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Chapter 832 Preparing For The Future.

“Dragonslayer! Dont dream about touching us while inside the void realm.

We are on to you!” Summerspirit yelled while starting to fly rapidly in a circular path.

The other two copied his movement, making them resemble vultures circling a corpse.

‘They sure learn fast. Felix chuckled.

He knew that they were doing this to avoid getting killed by his small void rifts.

Unfortunately for them, Felix had no intention of doing so.

He blinked a dozen times around them and created several small void rifts a bit further from them.

Then, he started bombarding them with void seekers from multiple void rifts by going at his fastest speed within the void realm.

Whoosh WHoosh! Whoosh!

Red Mercy and the other two started matching the void seekers with their own giant fireballs, destroying them before they could reach them.

Just like void creatures, Felixs void abilities were destructible if they were overwhelmed with elemental energy.

Though, only his void seekers and thin void beams were under such a threat.

While Felix was keeping them busy, Webor and Rotspawn were digging upward without being detected.

They knew that attracting the attention of those dragons would result in them getting bombarded with nukes.

They wanted to avoid getting hit by them before they reach the surface.

Thankfully, Felixs pressuring void abilities made it hard for Red Mercy and the others to bother with other matters.

Right now, they were being assaulted with void seekers, but no one assured them that Felix wouldnt swap to his void beams.

“Landlords backup is here!” Micheal commentated while focusing the camera on Webor and Rotspawn.

They had just reached the surface and were met with the sight of Felix pressuring three dragons at once.

‘Lets start fast!

Rotspawn rushed Webor, knowing that Felix would not be able to keep up at the same pace without burning himself out again.

So, he opened his jaws widely and aimed at the chaotic battle location above them.

Then he created a dozen of solid brown giant boulders with his own elemental energy and began  launching them in the air one by one!

Webor did the same thing without an ounce of hesitation.

‘Its time. 

The instant Felix spotted the boulders, he dropped his assault and teleported above one of them while wearing his poisonous misty suit.

Then, he put on his symbiote suit and beamed his crescent battleaxe.

When the dragons noticed the boulders barrage and Felixs infrared body on one of them, they reacted quickly and moved out of the way reflexively.

‘Why are we running away Red Mercy soon frowned in displeasure.

He realized that Felixs void abilities had started to put a dent on their absolute confidence in their strength.

They used to never retreat unless their lives were hanging by a thread.

Now, they were running away from a bunch of boulders and one player

‘He is literally heading towards us alone! Nethercutter yelled,Just roast him alive!

The three dragons got into their positions and widened their jaws to the limit.

Then, they breathed a torrent of scorching flames at him!

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix jumped from his boulder high above, evading their breath of fire narrowly!

Alas, the boulders near him ended up turning into melting magma before splitting into many fragments.

While falling midair, Felix extended his palm towards another untouched boulder at the back and discharged an thick arc of electricity.

The moment it touched the boulder, Felix pulled himself towards it, helping him get some footing in the air!

“What a fine evade by Landlord!” Micheal shouted, not expecting that Felix had reached such a high level in his internal lightning manipulation.

Felix was capable of using electrical pull ability after understanding the secret involved in creating it!

It wouldnt have been possible without learning electromagnetism.

‘Lasers this time! Red Mercy yelled telepathically as he watched Felix swinging from a flying boulder to another akin to a spider with his electrical pull ability.

Webor and Rotspawn made it possible by hurling boulders nonstop in his direction, giving him always a solid footing even in the air.

Nethercutter and Summerspirit went with his idea and started to condense a beam of fire in their mouths.

When they saw that Felix had started to gain ground on them, they immediately fired those laser beams simultaneously.

Felix already saw them preparing it, making him swing to another boulder the instant they were fired!

Boom Boom Booom!

Although he dodged them, the dragons didnt stop their salvo at all.

ᰍaꪧda ᱅o᱇ꫀl They continued launching laser beams continuously, making them resemble plasma canons!

The boulders kept being blow out into oblivion just to get replaced by ten more.

As long as the boulders kept coming, Felix was as untouchable as a monkey in a forest!

Sure, he was being forced to fall back most of the time, but he was always edging closer and closer to them.

“I know that Landlord is doing so because he cant use wings inside the dragons flames field, but why bother going so far to get close to them” Barbyclaw inquired in confusion.

“Indeed, isnt it better to do so from within the void realm” Nina wondered too.

Just like everyone else, they were in the dark about Felixs strategy with his teammates.

Based on what they were observing, it appeared like Felix was simply wasting his efforts on something that could be achieved easily with his void abilities.

Unbeknownst to them, Felix intended to reduce his heavy reliance on void abilities in this battle, knowing that he would lose them eventually.

He felt that it would be a hundred times better to get used to his new fighting style in a real setting.

It was much better this way since he could always rely on his void abilities to escape back to safety when he screwed up big time.

The same couldnt be said when he loses them, and end up fighting radiant dragons…It was a given that he would be burnt to toast due to a single mistake.

‘F*ck, he is too slippery! Red Mercy cursed as he suggested,How about we drop a couple of orbs on those turtles below

‘No! If they stopped helping him like this, he will jump back to the void realm. Nethcutter denied,I dont know why is he fighting us on the outside like this, but we should take advantage of the opportunity and kill him fast.

‘I agree! Summerspirit nodded.

In their eyes, Felixs danger lied in assaulting them within the void realm.

He was untouched and could be assaulting them with killer moves.

The deadliest combination.

If he wasnt planning on using this strategy, then they wouldnt push him to go for it.

“Landlord has crossed past the five hundred meters of Red Mercy!” Nethercutter exclaimed, “How will he resist his flames field!”

As he mentioned, smoke could be seen starting to raise from the boulder that Felix was standing on.

It was turning red and extremely hot, making the viewers unable to imagine how their skin would turn if even a solid boulder was affected this heavily.

Yet, Felix looked perfectly fine and unaffected by the heat.

The symbiote suit was covering him from head to toe, not exposing a single inch of his skin to the heat.

If the symbiote suit was capable of resisting void energy for more than half a minute within the void realm, then a flames field was a walk in the park for it.

Though, there was a disadvantage.

Red Mercy and the other two had found out about it immediately.

‘Chance! He cant swing himself anymore! Red Mercys eyes brightened up.

Since Felix couldnt expose his hands anyone, this signified that it was impossible for him to use his elemental abilities…Electrical Pull included!

Not wasting such a free opportunity, they aimed at Felix again and bombarded him with laser beams, fireballs, fire arrows, and all sorts of destructive abilities!

If the scene was in slow motion, the viewers would be awed to see a rain of magnificent looking flaming abilities showering Felix from most directions.

Still, Felix didnt seem fazed at all even though they were unable to see his face.

Just his unmoved composure gave them the feeling that he had everything under control.

Felix didnt bother glancing at the incoming salvo…He predicted as much after entering Red Mercys flame field.

So, he bent his knees to the limit and propelled himself towards the rain of fire while tightening his grip on his battleaxe!


With a single swing, Felix split an incoming fireball into halves and pierced right through it!

Before the viewers eyes could even widen in shock, Felix continued clearing his path towards Nethercutter, by slicing up the fire abilities in his direction!

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