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Chapter 844 – Fighting Thor!

“This will be a brutal one for you.” Asna commentated.

“Tell me about it.” Felix sighed while massaging his temples.

Ever since he read the details about this game during the ceremony, Felix knew that it was going to be the most difficult game in his life.

Just the normal floors werent going to be easy to pass when he had four other teammates relying on him.

Dont even mention the Ancestral floors.

The notion of fighting primogenitors always sent goosebumps through his spine.

The only thing that was easing his heart was the void domain.

“You dont have to worry too much.” Thor assured, “The copies will have a mere fraction of our strength.

Most importantly, they are still just AI dummies without the extensive experience and fighting sense that all primogenitors had.”

“If it was going to be easy, I doubt they would have allowed us to respawn infinitely when fighting them.” Felix smiled wryly.

No matter how Thor tried to make him think less of the ancestral floors, Felix recognized that the fights werent going to end well for most teams.

He was confident that Cherufes team were going to be having a blast in this game due to their nukes.

“You also have void domain.” Asna said, “You are the only one with an ability capable of erasing primogenitors with a simple touch.”

“Based on the games details, it might work against the first primogenitor in the fifth floor.” Felix soon shook his head, “But, from the tenth floor and above, I am certain that the copies will be smart enough to avoid my domain at all cost.”

Although Felix had used his void domain many times as an offensive tool, he understood that it required many conditions for it to work.

In this tower, the floors werent shrinkable, and he wasnt planning to use his battleaxe teleportation strategy since he would be losing his axe for the rest of the game.

Meanwhile, the dragons could simply continue dropping nukes on those copies until they finally meet their match.

By the time that happened, they would be already too ahead from most teams in terms of floors.

“Thankfully, luck will be playing a major role in this game.” Felix hoped, “I just wish it will be in my teams side.”

Asna and the others nodded theirs heads in agreement.

The missions and the primogenitors copies were going to be randomized…This signified that some teams would get lucky while others would experience absolute hell.

For example, if the mermaids team landed against Siren, their own ancestor, they would not be capable of harming her with their sound abilities.

Although the same applied to them, they would still be losing the game.

After all, they were the ones rushed to kill Siren to climb the floor not the opposite.

In addition, it was possible to meet other teams in ancestral floors.

Felix had no idea how this would be implemented since the rules hadnt explained it fully, but he recognized its importance.

“It will be truly the worst thing ever to get ambushed during a fight with a primogenitor.” Felix soon grinned faintly, “But, it does provide a nice opportunity to deal with dragons.”

While others would prefer not meeting the dragons in this game, Felix was on the hunt for them!

It wasnt because he was getting cocky after slaying three, but he knew that it would be extremely challenging to win the race against five nuke launchers.

He would rather fight with them and get rid of them before they pull too much distance from his team.

“Forget about luck and focus on training with your team in the next three days.” Jörmungandr advised, “Nothing is conclusive until it happens.”

“Its not like we can train against primogenitors copies.” Felix said.

Primogenitors refused giving permission for others to use their copies.

Since there was almost nonexistent data about them in the public network, it was impossible to create other copies with that data.

“Why need copies when you have three primogenitors as your sparring partners” Thor cracked his knuckles with a faint grin, “I dont mind stretching my limbs a bit.”

Felix gulped a mouthful in fear at the thought of fighting Thor while he still had his lightning manipulation.

Although he had given his lightning manipulation, he could easily regain it back with a simple request from Queen Ai.

Felix never actually fought him or Jörmungandr before since it would be a mere waste of time for all of them.

Sure, he got his ass whopped many times by them, and they taught him hand-to-hand combat, but an actual fight never occurred.

“Dont include me in your barbaric battles.” Lady Sphinx waved her hand in rejection.

“Since you are participating in the event, your copy will make an appearence.” Thor informed, “He might end up fighting against you.”

“Then, he should call himself lucky.” Lady Sphinx said calmly, “I am easily beatable compared to the rest.”

“Yea right.” Thors eyelids twitched.

He knew that Lady Sphinx might present herself always as a pacifist, but she had her own shares of fights during the primogenitors Era.

After all, peaceful talks werent always an option to get what she wanted…Lady Sphinx wanted many things due to her overbearing curiosity.

“…” Lady Sphinx glanced at Felix and sighed, “Fine, one fight.”

Felix didnt know if he should feel excited that he would be finally fighting actual primogenitors or feel terrified.

Whatever it was, he didnt intend to waste this learning opportunity!

Half an hour later…

Felix could be seen standing next to his masters while being accompanied by his teammates and elder Aspidochelone.

They had been informed about the sparring session with Felixs masters, making them react exactly like Felix.

“I will be using 1% of my strength.” Thor informed while gulping a mouthful of wine, “Old snake will fight you with 5%, and brother Aspidochelone will join the fun with 10% of his strength.”

“Last but not least, you will be dealing with Lady Sphinx at 15% of her strength.”


“Yes!” Felix and the rest of his team nodded their heads firmly.

“Lets begin then.”

Thor snapped his fingers and teleported himself above a vast jungle, knowing that the floors in the tower would be even bigger than this.

Soon, Felix, Webor, Rotspawn, Nina, and Slagwing were teleported a few kilometers away from him.

Thor had no idea about their location.

Even though this was just a spar, Felix wanted it to feel as real as possible.

“I will locate him, stay in defensive formation until I return.” Felix commanded while jumping within the void realm.

It didnt take him even a few seconds before he located Thor.

He found him sitting above two giants bolts of lightning while pouring a bottle of hard liquor down his throat.

‘How is he doing this Felix stared at the bolts of lightning in awe, feeling too mesmerized by the view to bother returning to his teammates.

The lightning bolts were literally making thunderous sounds every so often while remaining static in the air.

It was simply illogical in his eyes!

‘He isnt called the God of Thunder for no reason, kiddo. Jörmungandr smiled,This is nothing for him.

You better not underestimate him because he is using just 1% of his total strength.

‘I never had such thoughts. Felix regained his composure and swiftly relayed the Intel back to his team.

‘Master is chilling in the center of the map, he is clearly underestimating us and believing that its impossible to beat him. Felix narrowed his eyes in focus as he planned with his team,This meant our best shot to kill him is our first move.

‘It needs to be deadly, unexpected, and unblockable.

‘How do you suggest we do this, genius. Slagwing scoffed,Elder Thor will not fall to your schemes when he is literally your master.

You are an open book before him.

Although he said it in a **ty way, Slagwing was right in his reasoning.

Felix didnt argue with him.

Instead, he proposed a solution with a faint smirk,Thats why I am not the one creating a plan for this battle…It will be you guys.

Thor would predict almost any plan that Felix attempted to pull off against him.

But, the same couldnt be said about the others.

In fact, Felix believed that Thor would end up tunneling on him solely and ignore his teammates, making them his biggest assets.

‘How the hell are we supposed to come up with a plan against a primogenitor Slagwings retorted.

‘Thats your problem. Felix shrugged his shoulders as he warned,Just so you know, if you dont come with anything, I will consider replacing one of you with Barbyclaw.

‘You! Slagwings expression turned ugly instantly.

He knew that Felix would target him since he was the only one still not accepting having him in the team.

Because Felix was the captain, he had the right to replace anyone he wanted.

Elder Aspidochelone would not reject him even if he wanted to replace Slagwing with Barbyclaw at the moment.

But, Felix still wanted to give him an opportunity to change his mind.

‘Less glaring and more thinking. Felix warned,Master isnt the most patient.

If we dont act soon, he will grow bored and come looking for us on his own.

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