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Chapter 846 – Parasitic Discharge!

Thor snapped his fingers causally and appeared before Felix akin to a ghost, scaring the ** out of him.


With a faint grin, Thor struck Felix in the stomach with his elbow, resulting in him smashing through countless destroyed trees on the ground.

Before he stopped, Thor teleported behind Felix through the lightning bolts and kneed him in his lower back.


Felixs expression twisted in agony after his spine got fractured.

Because of Thors strength being limited significantly, he wouldnt have even been able to cause such damage.

However, he was relying on the momentum of Felixs body to enhance the power of his strikes!

Thats why, he kept teleporting always next to Felix the moment he reached his peak momentum and then deliver a deadly strike to his vitals!

Boom Boom Boom!..

Asna, and the primogenitors could only watch Felix receiving the beating of a lifetime without being able to even escape from Thors grasp.

“Thors strength might be limited but his experience and honed battle instincts are simply too godly compared to Felix.” Lady Sphinx commentated calmly.

Felix realized this as well after his counter-attacks kept failing miserably.

To make matters worse, every time he blinked away, Thor was able to catch up to him in a split second and continue his thrashing.

‘I need to force him away! Felix hardened expression and used his void domain.

The instant Thor spotted the emerging dark sphere, he canceled his kick half way and transmuted himself into electricity before pulling away from Felix.

Under this apocalyptic thunderstorm, Thor was almost untouchable due to his transmutation ability!

“You cant hide forever, little Felix.” Thor said playfully while watching the small sized void domain consume his lightning bolts silently.

‘Felix knew that the void domain was merely a temporary solution.

He was bound to run out of void energy at any moment if he didnt cancel it.

Hence, he swiftly created a void rift and jumped within it.

Thor watched him do so casually, knowing that Felix was bound to come out.

As his master, he knew that this beat down was still not enough to break his mentality.

‘Lightning transmutation was really wasted on me.

After seeing transmutation true horror in the right environment, Felix began regretting a little giving up on it to keep his lightning quick reflexes.

It was simply too powerful, making Thor untouchable.

But, when he remembered the many benefits his lightning quick reflexes gave him, he dropped the thought and refocused on making a new plan.

He could always learn lightning transmutation, but he could not get his lightning absorbers ever again.

‘As long as he keeps teleporting by transmuting into electricity, he will always be faster than anything I use. Felix frowned as he pondered,Is there another way to win besides waiting until he exhausts his ener…

Rumble Rumble!

Before Felix could finish his thought, Thor snapped his finger and dissipated the thunderclouds.

The lightning bolts began decreasing in numbers until peacefulness had been returned to the jungle.

The only noticeable difference was the burnt down forest to the ground and the raising ashes, creating new black clouds in the sky.

‘Is he making it easier for us Felix knitted his eyebrows in displeasure.

He understood that defeating Thor wasnt going to be easy, but he didnt want him to go soft on them.

After all, he was supposed to use 1% of his strength and go all out with it to make them recognize how difficult it would be to pass the Ancestral floors.

Just as Felixs thoughts were getting dark, his heart skipped a beat when he saw the ground shaking and Thor grinning faintly while clutching a blinding golden lightning bolt!

‘Oh F*ck!!

He instantly realized that he was mistaken about Thors purpose of removing his thundercloud!

He wasnt trying to make it easy on them but to bait out Felixs teammates!

As expected, he knew Felix too well, he easily predicted that he was trying to get rid of the thunderclouds to give his teammates a better battlefield!


Felix jumped outside of the void rift and waited for his AP bracelet to get created, wanting to send a warning to his teammates as fast as possible.

“Not happening kiddo.” Thor smirked faintly as he hurled the golden lightning bolt at him, forcing Felix to return within his void rift.

Knowing that Thor was on to him, Felix quickly teleported a few kilometers away from Thor and exited the void realm again.

The moment his AP bracelet was created, he swiftly shouted in agitation,Dont come out!!!

Alas, he was still a tad too late…

Thor didnt wait for the heavenly turtles to resurface after finding their location…He transmuted himself into an illuminating milky white lightning bolt and charged at the ground.

‘Retreat now gu…

Just as Webor wanted to turn around, his eyes picked up a blinding light coming from above him, forcing him to squint.

Before he could comprehend what it was, the lightning bolt struck him exactly in the face.


Electricity coursed through Webors gigantic body, making him spasm in his place with his eyes rolled at the back of his head.


Rotspawn and the others shouted at him with terrified looks, not daring to approach him after seeing that he was completely covered with electricity!

In a few seconds…Webor stopped his seizure and laid in the tunnel with his limbs stretched out.

They were emitting smoke and a smell of a burnt animal.

When his teammates tried to sense his heartbeats, they were horrified to hear nothing but utter silence.

He couldnt be any more dead!


Unfortunately for them, Thor disliked wasting time when he could spend it drinking liquor.

He popped in front of Slagwing suddenly while materializing into a humanized electrical charge.

Then, he smiled creepily and said, “For the rest of you, I will give you a small demonstration of what you should be worried about when facing my copy.

Just as they tried to regain their wits, Thor pointed three fingers at them and fired small electrical discharge at their heads.

They were so small, they werent able to evade them even when they saw them coming.

All of them felt their hearts sink to the bottom of their stomach at the thought of being hit by Thors weird ability.

Webors burnt down corpse was still near them as a reminder that Thor wasnt a boaster.

‘Huh I feel nothing


‘Did it fail

However, after a moment or two, all of them raised their eyebrows in surprise after realizing that nothing much changed within them.

Thor had already disappeared, leaving them a bit bewildered about the situation.

‘Whats going on down there Are you all well Queen delivered a message from Felix.

Although it was monotonous, they could hear Felixs distressed voice.

‘Webor is down, but we are still fine, I Think

‘Elder Thor has…Little idiot, are you ready to witness one of my favorite abilities




Felix and the rest were shocked speechless to hear Rotspawn deliver such a message to everyone.

It was so random and out of place, all of them had no idea how to react properly.

Boom Boom!

‘What the hell! I cant control my body!! Rotspawn screamed in terror as he watched his limbs started to dig towards the surface.

‘Me too!!

‘Whats going on!!

Nina and Slagwing soon realized that he wasnt the only one, who lost complete control over his body! They began digging upward, following him.

In a few moments, they emerged on the surface with a dumbfounded and agitated expressions.

“Do you know what happen to them”

Abruptly, Thor asked causally after appearing next to Felix in the same humanoid electrical form.

When Felix noticed that Thor wasnt planning on attacking him, he didnt move an inch.

“How would I know” Felix gulped a mouthful at the sight of his teammates sitting causally with frightened looks.

At the moment, he was hearing his teammates unsettling messages about losing complete control over their bodies.

“I used this.” Thor smiled faintly as he created a tiny common discharge.

Felix looked at it closely and realized that it was nothing but a simple common discharge.

In fact, he doubted that it could even affect a normal civilian due to its low voltage.

“You are right, its just a common discharge…But in my hands” Thor chuckled and said, “I turned it into a parasite.”

“Parasite!!” Felixs eyes widened in disbelief.

This was one of the last terms he ever dared of dreaming about it being used to describe a lightning ability!

“By infusing it within lifeforms, I am capable of taking complete control over their signal system responsible over their thoughts, behaviors, movements, and feelings…Most importantly.” Thor smiled faintly and pointed his finger at Rotspawn, “I can even control their elemental manipulation.”

With widened eyes in disbelief, Felix watched Rotspawn open his jaw widely and release a flood of mud in his direction against his will!!

Felix was forced to evade the attack even though his thoughts were in complete disarray.

Not once did he expect the fight to end up like this!

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