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Chapter 842 – A Century!

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Felix didnt expect that Cyclope would be able to see right through them.

Although Thor and Jörmungandr had never pushed Felix to think about fighting against the Darkin faction, Felix always understood that his greatest mission was slaying those three primogenitors.

The moment he took Thor and Jörmungandr as his masters, he understood that their baggage, enemies, issues, and everything that weighed on them would transform to him.

He knew that he could simply ignore them.

But, he wasnt that grateful to suck in everything good from his masters and not consider them as his family.

So, he was destined to fight off against the Darkin faction, and he would rather do it while having a divine weapon resting on his shoulder.

“Is it that obvious” Thor chuckled.

“It made sense only after I found out about your death.” Cyclope disclosed, “You bestowed him your elemental manipulations, which meant passing along your legacy too.”

“With this kids abnormal potential, I believe that he has a small chance of reaching the level of primogenitors if you found a way to solve his physical scaling issue.”

As expected, Cyclope connected the dots and figured out that Lady Sphinx had nothing to do with Felixs elemental manipulations.

After all, he had lighting and poison manipulations of two dead primogenitors.

Yet, he didnt have Lady Sphinxs sand manipulation too even though she was with him much earlier than Thor.

It just didnt make much sense.

The only thing he was still ignorant about was the fact that Felixs physical strength was already solved with the Devourers heart.

Seeing that Felix was a bit nervous about his discovery, Cyclope consoled him, “You dont have to worry, I am not interested in your manipulations…I doubt other primogenitors will bother touch you even if they knew about it.”

“You are underestimating having Lord Khaos as your backer.”

“He is right, Felix.” Thor smirked, “Lord Khaos has already taken a liking to you and made sure that our peers knows it.

Only those with a death wish will dare aim at you.”

Naturally, he was referring to primogenitors not everyone.

“Anyhow, lets get back to your purpose of your visit.” Cyclope informed, “You need to deliver Mjölnir or what left of it to assess what can be saved, and if I will be required any additional materials.”

“So, I dont need to gather every single piece of the hammer anymore, right” Felix inquired, “You will be salvaging it anyway.”

“Yes, just bring me the main body.” Cyclope replied.

Felix sighed in relief.

The biggest issue had been resolved.

Now, he simply needed to pay a visit to the fisherman clan and purchase either the hammer or the entire planet if they rejected his offer.

“By the way, do you want the best of the best or simply something to use.” Cyclope suddenly asked.

Just like every forger, quality items needed the finest material and long period of time to perfect the end product.

“Naturally, the best.” Felix stressed, “I want something of equal quality to Mjölnir at the least.”

“Ohoho, arent you a greedy little one.” Cyclope chuckled, “Do you even know how long it took to make Mjölnir”

Felix shook his head.

“It took me a century to finalize it and that was while putting my entire focus on it solely.” Cyclope shared.

“That long!” Felix took a deep breath in shock.

He knew that Mjölnir was a masterpiece compared to other divine treasures, but he didnt expect that it would have taken an entire century to forge it!

“If you want something of equal quality to Mjölnir, you will need to be extremely patient.” Cyclope shrugged, “If you want something simple, I can make it in a day or two.”

“What decides the duration” Felix wondered.

“Naturally, the divine codex.” Cyclope explained, “My worst divine treasures have a couple of hundred divine inscriptions…Such as the dimensional ring I placed as reward for the second place in this event.”

“As for masterpieces like Mjölnir The divine inscriptions can reach up to tens of millions.” Cyclope simplified it for Felix, “Its like comparing an artifact with one futhark with another that has a thousand futhark…They are simply incomparable.”

“No wonder you cared about Mjölnir.”

Felix always heard about Mjölnir being a masterpiece and even watched it in action when it smashed Jörmungandrs head…Yet, he doubted that it would have such giant chasm between it and other divine treasures.

Knowing this helped him reach his decision.

He wanted a remarkable divine weapon like Mjölnir but waiting an entire century or even more made him hesitant before.

He barely lived for seventy years in total if we combined both of his lifetimes.

Now, he would be required to wait a century for a single weapon…He didnt even know if he would be alive until then.

On the other hand, settling for a simple divine weapon left a bad taste in his mouth…Especially, when the materials were from Mjölnir.

Although Thor refrained from giving his input, Felix didnt want to do his partner such injustice.

‘I have crescent battleaxe for now.

It has proven that its more than enough to handle even dragons.

So, there is no need to be rushed to switch to a divine weapon. Felix reasoned silently,I dont know if I will be alive for another century, but I know it will feel like crap when I reach it and remember passing on this opportunity.

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix disclosed firmly, “I want the best there is, and I will bring you anything you wanted to achieve my dream weapon.”

“Good decision.” Cyclope smiled.

Felixs masters were also satisfied with his patience.

In their eyes, a century could pass in the blink of an eye, but they knew that in Felixs perspective, it was a lot of time.

“We will talk about details when you bring me Mjölnir and assess the damage properly.” Cyclope nodded while standing up.

Felix and his masters stood up too, knowing that it was time for them to leave.

Felix thanked him profusely before leaving with his masters.

Although the main purpose of their visit had been entirely changed, he didnt dislike the outcome one bit.

He knew that divine weapons as great as Mjölnir were few and between around the universe.

With Cyclope retirement, they just became even more limited to the point not every primogenitor had one.

After a century hopefully, he would be the owner of a masterpiece too.

The first thing Felix did after leaving the meeting was contact Malak and update her on the situation.

“You can pause all efforts to gather those pieces.” He ordered, “I need you to contact Mendonus fishermen clan and try to purchase the hammer mountain.”

“The hammer mountain” Malak asked with a confused tone.

“They will understand what you mean if you tell them.” Felix stressed, “This is critical to me Malak.

I need that hammer mountain at any cost.”

“Whats the budget for negotiation” Malak replied with a serious tone after realizing the significance of this mission.

Even during the ruin exploration, Felix hadnt used such a tone.

“Five billion SC for the hammer mountain.” Felix said, “Ten billions SC for the entire planet.

If they refused to sell them, you can use my name.”

With Felixs current wealth, he knew that he could offer much more than this.

But, he would rather not raise suspicion by overpricing the hammer mountain.

He wasnt aware whether the clan realized the materials worth or not, but he understood that offering too much would make them more adamant at keeping it.

“If none of the above worked, I will be handling it in person.” Felix said coldly.

“I hope for their sake they finalize the deal with me.”

Malak knew that Felix couldnt be dealt with anymore in the real world if he decided to screw with someone.

Felix might not be able to use the scanned void creatures since they were considered as his responsibility…But, he could easily rope in a few more millions and send them to the Mendonus clan for apolite visit.

What could they do to defend themselves against this void invasion

Even if they knew that it was his doing, they couldnt prove it before the Queen AI since the void creatures werent registered.

In her eyes, they were simply unlucky to be invaded by them.

“I hope so too for their own sake.” Felix said before hanging up.

Felix wasnt going to take a no for an answer.

If money or owing him a favor didnt move them, then he wouldnt hesitate to use violence.

This was how the universe worked…If you wanted something, take it.

Because the same would happen if someone desired something from him.

If Felix wasnt strong or knew how to hide, he would have already been caught by hundreds of backgrounds and ripped apart for his secrets.

He never cursed them, he never whined that it was unfair…He simply accepted it as normal and adapted to it.

Thats because he knew that when the time comes, he would do the same thing as them to others…

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