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Chapter 812 – Unbeatable, Unkillable!


With one final kick that resulted in Ambereye getting smashed into the ground, Felix blinked ten meters above her.

“I didnt think you will be tough enough to handle strikes.” Felix complemented as he watched Ambereye coughing out a large amount of blood.

He knew that high elves were gifted with great physique from birth.

It only gets better when they bath in their life essence fountain.

“You really..didnt hold back your punches.” Ambereye said while wiping the blood from her lips.

Not planning to answer, Felix activated his void beam while aiming it directly at her.

“Admit defeat or get executed.” He threatened coldly.

“I am glad you gave me the option.” Ambereye smiled gently while eyeing him with her soul-capturing ocean blue eyes.

“Now, I know how to continue with our fight.” Ambereye giggled like she wasnt at Felixs mercy.

When Felix saw her abnormal reaction, he knew that something wasnt right with her.

So, he stopped being merciful and fired the void beam at the center of her forehead.

The distance was so close between them, no one doubted that Ambereye would be executed instantly…Felix included.

Alas, the moment the void beam crossed half the distance, it suddenly froze midair…Literally!

Everyone was left stunned at the sight of the beam refusing to move a single inch forward.

Felix was more shocked than all of them because he knew that his beam wasnt the only thing frozen, but himself too!

“It was a fun fight.” Ambereye stood up calmly while dusting her torn apart dress.

She pointed a new wooden wand at herself and said softly, “Rewind.”

Under the stunned eyes of the viewers, players, and even primogenitors, her wounds and messy appearence disappeared in a few moments.

If they looked closely, they could see that the bruises were disappearing from outward into inward like they were being retracted.

Even her dress started to repair itself, appearing like it was growing fabric out of nothingness.

A moment later, it appeared brand new, making Ambereye look like she never took part in this fight!

‘Time…Time element.

Felix mumured inwardly in utter disbelief, not able to even speak out loud since he was completely frozen in time!

“You must have figured it out by now.” Ambereye giggled while covering her mouth as she stood next to him, avoiding the void beam.

She tapped him in the forehead cutely with her wand and requested, “So, how about you surrender now I am quite fond of you and I would rather not hurt you without a reason.”

“Landlord is f*cked!!” Micheal shouted loudly after finally snapping out of his shock.

The players and the viewers thought the same!

They had absolutely no idea that Ambereye was a time spellcaster and how she managed to learn time-based spells.

Nevertheless, they knew that Felix was never going to eliminate Ambereye, regardless of what he did.

It was simply impossible!

“Hahaha! I apologize Lady Yggdrasil for my previous ill words.” Saurous immediately burst out in elated laughter.

“Same, same.” Wendigo grinned widely, “I have never thought that you will bring such a fine champion.”

“She is truly a gifted one.” Lord Quetzalcoatl complemented, “I believe only three individuals throughout the history of the universe have managed to master a few Time spells.”

The primogenitors were truly somewhat awed by Ambereyes mastery of Time spells.

It was one of the hardest elements to understand its complex runic spells and control them.

The level of intelligence and runic familiarity required were truly off the chart!

In layman words, Ambereye was a one in a trillion prodigy!

“She still needs a lot to learn.” Lady Yggdrasil shook her head, “She mastered only three Time spells even with my help.”

“Heh, those spells are all she needed to conquer anyone.” Saurous grinned as he watched Amber poking Felix with her wand, trying to get him to surrender.

Ability to stop time, rewind it, and slow it…Those three basic abilities were the pillars to put anyone into despair.

How could she be hit if she could stop abilities from touching her by stopping time

How could she get hurt or exhausted when she could rewind simply rewind time to where she was in peak form

How could one escape from her when she could slow time around them

The instant Felix figured out that she was a Time spellcaster as well, he knew that beating her was out of the question.

Hell, his previous beat down could have never happened if she wanted to avoid it.

‘I cant lose this game…I cant afford to lose this game.

Although Felix understood that he could not defeat her, he refused to surrender!

This wasnt any normal game that he could simply admit defeat and try again next time.

This game was his sole opportunity to obtain a method to enter the spirit realm.

An opportunity that might never appear again in his lifetime.

Although he was frozen in time and couldnt even blink, Felixs eyes showcased a burning desire to continue fighting no matter what.

“Why wont you admit defeat Its just a weapon and a chance to see the spirit realm.”

Ambereye saw his unwavering resolve and felt backed to the corner to do something she really despised.

She placed her wand next to Felixs void eye while creating a small fire dagger.

Everyone knew Felix would be executed instantly if he kept pushing Ambereyes mercy.

“Last chance, please do the right thing.” Amber smiled bitterly.

‘I am doing it. Felix replied inwardly, knowing that she couldnt hear him.

“Do forgive me for this.”

In the end, Ambereye steeled her courage and tried to fire off the dagger into Felixs forehead.


However, just as the dagger was about to touch Felixs forehead, a pitch-black wall emerged from his skin and devoured the dagger instantly.


Realizing what it was, Ambereye swiftly back off from Felix with a shocking speed, appearing like she had just teleported!

Good thing she reacted fast enough.

Otherwise, she would have been devoured by the emerging void domain just like her fire dagger!

“How is this possible!” Micheal exclaimed while staring at the small void domain.

It was big enough, it engulfed just Felix, acting as the perfect shield.

Micheal truly didnt expect for the void domain to overpower the time lockdown.

He believed that regardless of what ability Felix tried to use, they would be frozen the instant they leave his body.

How could something move when even time itself was stopped

“Good thing he realized it.” Lord Dune commentated indifferently.

‘Tsk, so irritating…She could have killed him quickly before he figured out that his void domain can free him. Saurous wasnt pleased one bit by Ambereyes softness.

If she was as merciless as his champions, they would have executed Felix during his momentary shock.

What he didnt count for, was the fact that Felix also gave Ambereye the choice to admit defeat instead of attempting to execute her instantly.

She allowed herself to be beaten up by Felix to figure out whether he would kill her without mercy or not.

When she was shown mercy, she simply returned the favor.

Unfortunately for her, Felix managed to quickly find out that his void domain was capable of devouring even time!

If it was capable of devouring space, gravity, and every single element in that zone, then time wouldnt be an exception!

“Still, he will end up losing.” Wendigo smirked, “He merely survived being killed.”

“True.” Kumiho nodded, “That cutie can simply bombard his domain with spells and will be considered as the active part.”

The majority of the viewers realized this fact too.

Felix could hide in his void domain or void realm and steer clear from being killed.

But, he couldnt really actively fight her when she was able to freeze him or his abilities in time.

How could he be recognized as the most active fighter when Ambereye could fire off hundred of spells while making sure that he had the most annoying experience in his life

“You are just delaying the inevitable Sir Landlord.” Ambereye shook her head after seeing that Felix had entered the void realm.

She didnt even try to stop him, knowing that nothing could change the outcome of this battle.

“Well, this is much better than killing him at least.” Ambereye mumbled while pointing her wand in the sky.

Soon, three giant circular runic hexes appeared.

They had three different colors, each corespondent to a particular element.

The hexes began spinning closewise while turning brighter and brighter.

They were so magnificent, the viewers couldnt keep their eyes from them.

A moment later, the arena floor started shaking and cracking like it was being hit by a calamitous earthquack.

Meanwhile, red giant runic hex began raining down with fire bullets, covering a wide area.

Lastly, tens of tornados started emerging one by one and covering the other parts in the area.

‘Well, this is crap. Felixs eyelids twitched as he watched the ongoing apocalyptic scene in the arena.

He knew that as long as she kept those spells active while he was hiding in the void realm, Queen Ai was adding points to her activeness in the fight!

“It was a good run by Landlord.” Micheal commentated, “But, this fight is a done deal.”

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