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Chapter 815 – Unexpected Place To Strike!

Ambereye wasnt lying when she said that she joined the game merely to fool around.

She had no use for the reward nor was she asked by Lady Yggdrasil to secure the opportunity to enter the spirit realm.

When the next round started, she made it crystal clear that she was done with this game by abstaining to answer.

She merely rested her chin under her elbow and watched Felix working his magic on the question.

“Why do I feel uneasy” Asna squinted her eyes at Ambereye, not liking the way she was looking at Felix one bit.

She saw Felixs interaction with Ambereye and knew that she had nothing to worry about.

He was literally risking his life to securing that opportunity to enter the spirit realm.

So, nothing he did would make her feel threatened.

Still, she didnt feel at ease when Ambereye was showing such a clear interest in Felix.

“Miss Asna, I doubt you need to feel threatened by any girl in this universe.” Mistress Candace smiled wryly, “No one can compete with you when it comes to a mans heart.”

“Thats given.” Asna smiled coldly while eying Ambereye, “Still, if she dares make a move on my Felix, I wont hesitate to cut off those cute ears of hers.”

When it came to Felix, Asna would snap back to her sadistic cold personality instantly.

Mistress Candace could only feel sorry for any girl that fell for Felix.

With Asna being around, they could forget about getting anything from him.

“Times up!” Micheal clapped his hands twice.

Felix and the rest lifted their heads and focused on the screen, wanting to check on their results.

While Felix appeared nonchalant about it, the other players all seemed pretty tensed.

When they saw that Riverbleeder had answered correctly before all of them, they sighed in frustration.

“I challenge Landlord.” Riverbleeder declared immediately.

Felix didnt seem too shocked about it…He expected either Riverbleeder or Starfollower to challenge him.

Soon, both of them were teleported back to the arena.

“I have been seeing Landlord more than mother.” A spectator joked after spotting Felix being summoned so quickly.

“You will miss him soon.” A vampire near him snickered, “This will be his last battle ever if he dared to fight head to head with Riverbleeder.”

There were many truths in life that couldnt be changed no matter what.

Fighting a dragon in a sealed arena would usually result in death.

After all, they were able to cast nukes that could annihilate kilometers of fields.

This arena was merely six kilometers long.

In their eyes, one dragon breath by Riverbleeder and the game would be considered concluded if Felix didnt jump in his void realm or use his void domain.

“Landlord! Dragon Slayer! You have my utmost respect for everything you did in this game.” Riverbleeder opened his crimson wings widely as he proclaimed loudly, “But, its time for you to bow down.”

“Ohoho, what do we have here” Micheals eyes sparkled in intrigue, “Riverbleeder is actually giving Landlord a chance to surrender”

The spectators and the players were startled by this too.

Everyone knew that dragons consider the majority of races beneath them.

They would never bother to spare a single sentence when fighting them…Dont even mention allowing them to admit defeat!

“I am grateful.

But, I have to decline.” Felix placed his hand within a void rift and smiled, “Though, I do hope that you surrender right now before things get ugly.”

“Hahaahahah!” Riverbleeder burst into deafening laughter, feeling like he had heard the funniest joke in his entire life.

This was the first time ever he had been offered a way out in a battle.

“Well, dont blame me for whats about to happen next.” Felix smirked coldly, having his entire demeanor change in an instant.

“I cant wai…”

Before Riverbleeder could finish his sentence, he felt space fluctuation within his body.

In the blink an eye, Riverbleeder propelled himself tens of meters in the sky with a single flap of his wings!

When he looked below him, he spotted a tiny void rift with the size of a thumb.

If he stayed there, he would have been killed from within just like what happened to Slagwing!

‘As expected, he is trying to use my size against me.

Riverbleeder swiftly focused back on Felixs previous location.

However, he found that no one was there.


Alas, he wasnt given time to try to find out his location as he had been assaulted with another tiny void rift.

Riverbleeder knew that he would be doomed if he ended up staying still for a even a second.

So, he started flying faster and faster while scanning the arena with his infrared vision.

When he realized that Felix was nowhere to be seen, he concluded that he must have entered the void realm and was assaulting him from there.

“It looks like Landlord is planning to keep pressuring Riverbleeder from safety like he did with Ambereye.” Micheal commentated.

There was no way Riverbleeder was going to allow Felix to win this game by being the most active.

Thus, he started condensing a flame orb within his throat while still circling the arena at his fastest speed.

The void rifts could be seen popping out many meters behind him, making the viewers believe that Felix was being overwhelmed by Riverbleeders speed.

“Landlord need to figure out a different strategy as fast as possible!” Micheal shouted as he pinpointed the camera on Riverbleeders burning throat.

Unfortunately, it didnt take even a few seconds before Riverbleeder started his firing sequence.

He opened his jaw wide open and aimed it at the arena floor while still flying at a supernatural speed.

Then, he launched the dark red flame orb and pulled off higher into the sky, wanting to escape from the explosion range.

‘Its time.

The moment Felix noticed that flame orb was about to touch the ground, he smirked faintly while teleporting high above Riverbleeder.

Oblivious to Felixs movements within the void realm, Riverbleeder turned around to appreciate the beauty of his explosion.

What an explosion it was…

The entire arena was engulfed within the blast, making everyone close their eyes due to the blinding brightness.

If it wasnt for the barriers, everyone knew that the blast shockwave would have paid them a visit too.

‘Heh, I dare him to exit the void realm now. Riverbleeder smirked while watching his masterpiece destroying every atom in the arena.

Just as he wanted to look away, his instincts were triggered abruptly!

Without bothering to even think about the incoming danger from above, he forced himself to evade to the right.

Thank god for his abnormal reaction speed, as he managed to dodge a pencil-thin void beam went narrowly.

It went past his cheek by a mere hair strand!

‘Motherf*cker! Riverbleeder felt chills course on his spine after seeing the void beam going past him like this.

He knew that if he was touched by it, it wouldnt end well at all.

Unbeknownst to him, that was merely a calculated bait by Felix to force him into evading…The real ambush came from behind him!!!

A thick dreadful void beam penetrated the ongoing blast without being hindered for even a moment!

‘Well, f*ck!

The instant Riverbleeder realized that the second void beam was much bigger and faster, he knew that it would be physically impossible for him evade it!

Especially, when he was forced into a bad posture to avoid the first void beam.

So, he tucked in his wings and took cover behind them, trusting that his wings and reflective scales would help him survive the void beam.

Unfortunately for him, he had absolutely no idea that Felixs void beam was capable of piercing through even heavenly turtles indestructible shells!


As expected, the void beam wasnt impeded at all by his wings or scales…It penetrated both of them like they were made out of butter.

Ironically, the void beam went through his throat and exited his reversed scale…The supposedly only weakness to dragons.

‘Void…is truly the bane of us drago..ns.

This was the last thought that coursed through Riverbleeders mind before he got erased out of existence by spreading void infection…

‘Worked like a charm.

Felix smiled faintly as he watched the disintegration process of Riverbleeder from within a void rift.

He made sure to turn off all of his visions besides X-ray, knowing that his eyes would be fried if he dared to stare at the blast at such a close range.

He wouldnt be called Felix if he didnt prepare a new strategy to kill dragons while knowing that he might be facing many of them in this event.

The strategy he created was to take advantage of the flame orb going off by opening a void rift within the explosion!!

He knew that any dragon would never expect himself to be attacked by someone from within his blast.

After all, it was near impossible to survive being directly hit by a flame orb explosion unless it was a heavenly turtle!

So, how could Riverbleeder even predict that Felix would use his explosion as the perfect cover

This was the true terror of Felix having proper Intel and time for preparation.

A fight that was supposed to be the hardest in this game was a hundred times much easier than dealing with Ambereye!

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