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Chapter 823 – Lady Yggdrasils Sly Scheme.

“Most likely the mermaids.” Felix answered.

Sirens team consisted of three gorgeous mermaids, who were capable of manipulation sound to a horrific degree.

They could sing songs capable of enchantment and at the same time they could erase their opponents with dreadful soundwaves.

This was merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of their capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Spirit Foxes were breathtaking alright and could use their beauty to charm their opponents easily with the help of their charm manipulation.

However, it would hard for them to do so against mermaids.

Firstly, mermaids enjoy owning noteworthy mental defends.

Secondly, Sirens team was made entirely of females, making them more inclined to be interested in the opposite sex.

This would make it harder for the Spirit Foxes to pull a fast one on them.

As Felix expected, Kumihos team had ended up losing the fight because of those heavy disadvantages.


Later that evening…

“Good evening, mother.” Selphie greeted as she stepped inside a small garden that was filled with cute animals and beautiful flowers from all kinds.

Lady Yggdrasil was watering the flowers with a pot and a peaceful smile.

“Evening my dear.” Lady Yggdrasil asked softly, “Where have you been lately”

“I was watching the fights with Feli…Landlord.” Selphie replied truthfully, knowing that her mother hated nothing more than needless lies.

“Him again Is it just me, or you seem a bit too attached to him lately.” Lady Yggdrasil chuckled.

“Mom…Do you really need me to say it out loud” Selphie pouted.

“Say what” Lady Yggdrasil kept acting ignorant to tease her.

Lady Yggdrasil had lived long enough to see empires rise and fall, realms get utterly blown out just to be rebuilt again, primogenitors dies, and other superior beings perishing…How could she not understand what was going with her daughter

“You…So annoying, Fine, I like him! Happy” Selphie admitted while looking in the other direction.

“Quite in fact, I am happy.” Lady Yggdrasil teased, “I have started to think that you like girls when you keep rejecting every male proposing to you in all nine realms.”

“I just didnt like them.” Selphie complained, “They are either too timid because of my status or too arrogant for their own good because of their status.”

“Whats different about that kid” Lady Yggdrasil asked, “Im aware that he is looked highly upon by his masters due to his growth potential, but what about his character”

“Although the nobles of the nine realms arent to your satisfaction, but they are at least loyal.” Lady Yggdrasil added.

When it came loyalty, elves were unmatched…The moment they chose a cause or partner, they would stay loyal to it until the day they die.

On other hands, we have humans…It was simply hit-and-miss with them.

“You are mistaken about him.

He might be a human, but his loyalty is comparable to us.

He even refused to take me to a date because he has a girlfriend.” Selphie complemented Felix, not realizing that she was bashing herself in the process.

“…” Lady Yggdrasil eyed her speechlessly, feeling like she was seeing her daughter for the first time.

“What” Selphie titled her head in confusion.

“What do you mean by what!” Lady Yggdrasil scolded, “How can you let yourself get friendzoned You are a future queen and my daughter.

If my peers caught wind of this, I will never hear the end of it.”

“What can I do” Selphie mumbled in annoyance, “I keep making moves on him, but he blocks them all because of that girl.”

“Unacceptable, how can his girlfriend be better than my daughter” Lady Yggdrasil frowned, “Show me.”

Selphie opened a holographic screen and showed Lady Yggrasil all her information gathered about Asna.

When Lady Yggdrasil saw Asnas unparalleled beauty, she couldnt help but give her daughter a sympathetic look.


Selphie didnt like her look at all.

“I still have a chance! Beauty isnt everything.” Selphie stressed, “Status, personality, and intelligence are equally important.”

In Selphies mind, it was simply impossible to contest against Asna in terms of looks.

However, she had other important assets too.

“I dont know about her intelligence and personality, but I doubt she has a better social status than me.” Selphie spoke confidently.

‘Oh honey…You have no idea, who you are competing with. Lady Yggdrasil kept those thoughts to herself, not wanting to break her daughters heart.

God knows if she would ever be interested in men again.

Lady Yggdrasil didnt truly know about Asnas identity or her situation with Felix.

However, she deducted that Asna must be a from a race that was equally superior as primogenitors or even higher.

She picked it up from Asnas manner of speech, walk, gaze, and behavior.

Not to mention her unrealistic beauty.

If she was disclosed about Felixs memories like Lady Sphinx, Thor, Jörmungandr, and Lord Khaos, she would have picked up on Asnas identity instantly.

“Well, you do you.” Lady Yggdrasil walked to her and patted her in the head gently, “I dont care if you want to tie note with a half donkey half a man as long as you are certain about your choice.”

“I am certain, it has to be him.” Selphie nodded with a resolved expression.

“Do you want me to call Lady Sphinx and set you up with him” Lady Yggdrasil mentioned, “She owes me a favor after giving her my monolith a while ago.”

“No! Thats way too intrusive and forceful.

Plus, I doubt Felix will see me too kindly after that.” Selphie rejected her suggestion vehemently.

“Though, I do need your help with something.” Selphie added while avoiding eye contact with her.

“What is it”

“I promised him to bathe in the life essence fountain.” Selphies voice faded at the end.

Lady Yggdrasil narrowed her eyes at Selphie and asked, “Is he taking advantage of you already”

“No!” Selphie defended Felix hastily, “We made a bet about his fight with the fog crawlers.

If he wins, I will help him with the life essence fountain, but if he lost, he promised to stay in my realm for a decade.”

“You know the outcome.” Selphie added while sighing in disappointment.

“So, let me get this straight.

You annoyed me to bet on him to win the tournament.

Then, you went and made a bet against him and hoped that he loses his fight” Yggdrasil stretched Selphies ear as she scolded, “Did love make you dumb in an instant or what”

“Owowow! I am sorry! I wasnt thinking straight!” Selphie cried painfully while trying to escape from Lady Yggdrasils clutches.

“This is a minor issue, but dont let it happen again.” Lady Yggdrasil released her grip as she advised, “Dont do anything dumb to please him if it is going to affect you badly.”

“I wont…” Selphie whimpered while massaging her reddened ear.

Elves ears were too sensitive to stimulation, making it quite a painful process to have them stretched like that.

“Since you made a bet and lost, you have to deliver no matter what.” Lady Yggdrasil mentioned with a sly smile, “Still, you guys didnt put a number on the exact date.

So, just tell him to come whenever he feels like it.”

“Mom! Thats quite shameful and deceiving! Felix didnt put too much thought into it because he trusted me.” Selphie retorted after realizing what Lady Yggdrasil wanted to do.

“Shut up, I am doing this for you.

Plus, dont worry, I will be seen as the bad guy.” Lady Yggdrasil chuckled, “What can he do Complain to his masters”

Felix accounted for the fact that Selphie was too nice and kind to try and cheat him after he won the bet.

But, he didnt consider that Lady Yggdrasil couldnt care less about him.

Since she was the true decider whether he would be entering the fountain or not, she could pick any date she desired!

This meant the moment Felix stepped into the elvish realms, he could only wait until Lady Yggdrasil allowed him to use the fountain.

It could take months or even years!

This was truly helpful to Selphie.

She could take advantage of Felixs indefinite stay in her home to make a real connection with him.

‘It will be the best chance to make him mine. Selphie steeled her heart and stopped feeling guilty about agreeing to her mothers plan.

“Thanks a lot mom, I will be going to deliver him the good news.” Selphie stepped forward and kissed Lady Yggdrasil in her cheek.

Then, she teleported with clear anticipation in her face.

‘This is all I can do for you, my dear. Lady Yggdrasil sighed inwardly,Its doubtful if you can snag him from that mysterious woman, but I hope you wont have any regrets whether you failed or succeed.

Lady Yggdrasil soon returned to tending the flowers, not planning on wasting too much of her energy on her daughters love life.

She was too old for that crap.

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