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Chapter 813 – Cant Afford To Lost This Game!

“Damn it, our only remaining chance is for Amber to fail answering a question.” Riverbleeder huffed in irritation.

“We can only hope.” Starfollower sighed.

At least they were still willing to fight against Ambereye.

The majority of the players had already given up on the game.

The moment Ambereye exposed herself as a Time Spellcaster, they lost confidence in facing her.

They knew that their abilities would not work against her either.

Thats why none of them were cursing Felix for dropping the ball.

It wasnt just them who lost faith in Felix, even his teammates and the rest of the viewers knew that it would be impossible for him to be more active than Ambereye.

‘What can I do to turn this around.

I really cant afford to lose this game…

Felix crossed his legs in a mediation position within the void realm, trying his best to come up with a plan.

He didnt care that he was completely nude nor did he listen to Ambereyes requests to admit defeat.

‘Asna has already given me everything she has.

I cant fail her when its finally my turn to work on her freedom.

Felix recalled the day he partnered up with Asna like it happened just yesterday.

She promised him to help him get stronger and achieve heights he never dreamed off.

Look at him now…He was the strongest human in history, he had three masters, and his reputation was spread far and wide throughout the entire universe…Yet, this wasnt even his limit.

All of this due to Asna…Without her, he would be just like any other bloodliner.

Now that it was his time to pay her back, he would fail like a loser

Felix would never accept it…Never.

‘Think Felix, think, think, you always come up with new strategies in most dire situations. Felix knitted his eyebrows,This isnt any different.

It might look easy to deal with Ambereye, but it really was a mere misconception.

Felix understood that using his size manipulation to blow the arena again wouldnt work against her.

She could easily slow down his fist, making it impossible to build any momentum.

Without momentum, his fist wouldnt even crack the arena if it connected.

This was the best scenario…The worst She could simply freeze it midair, forcing Felix into giving up on it.

After all, he couldnt use his void domain when most of his energy was being consumed to sustain his size.

The same applied to his ambushes, abilities, and even void domain.

The only ability that could harm her was his void domain.

Alas, it was a defensive ability which couldnt be used for offense properly unless she was backed into a corner.

Unfortunately, the arena wasnt shrinking to help out Felix this time.

‘Hehe, he is finally at his wits end. Saurous grinned widely,It might not be as good as watching him die, but at least, he will lose.

‘Look at those buffoons. Wendigo snickered as he stared at Thor, Jörmungandr, and Lady Sphinx.

They were all watching with worried looks.

‘Tsk, are they scared that his fragile ego will crack if he finally lost Manananggal clicked his tongue in criticism.

If only it was that, they would be beyond glad…Alas, they knew that Felix would never forgive himself if he lost this game.

Even if Asna assured him again that she wasnt concerned about entering the spirit realm, he would still feel like he failed her.

They truly didnt wish for him to take such a blow.

Sadly, it looked as if it was inevitable.

Three minutes went by and everyone knew that Ambereye would be proclaimed as the winner after one minute.

Meanwhile, Felix was still sitting in a mediation position while having his eyes closed shut.

He didnt open them for the past three minutes, making everyone believe that he had given up and simply waiting for the game to end.

‘It will hurt like a b*tch and there is a high chance that it will get me utterly burnt out. Felix opened his eyes calmly and looked at Ambereye,But, I will rather go for it then watch this opportunity goes by me.

As long as Felix never lost hope, he would always come up with a strategy to turn things around.

This strategy was truly his last Hail Mary in this fight.

‘Lets start.

Without warning, Felix started opening a fist sized void rifts around the arena as fast as he could.


From the outside, it looked like void rifts were popping out akin to mushrooms all over the place!

Ambereye could only raise an eyebrow in bewilderment as she watched herself getting surrounded by tens of void rifts!

Although she had no idea what Felix planned to do, she wasnt willing to sit through it with her arms crossed.

“Rewind, rewind, rewind!”

So, she kept pointing her wands at the nearest void rifts and closing them by simply rewinding the time in that small area.

Her counter-strategy did work to close ten void rifts or so.

Alas, by the time she turned her head, three more void rifts appeared in the same area.

It was like an infection that was impossible to get rid of!

Ambereye could only stop trying to close them and raise her vigilance, knowing that Felix wouldnt be making hundreds of void rifts for no reason.

She was absolutely right…

The instant Felix was satisfied with his void rift numbers and locations, he kicked off his assault at Ambereye.

What an assault it was!

The viewers, the players, and even the primogenitors were left surprised to see Felix firing off void seekers inside a void rift before blinking to another and doing the same!

Because his speed within the void realm was even faster than going at the speed of light, he was capable of firing hundreds of void seekers from hundreds of void rifts before they even traveled half the distance towards Ambereye!!!

“What in the gods name am I watching.”

Micheal was forced to open his eyes wide open as he stared at the neverending rain of void seekers falling on Ambereye from every single direction!


Ambereye frowned as she blocked the void seekers from landing on her by simply creating a small time lock domain around her.

The void seekers were stopped instantly and began gathering around her, creating some sort of void sphere.

Ambereye didnt intend to wait until they seal her and block her vision.

She swiftly blasted a small opening through the sphere and rushed outside.

Alas, she instantly found herself being bombarded by another salvo of void seekers, lightning bolts, and even poisonous dark arrows!

“Time Swamp Field!” Ambereye took a different approach this time and used a spell that allowed her to create a medium-sized time slowing domain.

It was much bigger than freezing time domain since the spell was less complex.

When the abilities entered it, they were all slowed significantly, appearing like they were going through an invisible muddy field!

Even the lightning bolts were affected heavily by it, making them unable to hit Ambereye in time!

“Landlord is truly terrifying to think of something like this!” Micheal praised before shaking his head, “Too bad, Ambereye will never be touched by anything as long as she used her Time spells.”

When the players saw that Ambereye remained unharmed even under a salvo of hundreds of abilities fired simultaneously, they were completely mortified.

If even this wasnt enough to harm her, what else could be done by them

“Such pathetic last-ditch attempt.” Saurous scoffed, “Cant he save everyone time and just give up”

“You are truly an idiotic loser if you cant see his true aim.” Lady Sphinx insulted back with a faint smile.

Usually, she would leave it to Thor and Jörmungandr to deal with him, but she finally couldnt handle hearing his constant cursing at Felix.


‘Shut it already…Dont make a fool of yourself. Manananggal tightened his fists in fury as he berated Saurous telepathically.

When he even got cursed by Manananggal, Saurous knew that he was missing something.

So, instead of continuing his tirade, he returned to watching the fight.

When he saw that Felixs neverending salvo didnt stop for even a split second regardless of their abysmal results, his shoulders couldnt help but stiffen.

He finally realized Felixs true aim with this strategy and why Manananggal sounded so pissed off.


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