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Chapter 845 – Are We Being Scammed

Upon hearing so, his teammates stopped wasting time and began discussing with each other on viable ways to ambush Thor.

Although Felix didnt take part in it, he offered his input once in a while.

Yet still, they never managed to come out with a legit plan that satisfied all of them.

Seconds went by then minutes, the only thing they did was move out their location to underground.

“They sure are taking a while.” Thor stretched his shoulders lazily before standing up on those two lightning bolts.

Then…There was no then, he completely disappeared out of sight, leaving behind him a deafening thunderous explosion!

Thor understood that their copies would not give them even two minutes before they locate them at the ancestral floor.

He already did them a favor by waiting an entire five minute.

‘They must be underground. Thor thought after he finished scouting the jungle without any results.

Because he was at mere 1% of his strength, his senses had been dulled to the point they were as good as the dragons.

If he was at his peak, he would have easily located them by simply sensing the electrical discharges within their bodies.

After all, the nervous system of most lifeforms relies on electricity to deliver signals between the brain and the body.

‘Its pain in the ass to follow them underground. Thor stopped bothering with trying to locate them and simply returned to his position.

However, he didnt restart drinking again but pointed his finger at the crystal clear sky.

“He is really too lazy.” Aspidochelone chuckled as he watched gray cloud gather above the jungle.

The sun was completely hidden by the gloomy clouds, not allowing even a small ray of light to escape through the cracks.

Rumble Rumble!!

In a few moments, flashes of light began to appear on the clouds while followed by thunderous blasts.

They were loud enough they echoed through the entire jungle.

The jungle wasnt as big as the Amazon, but it was still vast enough it surpassed tens of square kilometers.

Yet, the thunderstorm was shrouding it entirely…

Boom Boom…!

“The show has begun.” Jörmungandr smiled faintly as he watched tens of lightning bolts strike down the trees randomly…They get set on fire immediately, making it even worse.

With each passing second, the lightning bolts numbers doubled while turning much thicker and scarier.

In less than ten seconds, fire was raging all over the jungle.

Yet, the lightning bolts were still increasing in numbers continuously!

Burning trees began crushing on the ground or on each other, creating faint tremors throughout the entire jungle.

The moment those tremors became frequent, the heavenly turtles started sensing them.

At the moment, they were hiding at least fifty kilometers below the ground, knowing that no amount of caution would be enough against a primogenitor.

‘Something is going on on the surface. Nina shared with a frown.

‘I am feeling it too. Webor nodded.

‘I will go check. Felix nodded in understanding, trusting in their senses.

He jumped within the void realm and reached the surface in an instant.

The moment Felix spotted the ongoing apocalyptic scene, his jaw was dropped in disbelief.

‘What the f*ck am I watching!

Felix ought to feel this way when he was observing the craziest phenomenon in his life.

The sky was raining lightning bolts…Literally!!

It was almost impossible to see a single damn thing or hear anything due to the flashes of lightning bolts and the thunderclaps!

With widened eyes and chills coursing on his spine, Felix could only stare at the jungle getting absolutely demolished.

Even the fire was being putt off forcefully due to the lightning bolts striking the same place over and over again without any clear sight of stopping!

When Felix noticed that Thor drinking liquor causally under the thunderstorm, he had absolutely no idea what to think.

He could see that Thor was absorbing the lightning and releasing it automatically, creating a giant field of electricity.

‘How the hell are we supposed to fight Felixs heart sunk to the bottom of his stomach at the thought of his teammates emerging on the surface.

With his lightning immunity, this was heaven to him but for his teammates

He knew that they would be forced to remain hidden within their shells, if they wanted to avoid turning into barbecued turtles.

To make matters worse, any earth-based ability that they use would end up shattering to pieces after being struck by tens of lightning bolts in a single second window.

In other words, as long as the thunderstorm remained, Felix was on his own!

‘Are we being scammed here Felix cried inwardly,How is this 1% of his strength!

For the first time, Felix had a small taste of what the God of Thunder was capable off.

He never dared to underestimate Thor even though his strength was limited to 1%.

Yet, he still didnt expect that it would be this bad!

Felix swiftly returned to his teammates and updated them.

All of them felt their blood run cold at the notion of resurfacing under a rain of lightning.

‘What should we do Webor asked in agitation,Should we wait until he runs out of energy or what

‘We should. Nina said,I doubt he can maintain such a big and active thundercloud for long.

Since Thor was at 1% of his strength, this meant that his elemental pool was limited too.


Still, Felix rejected their strategy.

He knew that Thor wouldnt make such a rookie mistake of showing off this magnificent thundercloud without being able to sustain it for a long period of time.

Knowing that he had already mastered the conversion technique made him understand that Thor was actively converting a flood of neutral energy to lightning energy as they speak.

This would ensure that the thundercloud would remain for at least thirty minutes or more.

‘We received a massive opportunity in our hands to fight with four primogenitors. Felix said composedly,Lets not waste it by being cowardly.

‘Agreed. Rotspawn nodded,Our ancestor will not be pleased if we remained hiding for more than fifteen minutes.

‘Plus, the tower of ancestor is still a race to the top.

We cant play it too slow lest we end up being left behind by the other teams. Webor added.

Whether they liked it or not, they needed to come out of their hiding and take up Thors challenge.

‘Since I am the only one with immunity to lightning, I will keep pressuring him until he gets forced to deactivate this thunderstorm. Felix informed,The moment that happen, you will resurface and attack together.

Now that Thor had made the first move, there was no point in letting them create a plan on their own.

When Felix received his teammates confirmation, he swiftly returned to the surface from the void realm.

He went to the corner of the scorched black forest and emerged.

Crackle! Crackle!

The moment his feet touched the ground, he felt an euphoric sensation after getting struck by numerous lightning bolts.

He didnt need to wear anything as his body was completely shrouded in bright electrical charges, making it impossible to stare at him for even a second.

‘When can I reach this level of lightning manipulation Felixs heart raced at the overflowing energy within him.

He felt so light and strong, he believed that it would be possible to slay a dragon in less than a second with Battleaxe!

He didnt know if that a mere misconception, or he could pull it off…Whatever it was, he wanted to reach at least this height in lightning manipulation.

Without further ado, Felix beamed his crescent battleaxe.

Boom Boom…!!!!!

Just like the sky had been angered with an intruder, hundreds of lightning bolts focused on battles head!


Felix cursed after seeing that battleaxes head was turning extremely red due to the heat carried in those bolts.

He completely forgot that some material mixed within it were electricity conductors.

Although those lightning bolts werent enough to crack the battleaxe, Felix knew that the head would most definitely start melting if it remained for longer than a minute under this neverending barrage.

Whats worse, the vines were also starting to emit a burnt smell while turning black.

Felix swiftly beamed the battleaxe back within his spatial card with a frustrated look.

His chances to defeat Thor had just gotten even slimmer before he even got close to him.

‘F*ck it, he cant kill me with lightning and his physical strength has been reduced to an abysmal level.

Felix steeled his guts and dashed at a supersonic speed towards the center of the map, not caring about wasting his stored lightning.

Under this thunderstorm, he was being recharged continuously.

‘There you are. Thor smiled a little after sensing an irregular discharge of electricity a few kilometers up north.

He recognized that it belonged to Felix in a heartbeat.

‘Hehe, lets bully him for a bit.

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