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Chapter 834 – True Poison.

“What the hell did Landlord do to him…Is that poison” Micheal mumured what was on everyones minds.

They knew that Felix was capable of using poison, but they couldnt fathom what kind of poison was capable of killing a dragon instantly like this!

They understood that dragons were born with high resistance to poison, making it much harder to kill them quickly with it before their bodies detoxify itself.

Whats worse, the internal heat within their bodies would evaporate the poison, turning it into thin smoke.

Getting poisoned with smoke-based poison was much harder due to the quantity traveling in the bloodstream compared to a liquid state.

So, they always believed that Felix wouldnt bother using poison against dragons when he had void energy in his arsenal.

“He really used poison…What kind of poison is this potent to kill a dragon in less than two seconds with just its smoke!”

Micheal couldnt help but exclaim in disbelief after replaying the part when Felix expelled his True Poison into Nethercutters throat.

“Oh god, if that poison can kill dragons this fast, then arent we going to die by mere touch”

“It cant be right Right I have never seen a poison elementalist use such a dreadful poison in my life.”

“Have you ever seen a half-serpent play in champions games or go past diamond rank Landlord is a different breed compared to the half-serpent race.”

“Wait a second…Doesnt this mean that Landlord has managed to slay a dragon without using a single void ability!”

The viewers in the stand were just as frightened and shocked as Micheal.

They always underestimated poison, knowing that it was one of the easiest elements to counter.

It was affected heavily with resistances and could be dealt with by almost all elements…Especially in high ranked games like those.

The fact that the half-serpent race were stuck in diamond rank just emphasized how difficult it was for them to slay astrians, vampires, werewolves, and other mid ranged races, using only their poison.

As for heavenly turtles and dragons They couldnt even approach them without having their poisonous abilities evaporated on the spot or smashed by a boulder.

Thats why they always considered that Felixs weakest element was poison.

Now, Felix had just shown everyone that he was capable of slaying a dragon with his supposedly weakest element!

Sure he was using symbiote suit, legendary weapon, and had assistant with two heavenly turtles…But, this didnt change the fact that a dragon still fell under his hands without using even void blink!

If anyone dared to proclaim that Felix was being carried by his void abilities, this would shut them up forever and ever.

“He actually learned how to use True Poison.” Lord Quetzalcoatl praised, “It looks like you didnt go easy on him, brother Jörmi.”

“You give him too much credit.” Jörmungandr smiled faintly, “He just learned the downgraded version of True Poison.

He still had a lot to learn before thoroughly mastering it.”

True Poison might seem like a new term, but Felix had already used it once during the first time he activated poison bombs.

At that time, he didnt specify the inducement and had ended up creating a dark purple bomb that exhausted his energy within a moment.

Thats because the bomb was created with more than eighty inducements merged together!

Since it was a bloodline ability at the time, Felix didnt know how exactly it happened neither did he bother about it.

But now that his poison mastery was getting better and better, he was finally seeking new poisons that were much stronger and brutal than corruption inducement.

True Poison was recommended to him by Jörmungandr since it was one of his strongest and most fearsome poisons ever created.

Thor was actually killed by it…From the memories of that godly fight, Felix could never forget how Thor ended up dying while being covered entirely in dark purple poison cloud!

Although it was just a downgraded version of the real deal, it was more than enough to install terror within the viewers and even the two dragons!

“If he mastered the real deal, he will be able to take down even one of us.” Jorōgumo chuckled while eyeing the Darkin Faction members, wanting to tease them a bit.

‘Tsk, what does she take us for

‘Even Jörmungandr couldnt do ** with his true poison against us, dont even mention that little **.

They ignored her attempt to agitate them and kept watching the ongoing battle.

Felix could be seen digging a hole through Nethercutters skull.

Because of true poison, his skull was too fragile to even handle a single rock thrown at it.

When he cracked it open, he saw that Nethercutters brain had been completely dissolved into purplish bubbling liquid.

His crescent battleaxe was lying on the puddle without being affected at all.

Felix made sure to remove any inducements that were able to influence plant based and mineral-based materials in his new poison.

Without hesitation, Felix jumped inside Nethercutters head and retrieved his crescent battleaxe.

‘Captain! They are preparing to fire two nukes at us!

Before Felix could even admire this masterpiece that made everything possible, Webors agitated warning resounded in his mind.

‘GO ALL OUT! ғʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ

Red Mercy shouted at Summerspirit while preparing the most terrifying flame orb he could create.

He knew that Felix could jump into the void realm to avoid the explosions, but he wanted to vent somehow and someway after seeing his own teammate getting slayed before him.

Felix swiftly beamed his battleaxe within his AP bracelet and blinked in the air.

He stood above a spatial rift and watched the two dragons opening their jaws wide open while channelling their flames into one dot.

When they finished, they flew rapidly towards him and the other two underneath him.

After bridging the distance, Red Mercy and Summerspirit aimed at Webor and fired their flame orbs simultaneously, knowing that Felix was a lost cause.

On the other hand, the two heavenly turtles might shield themselves within their shell, but they werent going to come out of a direct explosion completely unscathed.

Webor and Rotspawn pulled their limbs and heads within their shells and covered themselves with a dome of solid earth, knowing that digging underground wasnt going to help them at all.

‘I told you guys not worry about the flame orbs while I am nearby.

Felix shook his head at his teammates defensive behavior and blinked in front of Red Mercys flame orb.

Then, he opened a void rift in front of it and watched it enter the rift swiftly.

Before the dragons and the viewers could react, he blinked to the second flame orb and repeated the process.

After sending both flame orbs within the void realm, he closed the rifts and teleported next to Webor and Rotspawn.

‘You can come out, I have dealt with them. Felix disclosed causally, not realizing that his actions had made the entire arena drop-dead silent.

‘It cant be…

‘He can do that

Red Mercy and Summerspirit were left stunned by the sight of their flame orbs peacefully disappearing into another dimension.

Not once have they considered that Felix could use his spatial rifts as a shield against their attacks!!

In reality, Felix always knew that he could completely negate the dragons flame orbs if he wanted…He simply didnt when he could easily avoid the explosion by jumping into the void realm.

But now that he had teammates he needed to protect as well, he was naturally not going to jump to safety and leave them alone against those nukes when he could get rid of them effortlessly.

“Dont bother wasting your energy on flame orbs.” Felix advised the dragons from a far causally, “I will always teleport them to the void realm, no matter which way you launched them.”

“So, how about we continue with our battle normally You dont use flame orbs, I wont use offensive void abilities.” Felix suggested while caressing his battleaxe gently.

The viewers woke up from their daze at the sound of that, feeling somewhat floored to hear a human advise dragons to not use their most fearsome ability.

However, when they recalled what happened to the previous two flame orbs, they knew that he wasnt boasting around!

“What the f*ck am I watching”

“How can someone counter dragons this f*cking hard”

“Oh dear, dragons will never be seen the same after this battle.”

“They are really lucky that the game isnt spectated by trillions of viewers.”

For the first time ever, the viewers actually started to sympathized with the dragons! They felt like Felix was simply bullying them excessively much.

He killed Nethercutter without using his void abilities, letting them know that he was capable of slaying them whichever way possible.

Now, he was boldly putting himself in a disadvantageous position against them, making it seem like the dragons were the actual underdogs in this game!!

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