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Chapter 820 – Three Vs Three Tournament.

“Dead serious.” Selphie smiled charmingly as she thought,If I besought my mom, she will most definitely allow it.

“How I thought that other races arent allowed to even look at the life essence fountain.” Felix titled his head in confusion, “Did the rules change or something”

Felix knew that asking for a bottle was already too much since only royalty were allowed regular access to the life essence fountain.

As for other high elves They could bathe only once in their lifetime in the fountain.

At least, they had it better than other elves in the rest of the elvish realms.

They were given only a small bottle to drink in their lifetime.

There was no point in mentioning humans, werewolves, vampires, and other outsiders.

Life essence was a mere fantasy to them.

“You dont have to bother yourself with my method.

If you win our bet, I will make sure that you bathe in our fountain regardless of what.” Selphie promised with a confident tone.

Although Felix still had some skeptical at her ability to deliver such an unimaginable task, he decided to take a leap of faith and trust her.

“What do you want from me.” Felix coughed, “I doubt I have something that can match your bet.”

If it was just a bottle of life essence, Felix could trade it with a unique rank 4 potion concocted by him personally.

The recipe belonged to Lady Sphinx and wasnt available in the market, which meant the potion could be used even as a collectible!

But now

He knew that it would be almost impossible to match her bet.

Bathing in the life essence for even thirty minutes was enough to increase ones lifespan by at least a hundred thousand years!

This was merely a byproduct.

The real effect was providing a significant boost to everything that could be enhanced!

This meant, Felix could benefit from having a tremendous enhancement to his physical strength, elemental capacity, mental capacity, affinities to elements, soul, and even his spiritual pressure!

It was like an upgraded version of replacement enhancements that all bloodliners go through in their path.

If Felix could obtain such an all-rounded boost before undergoing his next replacement, it would be huge for his future.

So, he really hoped that Selphie wouldnt ask for the stars and reject the wager with him.

“I dont want much.” Selphie tucked a stalk behind her ear shyly as she mumured, “If I win, you will take me to dinner…”

Her voice faded at the end, making it hard for Felix to pick up what she said.

“Can you repeat it a bit louder” Felix requested while leaning closer to her face.

Selphies cute long ears reddened at how close he was, but she didnt push him away.

Instead, she steeled her guts and whispered in his ear, “I want a dinner date with you.”

“…” Felix was left at loss for words, not expecting her wish at all.

When he pulled back a little and saw how she behaved, the way she talked, and her excessivefriendless, he finally realized what this was all about.

‘You got to be **ting me… Felixs eyes widened as he stared at her blushed cheeks,Did she really fall for me or am I tripping

Felix prided himself in not being dense around women, but he truly thought that Selphie was simply being friendly with him.

Hell, he didnt even know her real name!

‘Did I hear a dinner date Asna suddenly creeped up in Felixs mind, sending chills coursing on his spine at the thought of her listening to them from the beginning.

Asna was watching the game peacefully from the UVR until she noticed Felix sitting next to Selphie in the stand.

Without hesitation, she logged out and started ease dropping on their conversation from the consciousness space.

When she saw how Felix was disinterested in Selphie and cared only about gaining strength like some muscle head, she felt secure again and decided to return to the UVR.

Alas, Selphie just had to be ballsy and request a date from Felix in case she won the bet.

‘Nothing is going on here…

‘No need to explain. Asna said,I trust that you will never wrong me.

Felix sighed in relief after hearing so.

He really didnt expect Asna to be this mature.

He knew that she was still a bit crazy in the head.

“I have no problem with taking you to dinner.”

Before Selphie could rejoice at his acceptance, Felix had to crush her hopes completely, “But, it cant be a date.

I have a girlfriend and would rather avoid hurting or fooling either of you.”

Felix wasnt kidding around.

Life essence bath was truly an opportunity that couldnt be gotten by normal means.

Yet, he would give up on it in a heartbeat if it was going to start troubles with Asna or Selphie.

He was committed 100% to his relationship with Asna, and he wasnt interested in fooling around with other girls.

She was all he needs.

Selphie was a good girl and absolutely didnt deserve to have her emotions played by him for the sake of getting stronger.

“I see…” Selphie smiled wryly as she apologized, “I am truly sorry if I made you uncomfortable.

I have been taught from young that only courageous ones gets what they deserve in life.

So, I made a move on you even though I knew about the rumors about your girlfriend.”

“I am actually quite flattered.” Felix scratched his nose, “Being approached by an intelligent beauty like you doesnt happen regularly in my life.”

“You think I am pretty” Selphies ears reddened again after hearing him compliment her for the first time.

“How about I invite you to dinner with my girlfriend I believe you girls will hit it off immediately.” Felix proposed in a heartbeat after seeing her reaction, not wanting to give her any false hope.

‘Heeey! I have never agreed to this. Asna complained.

‘So, you are fine with me dinning with her alon…

‘Shut up, I will be there.

‘How predictable.

‘F*ck off.


Felix chuckled in his mind at his interaction with Asna.

No other girl could replace Asna when it came to personality even though it wasnt perfect.

He loved that imperfection about her the most.

“I would love to hang with you guys.” Selphie agreed to his proposal.

“Cool, let set a date after the event ends.” Felix smiled faintly as he extended his hand, “Felix Maxwell by the way.”

He realized that he had yet to introduce himself properly even though he knew that she must be familiar with his name.

Plus, a handshake was the best friend zoning weapon followed by a bro hug.

“Excuse my manners.” Selphie shook his hand elegantly as she introduced, “Selphie Presrona Yggdrasil.”

“Yggdrasil” Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise, “Is elder Yggdrasil your mother”

“Yep, I tagged alone to ease a bit of my boredom.” Selphie explained.

“No wonder you were confident in being able to get me a bath in the life essence fountain.”

Felix knew that if someone was able to completely bypass the elvish rules and tradition, it would most definitely be Lady Yggdrasil.

After all, the life essence fountain was hers to begin with!

Boooooom Boooom Booom!

Just as Selphie was about to reply, three thunderous explosions occurred simultaneously on the island.

“Are you still interested in our bet” Felix smirked faintly after seeing that Hellspawn had been caught in one of those explosions, turning him into ash instantly.

“You are trying to cheat me.” Selphie pouted.

She ought to feel this way since her date with Felix had been scrubbed and turned into a friendly dinner with Asna.

Plus, one of Wendigos team members had been eliminated in the first five minutes of the game.

“How about we change the bet terms then” Felix still hadnt given up on getting that bath.

He knew that he could simply make a request and Selphie might actually help him out free of charge.

But, that was too shameless, even for him.

It would be the same as taking advantage of someone crushing over you.

He hadnt reached a deep level of friendship with her to make such a massive request and not feel guilty about it.

“Alright.” Selphie giggled as she proposed, “If you won your next battle, I will beg mother to make it happen…But, if you lose the fight, you will need to spend a century in my realm.”

‘A century Huh, it looks like she still havent truly given up on you yet. Asna squinted her eyes dangerously,Now, I am eager to meet her in that dinner.

‘Chillax a little. Felixs eyelids twitched,She is an elf, a century is the same as a month to us.

“What I am being generous here.” Selphie titled her head cutely after seeing that he didnt reply.

She was being truthful, high elves lived for a very, very long time unlike majority of the races.

They werent immortals, but their longevity could reach to a hundred thousand years at minimum.

So, a century was really just a long month for Selphie.

“I can do a decade.” Felix tried to haggle, “We humans have an entire different perceptive on time than you elves.

A decade is already a long period in my eyes.”

“How about fifty years then”

Selphie gave him a puppy look with her soul devouring oceanic blue eyes, making Felix like he would suck into a pool of cuteness if he didnt break the eye contact.

“A decade!” Felix stressed while looking away.


“A decade!”


“A decade!”

“Fine!” Selphie pouted in annoyance, finally giving in to Felixs offer.

Felix didnt mention a contract since it would be somewhat unsavory before her.

Friendships were hard to start when contracts get involved.

After all, the basic element of friendship was trust.

‘A decade of companionship should be enough to change his feelings about me. Selphie thought inwardly with a resolved look.

Although she had been rejected clearly by Felix, this merely made her want him even more to herself.

High elves didnt easily get attached romantically to others.

When they do, they would make sure to get what they desired no matter what.

In Selphies eyes, Asna was simply his girlfriend.

Such relationships were easily breakable after long periods of time.

‘I have plenty of time in my plate to snatch him from her. Selphie smiled faintly as she took a glimpse of Felixs face.

It was doubtful if she would have the same confidence if she ever knew about Felixs and Asnas souls being merged…

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