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Chapter 839 – The Favor.

Still, Lord Osiris kept his mouth shut and merely sighed inwardly,Congratulation Lady Sphinx.

‘Thank you.

Lady Sphinx tried her best to hold herself from letting out the widest grin she could muster.

When Felix decided to avoid using his offensive void abilities, she was so close to telling him about the bet, so he could go all out in his battles.

But then, she realized that Felix was always fighting at the best of his ability even when he decided not to use his greatest assets.

Felix had just shown her that she was right in her assessment.

‘I will be delivering extra four monoliths too. Lord Osiris said calmly.

‘Why Lady Sphinx raised an eyebrow in surprise at his generous offer.

She already took twenty monoliths from him, and he still wanted to give her more

‘There is no point in having only four monoliths in my collection…Furthermore, I am somewhat eager to see the result of gathering all monoliths together…If there is one person capable of achieving so, it has to be you. Lord Osiris said while cracking a little creepy smile, making it obvious that he rarely smiled.

‘Much appreciated Lord Osiris. Lady Sphinx promised with a stern expression,You will be the first to witness that glorious moment with me.

Lord Osiris nodded and refrained from speaking anymore, focusing on the award ceremony that was about to start.

‘Guys, I have just won twenty-four monoliths from Lord Osiris. Lady Sphinx finally couldnt keep it within and had to share the good news with Felix and the rest.

‘You are joking right Thor recoiled from his seat in shock, scaring the ** out of Siren who was sitting next to him.

Jörmungandr reaction was reserved, but he was as shocked as Thor.

Twenty-four monoliths was a huge unimaginable number when it came to those priceless treasures.

‘How did this happ…Dont tell me you bet on me in this tournament.

Felix felt his soul leave his body at such a damned thought.

‘Naturally. Lady Sphinx confirmed.

‘Master, you are killing me! Felix clutched his heart in pain.

He could see that Lady Sphinx was growing more and more crazy in her bets on him due to his consistent win rate.

Felix wasnt arrogant enough to believe that he was capable of winning every fight and every game.

He knew that he would be placed in a situation, where even his wits and void domain wouldnt be able to help him win.

He feared that Lady Sphinx would have gone all out in her bet on him, causing her to suffer an unrecoverable lose.

“I know, I know, I apologize for it. Lady Sphinx chuckled,But, you dont have to worry, I wont be making such a crazy bets anymore.

Its not easy on my heart too.

‘Thank you. Felix sighed in relief at the sound of that.

‘Now that he have won you twenty-four monoliths, arent you going to reward him with something. Asna asked cheekily.

‘What do we have here. Lady Sphinx teased,You started to look out for your boyfriends interest

‘Thats a given. Asna admitted without an ounce of shame this time,Now, cough up!

‘Enough Asna. Felix scolded while rubbing his hands akin to a sleazy merchant,I dont need anything, master is already doing too much.

‘Arent you a shameless couple. Lady Sphinx laughed in amusement at their good/bad cop ploy to get something out of her.

After thinking about it for a few moments, Lady Sphinx decided to inform Felix some good news related to his void domain.

‘For a long while now, I have been working hard on finding a method to help you reserve both your void domain and also your immunity. Lady Sphinx disclosed with a faint smile,I have finally arrived at a solution that might not completely solve the issue, but it is a still a solution.

‘Are you being for real Felix was taken back to hear so.

He already accepted that the void domain was a lost cause and nothing could change such a fact.

He never bothered to request from Lady Sphinx to seek a way to help him keep both abilities since he felt that it was too much of an ask.

He couldnt fathom the work it would take and if it was even possible to be pulled off by Lady Sphinx.

‘As I said, its not a perfect solution. Lady Sphinx emphasized, so Felix wouldnt get his hopes too high and end up disappointed by what she came up with.

‘I dont care! Its still a solution! Felix said excitedly.

As long as he didnt lose his void domain, Felix was satisfied with anything she proposed to do…Even if it was going to be as painful as drinking the soul splitting potion.

‘Lets continue this discussion later. Lady Sphinx informed,The awards ceremony has started.

As she mentioned, Micheal had already brought out the three treasures for the winners of this tournament.

Each treasure was as spectacular as the one next to it.

“Since Landlord is undoubtedly has shown the best performance in the entire tournament, he will be given the right to pick the first treasure.” Micheal informed loudly.

Webor and Rotspawn had no issues with Felix getting the first pick.

‘Tell me what do you guys want Felix asked telepathically.


‘I will be trading the prize for a favor. Felix shared,So, there is no point in which treasure I pick.

I see.


After hearing so, they both informed Felix of the treasures they wanted, allowing him to pick the remaining one.

“Are you certain” Micheal raised an eyebrow after seeing that Felix picked the least favorable treasure out of the pool.

“I want to trade it for a favor.” Felix disclosed calmly.

“If its a favor you desire, I have no business with this.”

Micheal swiftly excluded himself from the matter while turning the picked treasure into light particles.

“Are you sure he will not be requesting for our bloodlines” Wendigo scoffed faintly.

“Just mind your business will you” Thor clicked his tongue in irritation, “he is not obliged to share his favor in public.”

Felix could voice his request to any participating primogenitor either in public or in private.

In turn, they could accept taking his favor or deny it and make him ask for something else…They werent bound by rules or such to accept his favor whatever it was.

Meanwhile, Webor and Rotspawn decided to taking the treasures home with them.

The primogenitors favors were a hit-and-miss unlike those extraordinary prizes.

Forty minutes later…

Felix could be seen sitting in a round table with Asna and his masters while being served tea by Mistress Candace.

Everyone was sent home after the award ceremony…However, the event was far from conclusion.

One last game remained, and it was going to be including teams made out of five champions!

The players were already given the details of the third game and no one liked it besides Cherufes team…Felix included.

But for now, he wasnt thinking about the last game.

‘Felix, he will refuse your favor, just consider thinking about something else as a backup before we meet him. Lady Sphinx advised.

“One of the reasons I took part in this event is because of Mjölnir.” Felix shook his head, “I wont be at peace if I dont try my luck with elder Cyclope.”

Felixs primary goal from the event was securing elder Cyclopes assistant to repair Mjölnir!

He knew that voicing such a request out of nowhere would result in nothing but utter ignorance.

After all, Cyclope had retired from making divine artifacts and not even the elemental lords could convince him to craft another divine treasure for him.

So, how could he listen to Felix

However, coming at him with an earned favor from the event gave Felix an entry to meet him and at least discuss the repair project with him.

Felix believed that it might work since he was asking him to repair a divine treasure not craft a new one from the start.

“You do you.” Thor shrugged his shoulders, “Just keep in mind that it is more likely for him to accept giving you his bloodline than to carry his forge tools.”

“You guys really dont know why he retired like this” Asna asked.

“We asked ages ago, and he refused to answer.” Lady Sphinx shook her head, “He said that he was burnt out, but we all know that was a mere lie to stop us from bothering him.”

“True, Cyclopes passion in life was making divine treasures, and it kept him going for a very long time…Much longer than us at least.” Jörmungandr sighed.

“The more I hear, the less confident I feel about this.” Felix smiled wryly, “But, I will still try.”

“Then, get prepared.” Lady Sphinx informed, “We are visiting him in a few minutes.”

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