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Chapter 843 – The Last Game of The Event!

“Now that you have dealt with Mjölnirs situation, how about we return to our previous discussion about your void domain.” Lady Sphinx initiated the conversation immediately after they returned.

When the game ended, Felix didnt bring the subject since he wanted to take a quick nap in the bathtub to relax after the finals.

“Yes, yes, yes, we stopped at the good part.” Felix said enthusiastically.

Everyones ears perked to hear Lady Sphinxs research results and what method she found out that could help Felix keep both his void domain and void immunity.

“At the start, I tried to find a way that can allow you to obtain void immunity.” Lady Sphinx shook her head, “But, after countless fundamental failures, I realized that it is simply impossible to make a life form immune to void without having the proper genetics for it.”

“So, I turned to Lord Khaoss bloodline, believing that I can extract the genetics responsible for void immunity.”

“My thought process was simple.

Extract those genetics and infuse them inside your bloodstream after you replace Lord Khaos bloodline.”

“This will in turn replace one of your new bloodlines abilities with void immunity.” Lady Sphinx reasoned, “But, you will be having also void domain etched permanently, so its a worthy trade.”

“No doubt.” Felix nodded in agreement.

Void domain was an ultimate ability that could never be compared with other abilities.

If it required him to give up on an ability of his new bloodline to keep it as well as void immunity, he wouldnt hesitate to make the trade-off.

He understood that he would be required to keep doing this every time he replaced a bloodline.

After all, his void immunity would be replaced again when he attempted to go for another replacement.

Still, there was no issue with the plan.

“Unfortunately, I failed at the first step.” Lady Sphinx shook her head, “I wasnt able to locate the genetics code responsible for the void immunity.

Its like a maze with trillions of paths and I need to find a needle somewhere on it.”

Although Lady Sphinxs genetics mastery was overshadowing everyone in the universe, she was still left stumped with this issue.

“I even dropped tens of ongoing project under my copies to assist me in locating the genetics code, but to no avail.”

“So, I went with my second-best idea.” Lady Sphinx shared, “I decided to extract genome sequence responsible for your void immunity from your bloodline by using a modified genome specifier needle.”

Felix was surprised to hear her mention the genome specifier needle! Ever since he took on this unique bloodline path, he completely forgot that it even existed.

This device was used by the rest of bloodliners to extract genome sequence for their abilities.

When they finish, they utilize another device called the imprinter to etch the extracted ability in their 1% human bloodline.

Meanwhile, Felix didnt need to go through this.

One thought by the tenants in his consciousness space was enough to etch any ability he desired.

“Your human system was my inspiration for my ideas.” Lady Sphinx admitted before shaking her head, “Though, the genome needles or the imprinter cant do their job properly when used on a primogenitors bloodline.

I had to modify them significantly, and I still fail most of the time to lock on the desired genome sequence.”

“So, it hasnt been perfected yet” Thor wondered.

“Not yet.” Lady Sphinx shared, “But, I am confident that it wont take more than a year to finish the modification of those devices.”

Lady Sphinx wasnt planning on testing the devices on Felix when they werent 100% accurate.

She knew that when it came to genes, everything needed to be precise and accurate.

Otherwise, the damage caused would be irreversible to Felixs body.

“I dont mind waiting a year.

I still have to reach the devourer sixth mark.” Felix smiled, “I am just glad that I can keep both void domain and immunity.”

Although the method wasnt perfect as Lady Sphinx said, but it was something at least.

“But, how are you going to replace an ability with another” Felix said with a serious tone, “It is already proven that doing so result in nothing but deformation and even death.”

Human researchers had already attempted to extract abilities and imprint new ones, hoping to create a more diverse system for bloodliners.

Alas, forced genetic manipulation resulted in the mentioned two terrible outcomes.

In the end, the human researchers warned bloodliners to never attempt and replace their abilities forcefully.

The human body was a miracle and even in this advanced age, it had yet to be fully understood.

“You dont have to worry about that.” Lady Sphinx assured calmly, “My copies are working on a solution as we speak.”

If the abilities replaced were for beastial bloodlines, Lady Sphinx wouldnt need to put even a single copy on this experiment.

But when it came primogenitors bloodlines Everything had to be perfect.

“I really want to learn genetic manipulation too.” Felix expressed, “As you mentioned before, the key to humans uprising is mastering our own genetics instead of relying on beasts bloodlines.”

Ever since the day Felix learned about alchemy, he wanted to learn about all its branches of study instead of mastering only potion making.

Specifically, genetic manipulation.


However, he was still an apprentice in potion making to dare bring out this matter before Lady Sphinx.

“The realm of genetics isnt as simple as it seems.” Lady Sphinx shook her head, “You already have too much on your plate to include another field of study.”

“I understand…”

Although he didnt want to admit it, he knew that she was right.

He still hadnt learned even rank five potions.

In addition, he was still required to master the conversion technique of two elements.

All of this without mentioning his daily training regime with his masters.

“I will think about it when you master at least ten rank five potions.” Lady Sphinx promised, not able to say no to Felix when he was eager to gain knowledge.

“I will try my best.” Felix assured with a serious tone.

He was now capable of concocting three star difficulty rank four potions.

In his eyes, it was nothing since he was hanging with Lady Sphinx, the founder of the entire field…But, if the news ever get out in the witch empire, everything would grind to a halt!

Thats because it meant that Felix was considered as a grandmaster potioneer at the mere age of twenty-four!

His progress was even more frightening than Queen Allura since she was learning potion making from a young age and nothing else.

Without a single doubt, the moment Felix become a Sage potioneer, he would turn the witch empire upside down!

Sometime later, Felix could be seen sitting on his living room couch while having a couple of holograms floating around him.

He was narrowing his eyes in concentration at the hologram with the details of the third and last game of this event.

The more he read, the bigger his frown got.

Who could blame him

The game was truly going to be a unique experience and pose an unsurmountable challenge to all players.

// Game Platform: Custom Game Mode.

Game Format: Player VS Environment (PVE).

Game Name: The Tower of Ancestors.

Teams participating: 12

Items Allowed: Artifacts, symbiote-based items, nano based items.

Prize Pool: None.

Rules of the game:

1) All teams would be placed at the ground floor of The Tower of Ancestors.

2) The teams would be shown twelve sets of stairs.

Those staircases were leading to the first floor of the tower.

3) The first four floors of the tower would have many types of missions randomized for each team.

Monsters waves, mirror battles, puzzle problems, illusionary scenarios…etc

4) The teams must figure out the condition to finish the missions successfully.

Concluding a mission gives you the right to climb to the next floor.

5) The fifth floor of the tower would not have those challenges.

Instead, the teams would be faced with a randomized copy of a primogenitor at 1% of his/her strength.

6) Getting killed by the primogenitor copy wasnt definitive.

The players were allowed to be respawned after five minutes and retry again.

7) There were two ways to pass the fifth floor successfully…Either kill the primogenitor or provide a praiseworthy performance and get approved by the real primogenitor of that copy.

8) The tenth floor would have another primogenitor but at 5% strength, the fifteenth floor would have a primogenitor with 10% strength, the twentieth floor would have a primogenitor with 15% strength, and so on.

9) There would be instances where teams would face each other in one of those ancestrals floors.

In this case, the first team to slay the ancestors copy would be given the right to climb.

The loser team would be dropped by one floor.

10) Players might have limitations imposed on their strength and items based on the mission in each floor.

11) The difficulty in missions rise significantly after each ancestrals floor gets cleared.

12) Alliances were allowed within those floors but no contracts would be drafted.

13) The tower consisted of fifty floors.

The team that climbed the highest in three days duration would be proclaimed as the final winner.

For more information, please open your SG profile interface.

Good luck to all champions.//

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