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Chapter 825 Not Doing His Homework.

As a spider kin too, Micheal knew what he was talking about.

As he mentioned, Dusthand weaved a blanket of wet sticky thick silk and placed it above his giant abdomen.

Then, he controlled it externally to cover every inch of his skin.

In less than a split second, he resembled a flying white origami spider.

The only thing he didnt cover were his wings since they couldnt flap properly while being covered in his sticky silk.

Ignorant fool. Red Mercy scoffed,Whats the point of protecting yourself while leaving your wings vulnerable.

Everyone wondered the same, knowing that if Dusthands wings got burnt off, he would be a sitting duck in the air.


The moment Dusthand entered the hellish flame field, he did the unexpected and retracted his wings within his exoskeleton!

This protected them from the flames but Dusthand was left without his flight ability.

Just as the viewers were about to question his decision, Dusthand pointed his hands at the fast approaching Red Mercy and launched two thick silky strings at him!

Because of Red Mercys gigantic size and momentum, he wasnt able to evade them.

They got stuck at the edge of his right wing.

Annoying. Red Mercy swung his claw at them, trying to snap them in half.

However, when his claw touched them, the sticky strings stretched instead of getting cut!

To worsen it, they actually separated themselves from the wings and remained attached to the claw!

Red Mercy shook his claw in irritation, trying to get rid of them.

But, they remained glued to it completely.

Meanwhile, Dusthand was being thrown left and right with the strings since he didnt let go of them.

When Red Mercy saw his, he lifted his claw and positioned Dusthand right in front of his mouth.

Then, he opened his jaws widely and fired a thin laser of condensed flames at Dusthand!


Unfortunately for him, Dusthand expected as much and had managed to evade the laser by simply dangling from another string glued to Red Mercys stomach!

Phew! Phew!

This time, he didnt wait until Red Mercy caught his string as he kept firing one after another and continuing to swing himself in the air!

He wasnt doing so for the giggles.

With every swing, Dusthand made sure to launch a flood of his sticky wet silk at different body parts of Red Mercy!

Then, he controlled the silk to spread out on his wings.

Right now, he had managed to cover his legs, tail, and a half of his right wing!

“Enough!” Peeved by Dusthands pitiful attempts to capture him, Red Mercy took in a deep breath and aimed his jaw at his own body!

Then, he let out a breath of flames, trying to burn the silk into ashes.

Unfortunately, the fire was strong enough to burn only the glued strings but not the sticky silk covering his limbs!!


“Its hopeless.

My silk specialty is close immunity to fire.

As long as it is as thick as a hide, it will be able to resist every flame ability you threw at it!” Dusthand snickered as he swung himself above Red Mercys head.

Crap! I didnt know that! Red Mercys expression turned a bit twisted after hearing so.

However, he still hadnt accepted his fate and kept trying to free himself from the spreading cocoon.

Are you kidding me

When Felix and the rest of the players saw his futiles struggles, they didnt know if they should praise Dusthand or mock Red Mercy for not doing his due diligence.

Spider Kin were known for their amazing evolutionary traits as much as their elemental traits.

There were so many spider species around the universe, every one of them had special type of silk that was related to his environment.

Dusthand species was called Sun Cellar Spider for a reason…They were known for being born in scorching hot planets and living in them without an issue due to their evolutionary traits.

Their produced silk naturally had to be extremely resistant to fire!

If Red Mercy had known this, he wouldnt have allowed Dusthand to even get close to him!

“As expected of dragons!” Micheal grinned mockingly, “Too proud for their own good!” Pa nda

No vel As a Spider Kin too, Micheal was naturally a bit biased towards Jorōgumos team.

There was no way he would ease his words against Red Mercy, who didnt even bother to do a simple research on Jorōgumos team.

Now Red Mercy could only twist around and try to overpower the silks toughness with his physical strength.

Too bad, the silk used by Dusthand wasnt solidified.

He kept it in its stretchy sticky wet form, so it would stick to Red Mercy like a latex suit!

F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! Red Mercy started to get agitated after his wings had been completely covered with thick silk, making it harder for him to stay in the air.

It wasnt just the weight that troubled him but the irritating stretchy form of the silk.

While he was struggling to free at least his wings, Dusthand had stopped swinging a long while ago.

Now, he was standing above Red Mercys head, making himself glued with him.

At the same time, he was freely pumping out silk from his palms, rear, and eight legs.

This accelerated the process of putting Red Mercy into a cocoon.

Good **, Dusthand!

Prepare to reinforce him.

Fallenstone and Spidermummy were satisfied with Dusthands performance.

They thought that he was either going to fail miserably or succeeded but with heavy wounds.

They knew that Red Mercy wasnt to be underestimated.

But, they had no idea that Red Mercys pride and laziness would stop him from even doing his proper homework!


“He did it! He actually placed a dragon within a cocoon!” Micheal shouted in euphoric excitement as he watched a humongous spherical white egg started to fall down.

Red Mercy was completely covered in silk within the cocoon, he was barely able to move his wings.

The viewers could see some bright orange lights escaping from tiny holes in the cocoon, letting them know that Red Mercy had yet to give up on using his flame abilities.

He tried his condensed flame beam and managed to punch a small hole through the cocoon.

Alas, it was recovered within a split second.

He even tried to use an ability called flame burst that release flames through his scales, engulfing him entirely in fire.

Alas, the fire did nothing to help him out.

The silk dreadful resistance was not a joke.

“He is f*cked big time if he didnt request back up now.” Felix said as he watched Red Mercy continue falling down.

Felix knew that many dragons were killed at the hands of players from different races by using environment to their own advantage, relying on items, poison, ganging up…etc.

He was merely the first person to slay a dragon without relying on items or tricks, making him truly worthy of the title.

If Red Mercy landed in the hands of three spider kin while inside a cocoon, his fate wouldnt be too pleasant.

I wont f*cking beg for assistance regardless of what! Although Red Mercy could see that his situation was miserable, he refused to call for help telepathically.

It was simply too humiliating after boasting that he would end this fight alone in a jiffy.


The ground shook and dust rose high above as the cocoon smashed at the bottom of a mountain, creating a giant crater.

When the dust settled, the viewers couldnt help but appreciate the silks toughness.

It appeared filthy but not a single cut could be seen.

Although the landing was nasty, everyone could see that Red Mercy was still twisting within the cannon, resembling a chick trying to hatch from an egg but failing to do so.

Come quickly, we need to eliminate him before his back-up arrives.

Dusthand besought his teammates to hurry as he kept strengthening the cocoon with more silk.

We are here. Fallenstone disclosed while swinging from a boulder to another with Spidermummy.

Soon, they landed next to the giant cocoon and couldnt help but complement simultaneously, “Good work.”

“Save it for later.” Dusthand rushed them, “Reinforce the cocoon quickly, I will take care of him with the Frenzy Poison.”

When Dusthand saw that his teammates were pumping silk from their palms at the cocoon, he quickly beamed a small bottle filled with murky dark red liquid.

Then, he poured it on a thick line of silk and created a sphere around it…The sphere was to protect the poison against the hellish flames, stopping it from evaporating.

As mentioned before, there were many tools to slay a dragon if used properly.

The Frenzy Poison was one of the most common used ones.

As long as the poison managed to enter the bloodstream of a dragon, it would cause them to enter a maddened frenzy in exchange for exhausting their lifespan.

This poison was used to be a potion for dragons to increase their strength by forcefully making themselves mad if taken with small doses.

It was a good potion to help them in tight spots.

However, it was found out later on that when used with a large dose, it would make them end up exhausting their lifespans before the potion effect expired!

“Mix it with other strings.” Spidermummy suggested.

“I know.”

Dusthand created a hundred more silky strings and placed them on the cocoon as well.

“I dont believe it…Will they actually succeed in slaying a dragon” Micheals excitement was off the roof as he watched Dusthand doing his work.

He knew that Dusthand was currently guiding the laced string towards the reversed scale of Red Mercy.

The other hundred strings were there to confuse Red Mercy.

Since they hadnt wounded him, it was the best option of accessing his bloodstream.

His seven orifices were much harder to penetrate.

Motherf*kers must have laced one of those strings!

Red Mercy might be blinded within the cocoon, but he could still feel the strings slithering through his scales, trying to find ways to access his bloodstream.

Knowing that he couldnt protect his reversed scale and seven orifices at the same time forever agitated Red Mercy even further.

The more agitated the dragons, the angrier they get…It wasnt a smart choice to anger a Red Dragon.

You little insects asked for it!

Red Mercy stopped thinking straight as he began to condense a flame orb within his throat.

He knew that firing at such a close contact would get him wounded pretty badly.

But, he would rather cripple himself then request to be saved by his teammates!

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