwed with this badly.

Unfortunately, they could only criticize Cherufe for being shameless enough to include him…He truly didnt break any rules.

‘Prince Domino, the youngest son of the current dragon elder. Felix eyed the black scaled dragon with a serious expression,He looks even more menacing in reality.

When Felix first read the details of the game, he realized that it would be much easier to win the game if he ended up meeting with the dragons and eliminating them early.

But when he realized that prince Domino had joined Cherufes team, he dropped that thought immediately.

He didnt spend the past three days sparing with the primogenitors only.

He checked on all the new additions to the teams, who had many deaths in their previous game.

Prince Domino had taken all of his attention the moment he realized that he was carrying the royal dragon bloodline.

The videos he watched made him even more assured that prince Domino wasnt to be f*cked with at all.

Although the videos of his previous fights dated for at least a decade, Felix found out that his strength was equvilent to at least three dragons combined.

Thats how he earned the MVP title in the event of the past decade…He literally brute forced through all games, turning the entire event into a one-man show!

Now that ten years went by, Felix didnt dare to imagine how strong he had gotten.

‘Just when I thought it couldnt get any harder. Felix sighed.

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